Week 7








No Loss…but no gain.

Diet this week:

Wake: 1/2L Water

PreBreakii: Mug of hot/warm water with Tsp honey+1/2Tsp cinamon
Breakki: 1 whole egg made up to 200ml with egg whites scrambled+7 slices BernardMatthewsWaterThinHam+1/2TbleSpUdo’s+Dash French’s Mustard + Tea (+ MultiVits)
1/2L Water
Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1/2scoopCherryBakewellPPer+75g blueberries+20g flaked almonds

1/2L Water
Lunch: Mon-Fri; 150gChkn+1TbleEVOO+Balsamic+Spinach+Broccoli
1/2L Water
Meal 4: 75g prawns+1/2Avocado+salad leaves+balsamic+1/2TblspAvocadoOil

3 mile walk
Immediate Post WO: 25g-ish ProteinShake

Meal 6: 150g LeanMince/Chkn/Salmon+GreenVeg+Large BakedPotato+butter


On the one hand, quite disappointed with no loss this week, despite a 3 mile walk each pm.

But on the other hand, really quite pleased at the amount of calories I’ve eaten and not gained!


Again, I am NOT going to panic, again I am not going to change anything!

We have a rather big exciting event this week, more in next weeks blog, and that is going to interrupt any flow, so I’m not gonna beat myself up and say I’ll do stuff I know I’ll not, I’m going to achieve my goal of not changing anything! As just doing that and not derailing will be an achievement.

Whilst there have been a lot of extra’s in diet this week, despite half hearted cardio and no weights I’ve not gained weight. That tells me I’m on the right track and that after this next week, sticking with previous comments on keeping cals high and up cardio, before dropping cals. That only a few tweaks and the re-introduction of the weights should see me back on track with great results.

The whole training myself to wake up earlier still needs work, but getting a teeney bit better.


Have a great week

Love Fi

🙂 xx


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