Week 7





















No weight loss this week 😦

Stats for the week 1st then thoughts:

Good w/e, lots of resting with a bitov housework Sunday.

Diet this week:

Breakii: 200ml Scrambled egg whites (inc. 1 whole egg) + 70g smoked salmon

Meal 2: 120gChkn+GreenBeans+2TspUdo’sOil

Lunch: 120gChkn+cabbage+TspUdo’sOil+TspSesameOil (+nutmeg & sweetner)NOM!

Meal 4: 120gChkn+GreenBeans+2TspUdo’sOil

Post WO Shake (Mon+Tues+Wed+Fri)

Dinner Post WO: 200gBoiled potatoes+100gChkn+GreenBeans/salad+balsamic

Dinner Post CV: 150gWhiteFish+GreenBeans/salad

Meal 6: 50gQuark+TbspAlmondButter+50mlAlmondMilk+1/2 scoop ProteinPowder (+cinnamon) + decaf coffee with 50mlAlmondMilk

WOs this week:


AM – Ok walkies
PM – Back:
Deads: 25kgx15reps, x12, 30×9, 30×6 (will do 30 for 12,9,6 nxt time)
AssistedWideGripPullUps: 60kgx15reps, 55x12reps, 50×9, 45×6(creeping the assist down by 5)
NarrowGripCableRow: 20kgx15reps, 25×12, 30×9, 35×6
BackExtensions: mex15reps, 2.5×12, 5×9, 7.5×6
WeightedCrunches: 15kg x15reps x2sets (real slow working full range of motion)
20mins stairbitch(L10)+20mins bike


AM – walkies

PM – Legs:
Squat(not inc. bar): 10kg x15reps, 20×12, 30×9, 40×6(ass to grass baby! WoopWoop!)
LegPress: 50kgx15reps, 100×12, 150×9, 200×6, 100x(10reps@round the clock positions on plate; feet 2gether@ 12, feet wide@ 11+1, 7+5, 2gether@6)OweeEee!!!
SLDL(DBs): 12kgx15reps x3sets (great mind/muscle connection on these!)
Lunges: JustMyFatAssx15reps (each leg) x1set stationary, x1set(erm..not!?)
Back home as I forgot shake, so powerwalk: 2.8m


AM walkies, not sure time/distance
PM – Chest+Bis:
InclineDBChestPress: 12kgx15reps, 14×12, 16×9, 18×6(stuck with 18s but was really strong)
CableFly: 5kg(each stack)x15reps, 6.25×12, 7.5×9, 10×6(range of motion increasing nicely now, LOT improved)
SingleArmCableCurls: 2.5kgx15reps, 3.25×12, 5×9, 7.5×6(really strong/improved!?)
AssistedChinUps: 70kgsx15reps, 65×12, 60×9, 55×6(will take 5 off assistance nxt wk, better)
Weighted ab crunches: 15kgx10reps x3sets(hard/strong full ROM)
20mins stairbitch(L10)+20mins bike


AM – walkies, discovered track, see below

PM – Shoulders+Tris:
MilitaryBarbellPress: 10kg(incBar) x15reps, 12.5×12, 15×9, 17.5×6
SideRaise: 4kg x15reps, 4×12, 4×9, 6×6(form before weight)
FrontRaise: 10kgbarbell x10reps x2sets (resting/lying front onto an incline bench)
FrontRaise: 10kgplate steering wheels x10reps x2sets
DB SkullCrushers: 4kgDBs x15reps , 6×12, 6×9, 8×6(increase – good)
DB ReverseExtensions: 4kgDBs x15reps, 4×12, 4×9, 4×6(good mind/muscle contraction/connection on 1st 2 sets then bored!)
CableRearDeltExt: 2.25kg x15reps, x12, x9, x6(form before weight – great muscle contraction connection)
BenchDips: JustMyFatAss x15reps , same but slower, +5kg plate x12, +10×9, +15×6
WeightedCrunches: 15kgx15reps, x12, x9, x6(tried to increase ROM with each set as weight stable)
20mins Stairbitch(L10)+20mins Bike


Last chance spin WO

Been in a weird place mentally this week. Maybe subconsciously cos of flick & I parting co? Really beating up on myself! 😦

I feel great in the gym, despite my size, I feel strong and cos I’m pulling abs tight all the time, in my mind slim.

But then I get home and getting changed/showered I just think WFT??!!?? All this effort and I’m still such a fat Biatch!

But it is a marathon not a sprint, which leads me nicely into thoughts on cardio!…

…I think I’m doing too much.

I’m going to scale it back this week and see what happens. It’s very tiring at my current weight and I honestly feel like I’m overtraining.

I love the 20mins on the stairbitch – I know I am mental! – but the 20mins bike afterwards feels counterproductive, both physically and mentally.

Which is then making me uber tired the next am for walkies.

I think the 20mins stairbitch is sufficient post WO and with the 20mins saved from not doing bike, I’ll be home/fed/to bed quicker and more refreshed for walkies.

AM WO will now either be walkies – if sun is shining – shorter 1.7m route with some ‘sprints’ in the middle. The council have drawn 100m lanes on the tarmac in the park:




























So I’m going to build from 3-5 ‘sprints’ upwards. I find running VERY difficult, don’t remember engaging my core so much? Mayb more in tune with it now?

If not sunny, Gillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5nyrD4eM64

Have had some really positive comments Thurs though which have really lifted me –in the back of my mind, still quite low 😦 – I know I’m not quitting, just a blip, I’ve been quite positive and not this down in 6 weeks, so that’s not bad.

Think a small cut in cals is required too, just 20g’s of protein lost from meals 2, 3 & 4, as I have duplicated those to all lunch type format so mayb this has had an effect. But I’m not as hungry, clock watching so do prefer those meals (rather than shake/cheese).



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