Week 4








SoooOooo Sorry for the late update, work abit crazii!

WootWoot! -1lb!

Very chuffed as did veer off plan abit at w/e, gonna b extra vigilant this b/hol w/e though 🙂

(though looking forward to cheat meal with friends and sat here writing this with my wine allowance before they arrive :-))

Diet this week:

Breakii: Mon+Fri – Eggs+smoked salmon  Tues/Wed/Thurs – Asparagus+poached eggs

Meal 2: shake with almond butter

Lunch: Chkn+cabbage+TspUdo’sOil+TspSesameOil

Meal 4: Cheese+cucumber

Post WO Shake (Mon+Tues+Wed+Fri)

Dinner Post WO: Boiled potatoes+Chkn+GreenBeans

Dinner Post CV: MisoSoup+WhiteFish+GreenBeans

Meal 6: Quark+almond butter+cinamon+mixed spice (discovered I prefer the consistency if I use a little of my ‘milk’-almond- in the mix, makes my mouth less ‘clagy’).

WOs this week:


Legs – freakin awesome session! 🙂
Squat(not inc. bar): 5kg x15reps, 10×12, 15×9, 20×6, 25×6, 30×6 (all ass to grass!)
SLDL:20kgx15reps, 24×12, 28×9, 24×6
SumoSquat: 20kgx10repsx4sets
Stairbitch x5mins (L10)
Bike x20mins (85watts)


InclineDBChestPress: 10kgx15reps, 12×12, 14×9, 16×6, 18×6, 20×6(needed a spot but well chuffed!!!)
CableFly: 5kg(each stack)x15reps, 6.25×12, 7.5×9, 10×6(range of motion decreasing but nicely controlled)
SingleArmCableCurls: 2.5kgx15reps, 3.25×12, 5×9(not full range at bottom of movement), 6.25×6(at top of movement)
AssistedChinUps: 70kgsx15reps, x12, x9, x6
5mins stairbitch+20mins bike


Deads: 25kgx15reps, x12, x9, x6 (tough!)
AssistedWideGripPullUps: 70kgx15reps, 65x12reps, 60×9, 55×6(mmm, LOT easier than I rmbr last week?)
NarrowGripCableRow: 20kgx15reps, 25×12, 30×9, 35×6
BackExtensions: mex15reps, 2.5×12, 5×9, 7.5×6
5mins stairbitch+20mins bike


Well that’s it, last chance spin WO done.
Carb free dinner, had my milk allowance in a decaf coffee to tide me over & distract me from mark having his sautéed potatoes & cheesey ham omelette with beer!!!
But I didn’t want any, was fine, quite focused now 🙂


MilitaryBarbellPress: 10kg(incBar) x15reps, 12.5×12, 15×9, 17.5×6
SideRaise: 4kg x15reps, 12, 9, 6(held weight at top of raise longer each progressive set)
FrontRaise: 10kgbarbell x15reps x2sets (resting/lying front onto an incline bench)
FrontRaise: 10kgplate steering wheels x15reps
FrontRaise: 4kgDBs x15reps x2sets (1st all 15 one arm, 2nd alternate reps)
DB SkullCrushers: 4kgDBs x15reps x2sets
DB ReverseExtensions: 4kgDBs x15reps x2sets
CableRearDeltExt: 1.25kg x15reps x3sets
BenchDips: JustMyFatAss x15reps x2sets
10mins Stairbitch+20mins Bike

As weights seemed abit poop, decided volume is the way to grow my shoulder caps & tris!?!
Always feel abit cheated at lack of sweat on this WO vs larger bidy part sessions, hence the 10mins on Stairbitch (up from 5).

Flick initially congratulated me on Friday nights WO, then spoilt her praise by saying she’d like me on something other than bike! 😉

No! staying on bike for now, but do want to get up to 40mins on stairbitch.
Was gonna increase time each week in minutes ie. 1!

But fitness coming back quicker than i thought so I’ll add 5mins onto stairbitch each week until at 20mins (+20bike) then I’ll keep cardio at 40mins but exchange 5mins of bike for an extra 5mins on stairbitch until I’m doin all 40 on stairbitch.
Then I’ll start messing with the progs on stairbitch to mix it up.
I HATE Xtrainer, send my feet to sleep, just ergonomically all wrong for me.
Open to incline treadmill but whilst I’m so heavy using that weight on stairbitch feels ‘good’!?!
When I’m fitter/lighter I ‘enjoyed’ hill sprints tabata stylie on inc dreadmill! I know…nutter! 🙂



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