Week 2





WootWoot! 2Lb Loss 🙂

Diet this week:

Wake: 1/2L Water

PreBreakii: 1/2L Water with FibreSupp+GreensSupp
Breakki: 1 whole eggs made up to 200ml with egg whites scrambled+7 slices BernardMatthewsWaterThinHam+1/2TbleSpUdo’s+Dash French’s Mustard + Tea (+ MultiVits+1xCNP ProLean)
1/2L Water
Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1/2scoopPPer+100g fruit(grapes+Kiwi)(+1xCNP ProLean)
1/2L Water
Lunch: Sat+Tues; 125g SweetPotato made into soup+150g Chkn (last of batch in freezer)

Wed-Fri; 150gChkn+1TbleSpUdos+Balsamic+SaladLeaves/broccoli
1/2L Water
Meal 4: 25g-ishShake with TbleSp AlmondButter+TspHMB (+2 USN Creatinex4)

PreWO: L- Carnitine+GreenT extract (just cos I have it to use up, it’s foul!)
During WO 1/2L Water
Immediate Post WO: 25g-ish ProteinShake (both weights and cardio only session, it helps with my blood sugar/appetite regulation)
30mins Post WO: 1/2L water with 1/2TbleSp CalMag
Meal 6: 150g Cauliflower Mash/Lentils+150g LeanMince/Chkn/Salmon+GreenVeg+Can PepsiMax

Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1/2scoopPPer+100g fruit(2plums)



Push IncBench: WarmUp = 10kgsx15reps

12×5, 14×5, 16×5, 18×5, 20×5 – Felt VERY strong, great to comfortably push to 20s knowing I’m only doing 5 reps. MilitaryPress: 10kgsx5reps, 12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 20×5 – as above!

AssistedDips: 50kgx10reps x5sets – soOo rubbish at these, but I think they will help with eventual posing and being able to focus the tension in the muscle.


Diet – no major cheat to speak of; M&S meal for 2 of some loverley pork dish with roasted veggies warm salad.



Deads: WarmUp = Barx15reps+5x5reps, 10,5, 15×5, 20×5, 25×5 – REALLY fucking enjoyed these! Back tight to start but once pain killing endorphins kicked in fine!

LowPullyCableRows: WarmUp = 15kgx15reps20x5reps, 25×5, 30×5, 35×5, 40×5 – heavy but strong – cadence of pull for 1 hold for 1 lower for 5!

Pull-Ups: 55kgs x5reps x5sets – concentrated hard on retracting/engaging shoulder blades tight, then cadence as above, up for 1, hold for 1, lower for 5


GREAT session!

Diet – spot on


30min walk


Diet – spot on; baked potato with dinner.



Squat: WarmUp = barx15reps
10×5, 20×5, 30×5, 35×5, 40×5 – Ass to grass on all but last set, was REALLY enjoying myself! Felt soOo strong! WootWoot!
LegPress: WarmUp = 50kgx15reps
100kgx10, 150×5, 200×5, 250×5 – fucking come on!!!! Had to tell several people in gym ad I was soOo chuffed! Not full ROM on last set but still
Lunges: MyFatAss x5reps(each leg)TRX x5sets – enjoy these, great for core and lengthening muscles

AWESOME session!

Diet – spot on; 200g boiled potatoes with dinner.


No WO at all today; another Bowen session.

Diet – Spot on; dinner was Chkn Kebab.


Yay! No DOMS from leg WO, 1st time in…a  loooOooong time that I’ve strng together 2 consecutive weeks leg WOs. Feels good.

30min walk

Diet – spot on


30min walk

Diet – Spot on; StirFry for dinner, LOTS of veggies and rice noodles – staying away from the wheat.


SoOo chuffed that I managed 2lb loss with no am cardio and not even any cardio to speak of really, the walking is VERY slow, just to get out and get moving, not powerwalking by any stretch of the imagination.

May head to gym for some short sharp stairbiatch session this week of a pm, as snow/ice is cold and difficult to walk on/in, no point in risking a broken wrist eh.

Also will be missing an extra pm as have an event to go to and also another Bowen session, so a stairbiatch session will make up for that. Although because of how th event+Bowen session fall in week I will also get an extra weights WO in before next weigh in, so that will further boost metabolism and forgive the extra pm off.

Well I know what I mean LoL!

🙂 xx


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