Week 11

-1lb loss… meh…

(11wks = -12lb total) 🙂

Diet this week:


Mon+Fri (Day 4s = Zero) – 250ml scrambled egg whites inc. 1 whole egg

Tues+Wed+Thurs (Days 1,2,3) – 50g Oats+200ml egg whites inc. 1 whole egg+dash; sweetner, salt, cinnamon, mixed spice + 75g blueberries – baked in hot oven for 15mins (whilst change+shower)

Meal 2:

Mon – 150g white fish + cabbage

Tues – 3 rice cakes with 150g tuna

Wed – 150g white fish + cabbage

Thurs – 150g white fish + cabbage

Fri – 150g chkn + broccoli + cauliflower mash


Mon – 150g white fish + cabbage

Tues – Homemade sweet potato soup (125g potato) + 150g chkn

Wed – Homemade sweet potato soup (125g potato) + 150g chkn

Thurs – Homemade sweet potato soup (125g potato) + 150g chkn

Fri – 150g chkn + broccoli + cauliflower mash

Meal 4:

Mon – 150g white fish + cabbage

Tues – Banana

Wed – 3 rice cakes with 150g tuna

Thurs – 150g white fish + cabbage

Fri – 150g chkn + broccoli + cauliflower mash

Post WO Shake: Tues+Wed+Thurs

Dinner: 150g chkn+veg (Steak/lean mince on zero days; Mon+Fri)

Meal 6: 150ml eggwhites – baked in hot oven for 15mins. This is then topped with a mixture of banana protein powder+tbsp almond butter+dash; soya milk, cinnamon, mixed spice

WOs this week:


Squat(not inc. bar): 10kg x15reps, 20×12, 30×9, 40×6(really focused to parallel on last 2 sets, felt better than last WO) LegPress: 50kgx15reps, 100×12, 150×9, 200×6 (heavy! Not full ROM) 100x(10reps@round the clock positions on plate; feet 2gether@ 12, feet wide@ 11+1, 7+5, 2gether@6)OweeEee!!! Love it! LoL
SLDL(DBs): 14kgx15reps x3sets (still great mind/muscle connection on these! Up frm last wk, but think I can go heavier stil!)
Lunges: JustMyFatAssx15reps (each leg) x3sets ‘normal’ (WootWoot!Chuffed! I did 3sets! Hard work but, sweating lots! All good)

Great session!
Don’t normally schedule WOs ona w/e, but 2 zero carb days occur this coming week so wanted to get all weights sessions in, and have scheduled them all for carb days, all b it a low day today, but had carbs at breakii, just only 1 more portion today. So doin legs today means I hit all body parts/splits in next week


Good day – am+pm: 20 Stairbiatch (L10)+ 10 incline dreadmill (5.5kph/2.5inc)
Frickin awesome Dinner! I’ve discovered cauliflower mash, NOM!
Zero carbs made easy pee zee!


Another good day:
Am – 20stairbiatch+10dreamill
Pm – Chest+Bis:
InclineDBChestPress: 12kgx15reps, 14×12, 16×9, 18×6(sticking with 18s but really strong – will slow reps down b4 progressing to 20s)
CableFly: 5kg(each stack)x15reps, 6.25×12, 7.5×9, 10×6(stronger)
SingleArmCableCurls: 2.5kgx15reps, 3.25×12, 5×9, 6.25×6(really strong)
AssistedChinUps: 60kgsx15reps, 55×12, 50×9, 45×6(5 off assistance – good/strong – down 5 again nxt wk)
RomanChair: 3x15reps


Great day!
AM – 20 Stairbiatch (L10)+ 10 incline dreadmill (5.5kph/2.5inc)
PM – great back session:
Deads: 25kgx15reps, 30×12, 35×9, 40×6 (felt strong/great!)
AssistedWideGripPullUps: 55kgx15reps, 50x12reps, 50×9, 50×6(hard! Stick here for now)
NarrowGripCableRow: 25kgx15reps, 30×12, 35×9, 40×6(heavy! Stick here for now need to increase ROM)
BackExtensions: mex15reps, 2.5×12, 5×9, 10×6(felt great/strong! Hitting glutes+hammies beautifully! Go up 5 next week!)
WeightedCrunches: 15kg x15reps x3sets(slowing diwn each set, working full range of motion – felt stronger/great!)


Another good day!
AM – 20 Stairbiatch (L10)+ 10 incline dreadmill (5.5kph/2.5inc)
PM – Shoulders+Tris – great session!
MilitaryBarbellPress: 10kg(incBar) x15reps, 12.5×12, 15×9, 17.5×6(strong but think I’d lose form if heavier)
SideRaise: 4kg x15reps, 4×12, 4×9, 4×6(form before weight – slowing successive sets down)
FrontRaise: 10kgbarbell x10reps x3sets (lying front onto an incline bench – again slowing rather than upping weight)
FrontRaise: 10kgplate steering wheels x10reps x3sets
DB SkullCrushers: 4kgDBs x15reps , 6×12, 8×9, 10×6(tough but strong)
DB ReverseExtensions: (sacked these – just don’t like ’em/can’t b arsed!)
CableRearDeltExt: 2.25kg x15reps, 5×12, x9, x6(form before weight – tho did increase – great muscle contraction connection)
BenchDips: JustMyFatAss x15reps, +5kg plate x12, +10×9, +15×6
RomanChair: 15repsx3sets


Meh, not such a good day – see below

AM – 20 Stairbiatch (L10)+ 20 incline dreadmill (5.5kph/2.5inc)

PM – plan = 20 Stairbiatch (L10)+ 10 incline dreadmill (5.5kph/2.5inc)



Just abit meh.

Really disappointed with my 1lb loss.

I really felt/feel soOo much slimmer this week.

Mark’s now 14lb lighter than me, I joked/commented that I prob have 14lb more muscle than him, and I prob do, but it still doesn’t make me feel great that I’m soOo much heavier than my husband!

BUT, I have only done 30mins CV each am and none after weights! So 1lb loss is pretty good for so little CV so I should be happy!

BUT, I do feel soOo much better/fitter, stronger and more flexible, just this fecking fat suit! GGGgggRRRrrr!!!

Just gotta keep going.

So I’ll continue and hope I score a 2lb week this week to hit a stone loss.

But think I’m happier to plod on with 1lb loss each week and so little cardio than do extra cardio and only lose an extra 1/2lb?

New diet plan is working very well though. I feel more inclined to stick to it of a w/e and am happy/don’t have problem with no carb dinners each PM, esp now I’ve discovered cauliflower mash!

Got LOTS of new gym gear this week to! I’m short of fat gym stuff, when I was walkies I would wear the same stinky outfit each day and just wash once a week, no-one around to small me at 6.30am! But at the gym and going twice a day now, so got 5xjog pants and 5xvest tops from Amazon-SportsDirect..£40!!! I love a great bargain!


So whilst a little meh today, generally feeling positive about the next 7weeks

This blogs inspiration come from me!


Have a great w/e everyone




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