1st Weekend/CarbUp

Mixed feeling about the w/e
Felt abit weird eating soOo many carbs and I missed exercising!
Bitova double whammy, eating more and exercising less!
Didn’t feel bloated at all but ‘visits’ were NOT good  Mayb the toast I was allowed for breakii?
May try the oat breakii option instead next w/e and see. Just I try to have a little whey as poss, as too much defo disagrees with me, will email flick in a mo
Cheat Sat PM was nice, some nommy BBQ type products frm M&S; ribs, steak kebabs with pine nut pasta & their delish fragrant salad pot, expensive but has flowers in! I also had half an avocado as wasn’t on plan for Sun at all.
Really missed my bedtime quark, so gonna add that request to email to see if that can be an option for w/e too.
Sun was such a loverley PM we popped out for a drive. I was due a meal in 30mins, but was only an hours round trip, and chkn n rice was ready for nomming on my return
AaaRrrGggHhh! Disaster! There was an incident on opposite carriage way on way out, at least we weren’t stuck in traffic or involved, but traffic was building up, so Mark wisely decided he should feed me somewhere, else suffer with a crazii hungry wife stuck in traffic, LoL! So we stopped at http://www.oldthorns.com/golf-course-in-hampshire/ just saw the signs, didn’t know it was there! Fabulous! So we had calvery and I was able to stick to plan having plain meat with boiled potatoes+veg, perfect!
Didn’t get back till 9.30, luckily weeks plan doesn’t take much prep.

Mon failed to wake for walkies after the late night

YaY! Ms FlickFit is happy to give me a potato replacement for bread for w/e breakiis! I love bread but not without butter & with mainly egg whites  work much better with potatoes!
Doah!  Just looked at plan again, I can have quark in a w/e pm! YaY!



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