Its only feckin Tuesday!?!


I sooOoo wanted pizza tonight! 😦
I didn’t plan to, I took a couple of portions of spag bol mix outov the freezer this am, planned to have with my low carb noodles and cheese.
I planned not to regulate the mince portion and cheese in exchange for not having pizza.
But on my walk tonight, I convinced myself into having and talked myself outov having pizza, I lost count of how many times!?
…I mayaswell cos there’s only 3 weeks of this 1st segment left and I’ve wasted 8weeks, so what’s another 3?!
…But WTF, get your arse in gear and finish strong, do something special in these last 3 weeks!
It’s only Tues FFS!
Then back home I thought about my last post, about Heather, and whether having pizza would make me proud…course it wouldn’t!
And I really enjoyed my low carb noodle spag bol!
And cos I’m not sickly stuffed or got indigestion, I can do the chores I planned also!
🙂 xx


6 thoughts on “Its only feckin Tuesday!?!

    • Aren’t you allowed a treat/cheat of w/e?
      Although I guess it wasn’t a gluten free, vegan pizza?! 😉
      What’s done is done, put it in a box and move forward, so long as we learn something each time we struggle eh?
      🙂 xx

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