Week 5







OMG!!! -1.5lb!!! YaY! Down into lower stone bracket, WootWoot! (5wks = -10lb total) 🙂

Diet this week:

Breakii: Scrambled egg whites inc. 1 whole egg+either smoked salmon or grean beans (2 whole eggs if beans)

Got abit I dunno with bank holiday and didn’t bake asparagus on Mon pm, so kind threw me, then few pm’s forgot to defrost salmon, so not sure what I did which days!

Meal 2: shake with almond butter

Lunch: Chkn+cabbage+TspUdo’sOil+TspSesameOil

Meal 4: Cheese+cucumber

Post WO Shake (Mon+Tues+Wed+Fri)

Dinner Post WO: Baked potatoes+Chkn+GreenBeans/salad+balsamic

Dinner Post CV: WhiteFish+GreenBeans

Tried Vietnamese River Cobbler, cheap, but tasteless. BUt I have been advised to try baked in a foil parcel with plenty spices like garam masala, so will do that next week.

Meal 6: Quark+almond butter+cinamon+mixed spice (dash of ‘milk’-almond- in the mix)

WOs this week:


No walkies as legs am as bank/hol – But did do extra Sat+Sun

Legs – Great session! Met up with Tracy Austin Matsers Figure Finalist and friend Dania, we caused some chaos with me grunting fairly loudly on squats! Not the done thing in DL Weybridge dharlink! 😉
Squat(not inc. bar): 10kg x15reps, 20×12, 30×9, 40×6, 50×6 (partials – may have been abit loud here, this is a PB on free bar/not smith machine)
LegPress:50kgx12reps, 100×12, 150×12, 200×4 (YeeeEeeeHaw!) 🙂
Lunges: JustMyFatAss x12reps(eachLeg)x3sets (thanx to Tracy for her PT coaching help, form MUCH improved, less pain in quads)
Ab Routine


In a considerable amount of pain today!
Walkies NOT happening 😦

Chest n Bis tonight, not motivated 😦 but…
…Not a bad session once I got in, always the way eh?!
InclineDBChestPress: 12kgx15reps, 16×12(14s being used), 18×9, 18×6(wasnt feeling 20s but slowed pace down)
CableFly: 5kg(each stack)x15reps, 6.25×12, 7.5×9, 10×6(range of motion decreasing but nicely controlled
AssistedChinUps: 70kgsx15reps, 65×12,  60×9,  55×6
Weighted ab crunches: 20kgx10reps x3sets (preferred machine been removed, but new one’s ok)
40mins bike(couldnt face Stairbitch, but better than nothing?)
Ab routine


AWESOME walkies!

I do hate missing walkies cos I frickin love em when I do em! Gorgeous morning, clubland pushing me round at a good pace, great sweat on, good times 🙂

Shoulders+Tris – did these Fri last week, but deadlift on back on Wed last week was abit weak, so thought I’d try swapping, think I had more energy for this session vs Fri? So let’s see how back goes on Fri/tonight.

MilitaryBarbellPress: 10kg(incBar) x15reps, 12.5×12, 15×9, 17.5×6
SideRaise: 4kg x15reps, 6×6+4×6, 6×9, 8×3+6×3
FrontRaise: 10kgbarbell x10reps x2sets (resting/lying front onto an incline bench)
FrontRaise: 10kgplate steering wheels x10reps x2sets
DB SkullCrushers: 4kgDBs x15reps , 6×12, 8×9, 8×6(slower)
DB ReverseExtensions: 4kgDBs x15reps, 6×6+4×6, 6×9, 8×6, 6×6, 4×6
CableRearDeltExt: 1.25kg x15reps, 2.25×12, 3.75×9, 5×6
BenchDips: JustMyFatAss x10reps , same but slower, +10kg plate x10
WeightedCrunches: 15kgx10reps x3sets
20mins Stairbitch(L10)+20mins Bike
Stretching (aka collapse!!!)

Woah!!!???!!! Weights all up BIG time, LOVE it! 🙂

And yes, I do realised I have sealed my Stairbitch fate by doin 20mins tonight! 😉


Last chance spin WO

A good week seeeing as I has a bank hol to negotiate.

Eating/meals were abit all over the place Mon, the weights session in the am threw me, but hey ho, obo not affected things with weigh in result!

Looking forward to cheat tom, meeting up with friends at http://www.thethreehorseshoes.net/ the sample lunch menu sounds NOM!

Gonna really focus on getting ALL walkies done next/this week.

Thanx for dropping by my loverlies



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