More Potato!!??!!

Forgot to update on the w/e! Sorry


Mark busied himself in the garden, weeding & tidying. I pottered in the house in between meals, tidying, putting washing on popping to Tesco to get supplies. After 4pm meal I was knackered! I think the carbs comatose me? I had a 2hr nap! We hadn’t planned what we wanted/fancied for cheat, so we decided to pop out for a drive to Delicious! We both had Crab+Choritso Risotto, me with a glares of Rioja and mark with a pint of Doombar.


Bitov housework interspersed with meals, bitov food prep, not so tired today, but loverley soak in the tub arvo.

Got some steak for last meal, to vary the chkn for Mark bless him! Jeez it’s expensive! But it was VERY tasty!

Tried pre-bed meal option of oats with quark, dear god, NO! Or am I not supposed to cook the oats?! Seriously like eating wallpaper paste!


But overall w/e went well, it’s all going very well so far 🙂

Much prefer weekdays TBH, neva thought I’d be preferring the lower carb days!

I have to eat a LOT of carbs at each meal on a w/e, and I struggle!

But, was GREAT having baked potato for breakki with my eggs, MUCH better than bread, just a shame I can’t have the smoked salmon too!

Monday seeming to be a low day for me, post carb come down? And I do have a mini panic from having eaten soOo many carbs, it’s a relief to get back to the lower carbs, tho again I did enjoy my baked potato after the gym last night! But it feels deserved/justified then.

Headz in a VERY good place tho, really don’t want to cheat on plan, keep thinking of my loverley wardrobe I wanna get back in and shocking everyone with my transformation. Then building me some more loverley muscle next year and then qualifying the following, gotta rmbr that each day builds on those goals and that I’m very spoilt to be able to be putting my plans into action with little stress.



2 thoughts on “More Potato!!??!!

  1. You’re not supposed to cook the oats! Leave them raw and let the Quark soften them a little bit – gives it a really nice texture!!!! Not surprised it tasted like wallpaper paste!

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