Week 2


2lb loss


Diet this week: all beautifully spot on 🙂

Breakii: Mon+Fri – Eggs+smoked salmon  Tues/Wed/Thurs – Asparagus+poached eggs

Meal 2: shake with almond butter

Lunch: Chkn+cabbage+TspUdo’sOil+TspSesameOil

Meal 4: Cheese+cucumber

Post WO Shake (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Dinner Post WO: Baked potato+Chkn+GreenBeans

Dinner Post CV: MisoSoup+WhiteFish+GreenBeans

Meal 6: Quark+almond butter+cinamon+mixed spice


Failed to wake for walkies after the late night, but diet spot on and did start back on the weights at the gym, trying a little PHA routine to warm me back into things (PeripheralHeartAction – Doing upper body excercise followed by a lower body exercise to get blood pumping/flowing hard):

20 reps SuperSets x3sets:

15kg barbell squat with 15kg barbell incline chest press

30kg lat pull down with 10kg DBs SLDL

1x20reps 20kg kettlebell sumo squats



Great walkies tonight, 50mins! To make up for missing Mon am. Out this am too.

Tried a cple of other podcasts, some Canadian Dean Dwyer, make shift happen, OMFG he’s annoying! & he thinks he’s soOo clever with the title! Gillian Michaels, was quite hopeful of his one, but man she’s negative, not necessarily in what she says although she did gripe abit, but the tone of her voice, she’s bitter!

So bak to 5* 😉

Ms FlickFit is happy to give me a potato replacement for bread for w/e breakiis, yay! I love bread but not without butter & with mainly egg whites, will work much better with potatoes! 🙂

Doah! Just looked at plan again, I can have quark on a w/e pm! YaY! 🙂

Had a loverley soak in hot-tub tonight, bit tight after 1st weights.


VERY sore today! Avoiding the foam roller, it hurts enough even when I don’t! Totally slept in too after hot-tub, so missed walkies, but not too worried as plan to start 5.30pm spin on a Thurs for cardio and that’ll make up for missed walk, not gonna make a habit of it though.

NOT looking forward to weights, but sat thinking at work scanning (VERY boring job!) about after comp and the lady at Magnet (when we were looking at kitchens) commenting on my legs, how fabby and toned they were and that you could tell I trained… I want those legs back!… So I guess I’ll be sucking it up at the gym tonight then! Feels good to be back on weights tho, just very wrong that I’m soOo fat, I don’t like how my movement’s restricted cos of my fat suit it’s fecking annoying! I didn’t mind when lighter, cos I’m strong and enjoy intimidating young lads by lifting heavier than them! 😉

Thing is when I lose weight, people don’t recognise me, so they just think it’s someone new not hey that fat lady’s done awesome! (as wardrobe changes too!)

Ended up being a great session tonight! Nowhere near as bad as I feared once I warmed up. Sods law gorgeous pm when I’m due in gym, nearly swapped for a walk, but I was really looking forward to my baked potato, so gym it was! 🙂

SuperSets 20reps X3sets:

Static Lunges – just my fat ass, 15 each leg (left quad ridiculously tight!?!)


Incline DB Chest Press: 8kg, 10kg, 10kg (up for 2 count, hard squeeze, down for 4 count)


SLDL: 8kg (was scared to do 10s as soOo sore, 8s hit the spot nicely, better form)


WideGripPullUps: assisted-70kg, was squeezing hard, lots of weight to keep form, but was working hard)



Phew! Spin was tough but great fun!

Walkies this am too. Very attractive picture posted on FB LoL, but I’m proud of my efforts in last chance WO! 😉

Had a low moment this arvo, but feel better & hubby’s home.


GREAT walkies this am, tried my playlist from prep and I just kept up with it! Couldn’t get anywhere near 2 weeks ago, so def progress.

Was really pumping my arms with my little 1.5kg hand weights, had quite a sweat on, LOVE it! 🙂

Gym tonight for another circuit and then BAKED POTATO! 🙂


Have a great w/e everyone!



4 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Good end to Week 2!
    Have you thought about appropriate reward strategies for certain milestones you might like to hit?
    Also – how long on average are your walks in terms of time?
    Play hard, train harder,

    • Mmm, no, I tend to beat up on myself up not reward myself!
      But I’m focused on this 1st 18wks and then our reward of a week in Tenerife, so I guess I could pop some piccies up to remind me of that to help.
      Walkies are 30-ish mins (1.7ishMiles).

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