Week 3


No Loss 😦 …but no gain.

Diet this week:

Wake: 1/2L Water

PreBreakii: 1/2L Water with FibreSupp+GreensSupp+Grapefruit extract
Breakki: 1 whole eggs made up to 200ml with egg whites scrambled+7 slices BernardMatthewsWaterThinHam+1/2TbleSpUdo’s+Dash French’s Mustard + Tea (+ MultiVits+1xCNP ProLean)
1/2L Water
Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1/2scoopPPer+100g fruit(grapes)(+1xCNP ProLean)
1/2L Water
Lunch: 150gChkn+1TbleSpUdos+Balsamic+broccoli+Spinach
1/2L Water
Meal 4: 25g-ishShake with TbleSp AlmondButter+TspHMB (+2 USN Creatinex4)

PreWO: L- Carnitine+GreenT extract (just cos I have it to use up, it’s foul!)
During WO 1/2L Water
Immediate Post WO: 25g-ish ProteinShake (both weights and cardio only session, it helps with my blood sugar/appetite regulation)
30mins Post WO: 1/2L water with 1/2TbleSp CalMag
Meal 6: 150g Cauliflower Mash/Lentils+150g LeanMince/Chkn/Salmon+GreenVeg+Can PepsiMax

Meal 7: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1/2scoopPPer+100g fruit(2plums) – Meal 6 seemed to end up being later this week and so only had this one night.



Walked the mile to local;Tesco’s and back to check out road situation, was fine, and then went to gym late arvo.


IncBench: WarmUp = 10kgsx15reps

12×5, 14×5, 16×5, 18×5, 20×5 – Felt VERY strong, great to comfortably push to 20s knowing I’m only doing 5 reps.

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx5reps, 12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 20×5 – as above!

AssistedDips: 50kgx10reps x5sets – soOo rubbish at these, but I think they will help with eventual posing and being able to focus the tension in the muscle.

MyLittleFloorAbRoutine – Doing after EVERY session to try to build some residual tension in my abs and train me to a flat-er stomach. Just basic floor/postural exercises, no weight.


Diet – no major cheat to speak of; Waitrose DimSum & M&S salad with smoked salmon & homemade popcorn with movie.


Housework this am, excellent pull session this arvo;


Deads: WarmUp = Barx15reps

+5x5reps, 10,5, 15×5, 20×5, 25×5 – REALLY enjoyed these! Back tight to start but once pain killing endorphins kicked in fine!

Rows: WarmUp = 15kgx15reps, 20x5reps, 25×5, 30×5, 35×5, 40×5 – stronger this week – cadence of pull for 1 hold for 1 lower for 5!

Pull-Ups: 55kgs x5reps x5sets – stronger – concentrated hard on retracting/engaging shoulder blades tight, then cadence as above, up for 1, hold for 1, lower for 5.



GREAT session

Diet – spot on


Snow/ice stopped walk, so over to gym for cardio; 15mins stairbiatch & 15mins dreadmill; fucking horrible!



Diet – spot on.


Squat: WarmUp = barx15reps
10×5, 20×5, 30×5, 35×5, 40×5 – Ass to grass on ALL sets! Felt soOo strong! WootWoot!
LegPress: WarmUp = 50kgx15reps
100kgx10, 110×5, 120×5, 130×5, 140×5, 150×5 – fucking come on!!!! Meh usual machine busy so this was on a preloaded one, felt fecking heavy?!!? WTF?!!?
MyFatAss x5reps(each leg)TRX x5sets – still enjoying these, great for core and lengthening muscles, and awesome cardio too!


Diet – spot on; 125g TildaRice with dinner.


No WO at all today; PreOpening of the Shard; http://www.theviewfromtheshard.com

Diet – Spot on; we were soOo good and got M&S salad pots with some chkn to nom on train up to London after work as event was 7-9. On way home dinner was Chkn Kebab.


Thank FFT, all snow’s gone!


IncBench: WarmUp = 10kgsx15reps

12×5, 14×5, 16×5, 18×5, 20×5 – should’ve moved up to 25s! Will do next time, WootWoot!

MilitaryPress: WarmUp = 10kgsx15reps

12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 20×5, 25×5 – WootWoot! Up 5kg, still enjoying these

AssistedDips: 50kgx10reps x5sets



Diet – spot on


No WO; another Bowen session.

Diet – Spot on; but ended up back really late and a couple of telephone calls meant I was soOo hungry and dinner was Chkn Kebab again.

SoOo…quite disappointed with no loss this week 😦

But the walking was impeded by snow this week and there were 2 nights/days of no activity and 2 days of chkn kebabs, so the little bits have added up to one bigger disappointment 😦

However, I am NOT going to panic and change lots. In fact I’m not going to change anything!

It was working, this week is back to ‘normal’ so let’s ride this out before I tweak. And even then it will only be a tweak!

This week will see the endov month 1. I think for month 2 the cardio pm’s do need to get a little more intense, so I will be heading to gym for stairbiatch & dreadmill.

Previous comments from trainers have been to keep cals high and up cardio, before dropping cals, so that’s what my progression will be.

We’ll see how the 1st couple of weeks of month 2 go before I add in some post weights cardio, only 20mins-ish, that is my preference before the introduction of am cardio.

Month 3 will see the am’s getting lighter and the easier introduction of am cardio. At the moment sunrise is 7am-ish, this increases to 6.30am in March. I’ll start to train myself now, setting the alarm a little earlier each week.

Been having abitov a cupboard/paperwork sort/clear out today and found an old fat photo from 2009.

Now I’m hoping for some encouragement/support here, so I hope I’m not seeing things! I know I’m wearing a dark suit vs a light bikini, but in the recent ones on the right I’m actually a little heavier than the 2009 ones on the left, yet I’m sure I look ‘slimmer’, certainly more toned in the heavier current photos? Shows what decent weight training does for body composition, and that it’s not all about weight eh.


Thanks for stopping by, have a great week everyone!

🙂 xx


One thought on “Week 3

  1. Another great read, although you remained the same you know why, so no panic. You are so right not to react and change things, just keep at it 🙂
    And you definitely look more toned in the more recent pics!

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