Musings at week 6

Flick and I have parted professional co. 😦

I emailed tweaks as I mentioned in previous post and she quite rightly commented that if I was questioning/not following/wanting to tweak her advice then it’s pointless us working together and we shouldn’t put our friendship in jeopardy because of it and that “It sounds like you’d prefer to go your own way, perhaps you don’t need a trainer after all?”

I drafted a quick defensive response insisting we stick it out, then had a chat with Mark…

I think I now know what I know I need to do and am poss better psychologically not putting extra pressure on myself feeling I’m answering to someone else at the moment.

Also I think we may have fundamental differences in our approach that could lead to tensions.

Flick doesn’t normally prescribe cheat meals and certainly not with alcohol or for clients with a lot of weight to lose.

Whereas I am a BIG advocate of weekly cheat meals.

I understand that physiologically I don’t need one with so much weight to lose, but this is a long journey for me and psychologically I need that cheat meal to look forward to each week, I’ll just cheat anyway if it’s not planned and poss more knowing that the planned cheat’s not there to look forward to.

Flick has gotten me started on my journey and I can’t thank her enough for her help over the past 6 weeks, but I know it’s just now just a case of me putting in some consistent hard graft now, which I plan to do.

As Flick says this programme has been working for me so there’s no need to fix it, it aint broke.

The tweaks were just to duplicate lunch to Meals 2 & 4; chkn with veg/greens beans & oil, which flick agreed was fine.

However I don’t want to hold back on cheat meal, which flick VERY much disagreed with! so will have to see how that goes.

We’re not big drinkers but I may like 2 beers rather than restricting to 1 and definitely love starters rather than just main, occasionally we share dessert but not always, my milky coffee with allowance is often creamy enough to satisfy, I don’t have a massive sweet tooth. But in my defence we don’t eat rubbish for our cheats, it’s all good wholesome food that I don’t feel guilty about, and that’s a big move forward for me, that I don’t feel guilty eating foods.

I’m also going to allow the odd cherry tomato to find it’s way onto my salad at dinner! But I honestly feel confident with this… we’ll see eh.

I signed up to a group on FB to complete 1000km over the next year!!/events/279363485511926/

It doesn’t have to be just walking/running, you can do your 1000km by any means.

I was struggling to guestimate my stairbitch efforts to a km distance, I looked on-line and found a discussion on stepmill steps/floors and vertical heights climbed. Seems like some clever person has calculated 432 floors to be 1 mile (1.6km) so 1km = 270 floors!!! I’m sure I only did 80 in my 20mins, so that would only be 0.3km not the 3km I had guestimated! Will check tonight and adjust figures as necessary 😦

Additionally it seems halving cycled km’s is the agreed distance to log for the challenge 😦

I’ll log these distances on my weekly updates.

I have a post drafted re the supplements I take, I am a self confessed supplement whore! 😉

One of the supps has an expiry of Feb2013 so I’m going to give it a whirl for the next 6 weeks and see what happens:

These are called a fat burner, but are not a magic pill! 😉

They may give metabolism/fat burning a boost, but only if everything else is in order.

They are not really needed whilst diet+excercise are working perfectly well and with so much weight still to lose, but as I say they’re soon to expire so I’m loathed to waste them.

I was going to start with 1 pill at each meal (‘cept dinner), but I’ve had with breakii and meal 1 so far and can feel the effects! Bit shakey, so may just do 1 meal a day this week, breakii, and then 2 meals next week…etc. and then poss increase to 2 pills at each meal, we’ll see how it goes/play it by ear.



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