Must try harder

Meh 😦

First challange this w/e and I didn’t do so well 😦

Sis+hubby+neice+nephew arrived Fri arvo for a couple of nights and I just wasn’t strng enough to stick to plan 100%.

Wasn’t bad as I could have, but was bad enuf to mess with my head and make me want to mess with the plan significantly ahead of this weeks weigh in!

Fri PM

Didn’t go to gym and had unauthorised cheat meal, does it matter what?! I cheated 😦

(FYI – Mushroom Risso Gallo, mushrooms, stilton, salmon steak, wine, apple strudel, icecream!)


Stuck to plan all day, which I felt really good about!…

…but then had another cheat meal pm!…

…BBQ’d pork, with nommy M&S salad posts, prawns, burger, baked potato, wine, apple strudel, icecream!


Breakii on plan.

But boy did I struggle really quite hungover!

LateLunch: BBQ’d beef with prawns and sautéed baked potato

OtherTimes: strawberries+icecream x2


My mess with the plan catch up thinking was:

Increase walk to 45mins each am, especially as I missed this am!

Cardio after weights – plan weights Mon+Tues+Wed (Thurs Spin)

No post WO dinner carbs. Have my postWOshake & bedtime quark but no potato with dinner

But I chickened out and emailed MsFlickFit to let her know the situation and see what she thought of my desperate attempts to claw back the week ahead of Fri’s weigh in!

No, no changes, you made the choice to cheat so you need to learn by suffering the consequences, not playing catch up. No point making your body suffer anymore. Nnever play catch up, because you end up in this horrid cycle of cheat-catch up-cheat-catch up, when actually you need to just learn not to cheat… You can adjust CV if you wish (I wouldn’t for reasons stated above) but I DON’T want you to change diet.

That’s what I thought, I just needed to be told/have it confirmed.


She did ask me to think about why I cheated though, esp as I was in my own house and had all the right foods at my disposal.

There is/was no good reason at all! Other than not seen sis for a while and wanted to relax and be on the same wavelength as everyone else.

I didn’t gym as I wanted to spend time with kids+everyone, then that meant I should’ve had a no carb dinner and I wasn’t strong enuf.

I was annoyed that I couldn’t get to gym, but I do feel I’m missing out with kids seeing them so infrequently so I had to find a balance, but the balance was no gym and then sticking to the diet, not no gym and then cheating, double whammy!??!

Mark is normally really good/supportive/helpful in those awkward times too. But he’d had a really tough work week and he was overtired&overworked, and no strength left to stay on the straight and narrow. He was even working across the w/e in between activities 😦


One thing I did/have realise(d) is that I didn’t enjoy drinking as much as I did!

Mark & I were soOo hung over and dehydrated and I had bad indigestion Sat pm, I just can’t drink and eat like I used to, not from a health point of view let alone a calorie point of view 😦 Funny cos I was looking forward to all the nommy treats we like in Tenerife, but has made me realise gonna have to rethink about that plan/treat now.

As MsFlickFit reminded me “Drinking alcohol increases abdominal fat, not to mention plays havoc with muscle gain”.


Right, so that’s the plan… we just stick the the f*@#ing plan!??! 😉

Back on 4 day split this week:

Mon – Legs
Tues – Chest+Bis
Wed – Back
Thurs – Spin/CV
Fri – Shoulders+Tris



5 thoughts on “Must try harder

  1. Keep going Fi, we’ve all been there honey, NOBODY is perfect. Get back to it babe your doing great!! Keep posting your blog your helping me in more ways than you can

    • I know!
      I’m sorry folks, I was covering whilst 2 advisers i support were both off this week, bit crazii!
      Just having some chill time, will update fully across w/e, i promise

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