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Weeks 4-6; Depression, Glute Sculpting and House hunting!

I’m back.

Week 4
Lost 2lb.
But was then really struggling with mood through the week, feeling quite depressed for no good reason really? 😦
Did some WOs, can’t rmbr what now.

Week 5
Scales showed a gain of 5lb!??!
But it wasn’t ‘that’ time of the month, I hadn’t lost the pot with the dirt, not had a cheat meal the night before weigh in, so…?…so we’ll just ignore that!

Went to a female figure body building seminar in Manchester with a girlfriend, aptly called ‘Go Figure’. We stayed at my cousins who I haven’t seen for a couple of years, it was great to catch up and I fell in love with my cousins 7 year old boxer Barclay:




















The seminar, on Sunday afternoon, was hosted by Tania and Paul George at Olympic gym:
With Malika Zitouni taking us through our paces:
The seminar was focusing on the glutes and in Figure BodyBuilding circles her butt in legendary!
Been having trouble uploading a pic of Malika. Google her and look on images and you’ll see a few of her back shots and those awesome glutes!
Unfortunately the consensus was that my least favourite exercise is the one I’m going to have to come to love…lunges. Any lunges, ALL lunges, especially walking lunges!
Was interesting to hear that Malika isn’t/wasn’t fond of the DeadLift though. She felt it gave her too much trap development without developing her legs sufficiently. Neither was she fond of barbell squatting!
I have quite prominent traps and don’t train them directly, I am however doing plenty military presses towards getting the elusive shoulder cap development. It was like a light bulb moment for me that the deads could be offsetting my shoulders by keeping my traps high/developed also!
Be gone deads! Although not DB SLDL, these are still good, and I’m quite fons of these, so will just swap back. Had gone with conventional barbell deads and thought more of an all body metabolic activation exercise, but I’m sure if I work hard at SLDLs, which I will, they’ll be just as effective.

It was also interesting to hear:

  • She’s really not fond of supplementation and the artificial sweeteners in protein powders and that they are not needed. Your body needs whole food, so eat whole food, even post WO, it may not be as easily digested, but then you’re gonna burn, yes not many! but more calories digesting food in order to get the nutrients. The SmarterScienceOfSlim touched on this too in one of their podcasts. If you haven’t yet, go check them out on itunes.

If you need/use PPers use them as a sweet treat, but be aware the consistent use can increase sweet cravings.

  • She’s tried all and every variation of cardio methods and timings over her competition years, and she found post WO worked best for her. A great point was that do NOT be getting up for silly O’clock cardio unless you are getting sufficient, sleep! Your health is more important than any competition! Good to hear with my struggling to get up at mo!

(see below re for more thoughts on cardio)

  • She also mentioned on cardio about starting high volume and decreasing as you tire and the diet restricts towards competition. Interesting, but haven’t quite got my head around that yet. It would get me faster results which could be more motivating, but if I can barely  get my arse outov bed of an am for a shower and breakki b4 work, there’s little hope of jumping straight to an hours cardio eh?!

Once home however the week/mood was still quite up and down 😦

Week 6
No weigh in as an early start on the Fri for a visit up to Newcastle, and didn’t need to feel anymore depressed, stessed and frusrated than I already did! 😦
This visit was a rekey for property. We absolutely plan to move back up North in the next few years and were getting more and more curious as to what our money would get us up there.
Well…double the square footage of properties down south, but same price, no cheaper. But we like the nice areas of the town where we grew up, loverley coastal town, and that costs a bit more.
It was great to discover where we see ourselves though and to confirm areas that didn’t feel quite right.
There are very few properties with the finish we have just done ours to. And that’s fine, with more upstairs space to live in we can contemplate doing it all again, but just not quite yet!
However, the diet lost the plot!
It started out quite well, with a visit to then gym and poached eggs for breakii on our 1st am at hotel, I was momentarily very proud of us both! But then we were just shattered, confused and I guess it was quite stressful on various levels, and comfort ate our way through the rest of the w/e!

My mood funnily enough, now this visit is over, has been a lot better, perhaps it was preying on my mind more than I realised 🙂

…More on Cardio…

Not sure how I found this link, but I did, to a Polquin table showing HITT training levels/time:
*Tied to uplaod actual table for you, but soOo not formatting on here, so please do check them out at the link above*
I’ve been reading more and more about NOT doing hours of cardio and it being counter productive; physically, mentally, metabolically and hormonally.
I’ve known about HITT and it’s effectiveness but never really known how to implement/incorporate it.
So here it is laid out, I think it looks great.
Presumably when you’re in ‘Table one’ you cycle through 18 WOs, with each successive cycle hitting new intensities, adding inclines perhaps also. When I was in prep I loved doing hill sprints on dreadmill, nutter I know! But I was soOo much lighter and fitter, it was a great feeling *makes mental note to think of nice feelings like that more often to motivate self*.

Week 7
So I wasn’t going to post wiegh in as I thought what’s the point, but I was atualy pleased to discover, yesterday am, that I’d only gained 3lb, across the previous 3 weeks patchiness. Given that hopefully a good amount of that will just be fluid from excess carbs+alcohol, I’m feeling quite positive.
I am generally feeling better, more positive, but also sad, annoyed and frustrated with self that I keep repeating this cycle of being good for a month, then sabotaging myself. I think I’m learning something each time though, so I guess on I plod.
Trying not to change too much, set unrealistic goals to play catch up, as I keep dropping off the ‘not very strict at all’ wagon eh, so the hope of me sticking to anything stricter or even more remote!

Gonna stick with the 5×5 as I was enjoying that and just try to get some walking in and get back on track with the diet. Although there is the thought if I go more hard core get some better results faster that’ll be more motivating, but not sustainable long term?

Have a great week everyone

🙂 xx