Week 10 – Sanity finally resumes!


Ahhh *sigh* had an awesome time in Brussels eating and drinking and chilling out 🙂

But VERY glad to get back on plan as with the previous 2 weeks less than perfect adherence to plans my indigestion/reflux was getting to be uncomfortable 😦

But after 4 days back on plan all good!

Scales showed a gain of 5lb Sun pm!!!

But 4 of those have gone as of this am, phew! So I can live with 1lb gain for the fun I’ve had!


A great day prepping and getting my head around my new diet, don’t all groan at once! 😉

I contacted the loverley Rachel Grice http://www.rachael-grice.co.uk/about.php we had met years ago at a female Body Building Seminar Olympic Gym in Eccles http://www.paulgeorge.org/olympicgym.htm I had a small group training session with her and really liked her. She’s a very successful body builder winning NABBA Miss Universe in 2008 and various tittles! She regularly promotes her services on FB and feeling a little lost and off the rails I thought I’d see what she had to say. She has prescribed a 4 day carb cycle programme:

Day 1 –  4 serving carbs
Day 2 – 3servings of carbs
Day 3 – 2 servings of carbs
Day 4 – fats and protein

Now I’ve only done 4 days, but I am LOVING it!

Mark is not relishing my zero carb days, so I missed day 4 this week (would’ve been today).

Started on Tues with day 1 and returning to day 1 today means day 4 falls on Mon when he’ll be away again (though will then be Fri next week when he’ll be home).

Yes!…I have a lot of planners everywhere now to know which day is which!

I thought it might mess with my OCD, but there’s lots of method/organising within the 4 days to play with!

I think too that having a stricter plan to adhere too is actually working better for me mentally. If I’m allowed some nice foods in diet I then think well what about that or such-n-such, but if I don’t then I don’t get those mind games and just get on with it! (says she 4 days in LoL!)

Anyhoo, lets see how next week goes eh.


Short am walkies & legs pm:
Squat(not inc. bar): 10kg x15reps, 20×12, 30×9, 40×6(mayb to parallel on last set, felt rubbish after ass to grass on others)
LegPress: 50kgx15reps, 100×12, 150×9, 200×6 (heavy! Not full ROM) 100x(10reps@round the clock positions on plate; feet 2gether@ 12, feet wide@ 11+1, 7+5, 2gether@6)OweeEee!!!
SLDL(DBs): 12kgx15reps x3sets (still great mind/muscle connection on these! But shud go up nxt wk)
Lunges: JustMyFatAssx15reps (each leg) x2sets ‘normal’ (WootWoot!Chuffed! 3sets nxt wk?)


Longer walk this am, gorgeous am. Chest+Bis pm:
InclineDBChestPress: 12kgx15reps, 14×12, 16×9, 18×6(sticking with 18s)
CableFly: 5kg(each stack)x15reps, 6.25×12, 7.5×9, 10×6
SingleArmCableCurls: 2.5kgx15reps, 3.25×12, 5×9, 7.5×6(right strong – needed to assist left)
AssistedChinUps: 65kgsx15reps, 60×12, 55×9, 50×6(fine – will go down 5 nxt wk)
Weighted ab crunches: 15kgx10reps x3sets(hard/strong full ROM)


Same longer walk this am but with clubland rather than podcast as yest so much better pace/intensity. Back pm:
AssistedWideGripPullUps: 55kgx15reps, 50x12reps, 50×9, 45×6(hard! Stick here for now)
NarrowGripCableRow: 25kgx15reps, 30×12, 35×9, 40×6(heavy! Stick here for now need to increase ROM)
Cable RearDelt Ext: 2.5kgx15reps, 3.75×12, 5×9, 5×6 (love these – great mind/muscle connection)
WeightedCrunches: 15kg x15reps x3sets(slowing diwn each set, working full range of motion)

Was REALLY chuffed with myself that I made this session as I nearly didn’t…

Picked Mark up from station 10mins away at 5.40pm, took us 30mins to get back, GGggRRRr. So by the time I’d chatted to Mark, had a coffee, faffed abit, by 7pm  I was in 2 minds. But I could feel I was abit anxious and knew that wouldn’t be made better by missing a session, so off I went, soOo glad I did!


Gym this am for 20mins stairbiatch, felt GREAT! 🙂

Back tonight for shoulders and Tris.


Motivation for the post comes from a US mother and grandmother body building duo..seventy-frickin-three years old!!!


Have an awesome w/e y’all

🙂 xx


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