Week 6
















😦 0.5lb loss (6wks = -10.5lb total) 🙂

Picture is of my new ‘business’ cards I got done, under £5 for 250 from VistaPrint. Needed something to give people details of blog, it’s a lot of info to remeber in converstaion, I know I couldn’t…I can’t even remember driving to the gym! LoL! (see Monday below)

Fabby w/e!
Loverley cheat meal out on Sat with friends.
Mark working all restov time w/e so i got lots of pottering & food prep for freezer 🙂

Diet this week:

Breakii: Mon – Scrambled egg whites inc. 1 whole egg+smoked salmon, Tues-Fri – 2 whole poached eggs+asparagus

Meal 2: shake with almond butter

Lunch: Chkn+cabbage+TspUdo’sOil+TspSesameOil

Meal 4: Cheese+cucumber

Post WO Shake (Mon+Tues+Wed+Fri)

Dinner Post WO: Baked potatoes+Chkn+GreenBeans/salad+balsamic (Mon Tuna steak)

Dinner Post CV: WhiteFish+GreenBeans

MUCH more tasty bakled in a foil parcel with indian spices, garlic grinder and dash soy, NOM!

Meal 6: Quark+almond butter+cinamon+mixed spice (dash of ‘milk’-almond- in the mix)

WOs this week:


Deads: 25kgx15reps, x12, x9, 30×6 (will do 30 for 6&9 nxt time)
AssistedWideGripPullUps: 75kgx15reps, 60x12reps, 55×9, 50×6(creeping the assist down by 5)
NarrowGripCableRow: 20kgx15reps, 25×12, 30×9, 35×6
BackExtensions: mex15reps, 2.5×12, 5×9, 7.5×6
WeightedCrunches: 15kg x10reps x3sets (real slow working full range of motion)
20mins stairbitch(L10)+20mins bike(propa havin it large to clubland, frickin awesome! WooOooHooOoo!!)


Legs tonight – fckd.com!:
Squat(not inc. bar): 10kg x15reps, 20×12, 30×9, 40×6(heavy!)
LegPress: 50kgx15reps, 100×12, 150×9, 200×6, 100x(10reps@round the clock positions on plate; feet 2gether@ 12, feet wide@ 11+1, 7+5, 2gether@6)OweeEee!!!
SLDL(DBs): 12kgx15reps x3sets
Lunges: 15reps each leg x1set stationary, x1set(erm..not!? Moving, regular?!)
Stairbitch x20mins (L10) Bike x20mins

Then followed several FB updates as I walked home in a daze needing post WO meal…I drove to gym!!??!!
We only live 5mins across road (had gone straight frm work) so bak I went, all the way to the car, then thought, hang on, if I drive here,from work, I had work clothes…Doah! In a locker bak in gym! FFS!?!
Finally home, my baked potato neva tasted so good! 🙂


Good walkies this am, various aches & pains came & went, but clubland kept pushing me on 🙂

Chest+Bis tonight – good session, dissaspointing reps on chest but bicep curls were good:
InclineDBChestPress: 12kgx15reps, 14×12, 16×9, 20×6(rubbish, heavily spotted :-()
CableFly: 5kg(each stack)x15reps, 6.25×12, 7.5×9, 10×6(range of motion decreasing but nicely controlled)
SingleArmCableCurls: 2.5kgx15reps, 3.25×12, 5×9, 5×6
Weighted ab crunches: 15kgx10reps x3sets
20mins stairbitch(L10)+20mins bike


Great walk this am, very cute robin followed me part way 🙂
Shoulders+Tris tonight:
MilitaryBarbellPress: 10kg(incBar) x15reps, 12.5×12, 15×9, 17.5×6(I like these a lot, Phem did/does them, I want me boulders like hers!)
SideRaise: 4kg x15reps, 6×12, 6×9, 6×6(slower)
FrontRaise: 10kgbarbell x10reps x2sets (resting/lying front onto an incline bench)
DB SkullCrushers: 4kgDBs x15reps , 6×12, 6×9, 6×6(slower)
DB ReverseExtensions: 4kgDBs x15reps, 4×12, 6×9, 6×6, 4×6(noticed form & muscle/mind contraction connection really go when weight increase, do gonna keep weight low & increase volume/reps)
CableRearDeltExt: 2.25kg x15reps, x12, x9, x6(weight low, great muscle/mind contraction connection)
BenchDips: JustMyFatAss x15reps , same but slower
WeightedCrunches: 15kgx10reps x3sets
20mins Stairbitch(L10)+20mins Bike


Last chance spin WO

Not a great session, felt the teacher was a little off her form, but I cycled a good pace for 45mins and was soaked at endov class.

Well last week I said I wanted to make all walkies, and I have 🙂

Now lets see if I can’t do them all again this week and stick to diet…

….just emailed flick to fess up to cheating this week 😦
Not anything big n horrible, just little bits, but these have obviously affected the plan.
I wanted to see what would happen, how far I could push ‘it’, but did notice I didn’t feel guilty actually, not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I think good, cos they’re just normal foods/eating, so I’m obviously not so ‘disordered’ in my food thoughts as I was! 🙂
Prob had 50ml extra ‘milk’ each evening and had chkn kebab Fri pm, totally messed up with dinner! 😦
Sat I had starter & main and 2 pints and now I think about it prob 3xmilk allowance Sun! 😦
I have asked for a few tweaks to sort this out, nip it in the bud.



2 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. Right behind you missy! Loving your blog and LOVE your business cards 🙂
    Everyone has cheat days, but look how well you are doing. And weight loss! yay!

    Much love x

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