Shit got real!








Happy New Year!

I had very good intentions of keeping up to date here despite December being an extremely busy month for us. ..but best laid plans and all that.

We caught some winter sun in Tenerife at the start of the month and when I returned to work then only had a 4 day week until the office was closed from 21st until the 2nd Jan! Looking forward to that tom…NOT!

I haven’t been to the gym in all that time! Well not seriously, we visited the hotel gym a couple times on hol but just a quick chest n back couple of supersets.

The hotel had a small nature reserve close by, so we got a loverley hour or so’s walk in a couple of am’s too.

We both made real progress with our diets on hols loading our plates up with veggies, then adding our lean protein and then if there was space squeezing a few chips/fries on. Neither of us gained weight on hol, which was a 1st, but I’m afraid the same cannot be said once back in the UK with the cooler climate and lots of nommy festive comfort food in the shops…7lb!!!

So here we are at the start of a new year.

I LOVE new year’s, planning, setting new goals, fresh starts.

Seeing as I’m getting back on track anyhoo’s I’m entering a few 12 week transformation challenges:

Free to enter, open to UK too, and LOTS of prizes to be won!

100% Health:

£10 to enter, but not a huge stake and gives some accountability.

MuscleTalk (MT):

Free to enter, open to UK, and prizes to be won!

For all comps standard protocol of before and after photos must be taken with a newspaper to verify the days date. Stats too obviously are a good idea/required. & 100% Health have start dates anytime before 31st Jan but MT is Mon 7th start date.

So I’m going to do a start date of Sun 6th Jan, for MT the photos can be taken day before start date so that fits in nicely, which gives me a finish date of Sat 30th March just in time for a little treat over Easter bank holiday w/e.

There are 4 12 week periods to be had this year, so I plan to take photos/stats at these intervals, tho I will be weighing each week.

At a steady rate of 1lb loss p/wk, there’s the potential to lose 48lbs across the 4 periods!

Hopefully rate of loss will be quicker, certainly in the 1st period and with 1.5lb rate of loss across the periods the potential weight loss increases to 72lb.

At current stats I have 73lb to lose! – more on that next week after the weekends photos+stat taking. and 100% Health only run the one comp annually, but MT run a few throughout the year, certainly there was one that started in Sept2012 and I’m sure I remember another in the summer, so most certainly will submit entries to each of those.

USN run challenges too and multiple challenges can be sub’d throughout the year so long as no 2 12 week periods overlap. However, their product(s) must be used, and whilst I’m sure they’re great, they are soOo expensive compared to others. Also I found the site abit confusing/clunky, so I think I’ll give them a miss.


The next few days until the official start are just about getting back to work and getting up before 9am!

I don’t plan to go to gym – I’m having a treatment for the Alexander Technique tom after work, see if it might help my terrifically sore neck. Just generally tight all the time, from a clicky jaw, which nothing can be done about. I wear a guard at night, sexy, but am a bad clencher rather than a grinder and this snarls the facial muscles up alongside the clicking.

I will start to clean diet up, but not too strictly – have some female neighbours coming over for some girly hot tub gossiping Sat pm and a I plan to drink.

Then it’s game on!

🙂 xx


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