Week 1


WootWoot! Excellent 1st week!

Weigh this am…. -4.5lb!!??!! In 4days!!??!!
I know it’s mostly water & stored muscle glycogen but still motivating for me
Just not gonna step on scales Mon am ‘outov interest’ after w/e carb up LoL!

Diet has been spot on:
Breakii: Eggs+smoked salmon (Thurs 2 poached eggs with asparagus)
Meal 2: shake with almond butter
Lunch: Salmon+cabbage (I LOVEee cabbage)(today chkn+cabbage+Udo’s Oil and Sesame oil, more about Udo’s oil in a supplement post to come)
Meal 4: Cheese+cucumber
Post WO Shake (only after weights based WO, not after CV, so Mon, Wed & Fri)
Dinner: Mon – Rice & Green Beans, with Tuna

Tues – Baked potato & Green Beans, with Gammon

Wed – Rice & Green Beans, with Chkn

(very NOM! Loverley garlic n herb rub on chkn & a dash of balsamic on beans)

Thurs – Salad+Green Beans, with Squid+Chkn

Fri  – Rice & Green Beans, with tuna burgers

Meal 6: Quark+almond butter+cinamon+mixed spice – NOM!


Coping fine with the low carbs thru day, not hungry at all, thank you Ms FlickFit
Gym was tough, only a 20min TRX circuit but I pushed hard and was sweating!
3xs thru:
Squat x20 reps (narrow stance, wider, wide)
Chest press x20 reps
ReverseLunges x10 reps each leg (really low/long, LOVE these)
Row x20 reps
Did 1.7 mile walk in the am too. Listening to the smarter science of slim podcasts (will do a blog on these also), bit slow, but really enjoying them


Bit hungry this arvo, had 4pm meal at 3.30 & was worried I’d b ravenous by dinner but I was ok actually.
1.7m walkies this am & tonight, mark joined me tonight, was nice, helped as I’m quite tight in quads and lower back tonight. Walk and good hot tub soak have really helped though 🙂
Taking advantage of relaxed office environment too and doing some foam rollaring in the boardroom of a lunchtime if free! I never find the time otherwise and figured I don’t take my lunch often so this’ll get me away from my desk for a break and help my training/recovery too, win,win.


Very good day today!
Walkies this am, plus cycled to/frm work as time trials in the area & traffic could have been a complete mare, didn’t look too bad actually, but extra cardio makes up for unauthorised carbs last night, ish (carbs only on WO pm’s) oops!
Thought gym wud b quite painful, but in the zone, endorphins flowing, was great! Sweating a LOT! Same TRX routine as Mon, really focusing on keeping core tight throughout.
Was very thirsty today, & abit hungry, but fatso’s stomach has to shrink a little! Had drunk 2L water by 1pm!?! Only drank another half in arvo & then half at gym tonight.
Looking forward to b pre-bed cheesecake! Well it tastes like it to me!


Mark sold the Corrado (VR6) last night
VERY sad to see it go, but it seems to have gone to a good home and he has got a rather fabulous new toy on the drive to polish 😉 so onwards & upwards.
Another good day. Walkies this am. REALLY enjoying listening to my SmaterScience of Slim podcasts. They can a bit slow & repetitive but that suits me as I’m not used to audio chat. There’s a British woman in the discussions & her British humour saves it somewhat. The way the info’s put across is just really working for me, making me think, all good!
Still quite thirsty today, more so this arvo?
Not as hungry.
Foam rollaring at lunchtime, great! OweEe!
Walkies tonight, tough.


So far so good.

Walkies this am. Car’s in garage so have to pik that up after work, which will not motivate me to gym being later in, but I will go, I want my carbs for dinner! And it’s only 20mins eh!?

Got my carb-up plans from Ms FlickFit, CARBTASTIC!

Will update you prob Sun pm or Mon

Have a great w/e everyone!



One thought on “Week 1

  1. Sounds like a good positive week!
    I challenge you to ditch the TRX and start with the weights next week… After all, did you ever hear of a bodybuilder who didn’t lift weights? 😉
    Well done on nearly completing your first week. x

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