1st 4 Weeks


I’m really quite pleased with progress so far, 8.5lbs in 4 weeks is not so shabby.

I know that’s not strictly correct as there was a great loss in week 1 boosting stats.

But that aside there’s a steady 1lb a week, which is right on target. Can’t say I wouldn’t like to be aiming for more, but as flick points out I’m actually sticking to the plan, it is a very generous plan, and rather that than plan be tighter, aiming for 2lb a week, not stick to it, and then only see a 1lb loss and be disappointed.

Bit annoyed with a couple of recent comments about my current diet.

Each person/trainer has a different approach/take and flicks is to keep the diet as tasty as poss, no point in making it harder and me more miserable than necessary!

During competition prep I was losing the same, 1lb a week, and was on like no carbs. It’s not that either plan/person’s right or wrong, they’re just different.

I asked for the carb-backload approach and I feel relatively sane on this diet, so far, and my body seems to happily dropping 1lb p/wk, so far.

Mark & I both commented, whilst out walking on Saturday, that we both feel soOo much better/fitter.

Our body’s are just generally moving better with abitov weight loss. We really felt like fatties at new year waddling along, my back was VERY sore walking, it wasn’t pleasant. But losing some weight and getting back to lifting in the gym, I can actually engage my muscles now and walking doesn’t hurt and is even enjoyable!

Silly thing I noticed too, I can reach a particular shelf in the kitchen I was struggling to previously, I’m just that bit fitter and more flexible, but it was a good/nice indicator for me.

Clothes don’t feel noticeably looser. But I feel soOo much slimmer with engaging muscles, it’s actually strange to see reflection, that I don’t look as significantly slim as I feel. But I’m nearly into a new stone bracket, so that’ll be motivating to see.

Lets rock the next 4 weeks!


EDIT: I think I was tired/in a rush to post and don’t think I did a very positive post here? Well it doesn’t reflect just how much better I’m feeling, couple of really good BIG indicators for me…

  1. I met up with a couple of ladeeze on Monday for an evil leg session. I had been avoiding these meetings because I was embarassed at my current size 😦 so this was quite a biggie for me. Looking forward to doing more of that 🙂
  2. I’ve started wearing make-up on a daily basis again. I hadn’t been caring too much about appearance, well when you’re weraing your best grey washed out apple catchers and wearing what you know to be your fat wardrobe I just didn’t see the point! 😦 but as I say I feel soOo much slimmer that I’ve started to feel like I want to bother again, so another biggie 🙂




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