Week 8


So the ‘BIG’ event was that my father-in-law received an Honour from The Queen! An MBE for services to St John (Ambulance).

On the day itself it was Princess Royal (Anne) presenting.

It was an amazing experience, to be at Buckingham Palace and part of an official ceremony with a member of the Royal family! Very surreal! But VERY awesome!

Diet this week:
Wake: 1/2L Water
Breakki: 1 whole egg made up to 200ml with egg whites scrambled+7 slices BernardMatthewsWaterThinHam+1/2TbleSpUdo’s+Dash French’s Mustard + Tea (+ MultiVits)
1/2L Water
Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1/2scoopCherryBakewellPPer+75g blueberries+20g flaked almonds
1/2L Water
Lunch: Mon-Fri; 150gChkn+1TbleEVOO+Balsamic+Spinach+Broccoli
1/2L Water
Meal 4: 75g prawns+1/2Avocado+salad leaves+balsamic+1/2TblspAvocadoOil
3 mile walk
Immediate Post WO: 25g-ish ProteinShake
Meal 6: whatever we’ve fancied; Mon+Tues, not too bad frm memory, oh but we did open a btle of wine Tues! Wed; dinner in London, Thurs; dinner in London, Fri; curry!!!

Combined with zero exercise.. no surprise..+2lb 😦

But I have enjoyed every minute of this week!

On a drive on Sat, Heather Small’s Proud came on the stereo, I got very emotional. I don’t feel that I’m doing an aweful lot to make myself proud at the moment 😦

I think I really need to get exercising of an am again. If not from a calorie fat burning point of view, then certainly from a psycological point of view. It would mean that very early on in the day I will have acheived something, something to be proud of, and help motivate my actions for the rest of the day.

‘Proud’ is my new alarm ring tone to help motivate me outov bed! 🙂

So this week, no rash silly plans I won’t stick to, just improve the diet and get back walking.

Have a great week everyone!

🙂 xx


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