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The Start – as good a place as any to begin!

So today is officially day 3 of the new regime, I say officially cos it’s only day 1 of diet and exercise, but weigh in will be Fri so my planner has the weeks starting on a Sat.

My new regime is now in the hands of the wonderful

I met Flick 3-4 years ago when I decided after 10 years of whistfully gazing at magazines that I wanted to prove to myself that I could be one of those ladies up on a body building stage. Initially sceptical, as I was sporting a substancial fat suit, not quite as substancial as now, but non-the-less enough for my new friend(s) to feel concern that I may have bitten off more than I could chew!

But I had been training hard for those 10 years and as the fat melted away my hard work was revealed. I placed 4th out of 5 in the ladies Physique BNBF Centrals competition in St Albans in July 2010. I had lost 3.5St in 7 months. More of that story to unfold as we travel the journey again…

Hubby and I decided to keep ourselves busy after comp prep by renovating our house plus an extension. As comfort eaters we needed no encouragement to ditch all my hard earned efforts for high fat microwave meals and alcohol for the duration of the works, which turned out to be an ultra stressful 18months! (and 5St!!!)

Recently I read a few articles on carb backloading and it really excited me, but having a go at a draft diet realised it would take a lot of research to know how to optimise my macros and I was worried about eating too little too early.

So I thought, hang on, I know a woman who does this for a living!

Carb backloading, for those not familiar, is a regime of eating only protein, fats and veggies through the day. Cutting the carbs thru the day manages insulin levels to optimise fat burning and then having your carbs of a pm post WO when muscles should soak them up like sponges. The w/e’s will involve higher carbs too as carb-up/re-feeds. No idea what levels will be involved here, I’m just gonna follow instructions! But it will help in manages meals with Mark around.

I really hope my body responds to this as I think psychologically I could do well. The carb cutting thru the day will satisfy my carb-phobia that I think most women have and then I get to eat carbs of a pm when most women struggle with cravings, seems like a win win win!

I have asked for a scheduled cheat each w/e as I think both Mark & I will need this to keep our sanity. I’ pretty sure this will impact on the amount of ‘higher’ carbs in the other meals across the w/e, but that’s fine.

Not able to post before/current pictures/stats, too embarrassed.

I occasionally get friend requests on FB from friends of friends who’ve seen my previous transformation pictures and feel inspired, which is loverley, but I don’t know these people and I’m not one for collecting random friends just for no.s on FB, so I think this blog’ll be good for that. Also I think I could help motivate the ordinary woman out there who like me constantly struggles with their weight, and whilst yes, I plan to take it to extremes again, I also need to find a balance for life outside of those extremes and it’s bloody obvious I struggle with that, as do many other women on a daily basis.

So, here we go. This first segment is 18weeks or 126 days. Mark and I plan to go away around the beginning of Dec so 18 weeks takes us to the end of Nov.

Will update a bit more about me as we go, just wanted to make a start to try to figure this whole blogging thing out!