Week 9

















WootWoot! I lost 1.5lb!

REALLY pleased!
I stuck to usual diet thru day at work Mon-Fri and dinners were healthy proteins with veggies, 2 meals, Tues+Wed were carb free, but no regulation of protein or fat amounts, Thurs+Fri included fairly large baked potatoes with copious amounts of butter!
But I walked 2.5-ish miles each pm, not particularly fast, listening to TheSmarterScience of Slim podcasts, they are AWESOME!
It was nice and bright and motivating each evening, nice.

This w/e was fun, we went to the O2 arena Sun for the Country2Country concert with Leanne Rimes, Darius Rucker & Carrie Underwood! Was awesome! We went for an amazing steak meal beforehand at Gaucho, freakin delicious!
Inside the arena, we then weren’t hungry but it was tempting to want to eat for the sake of eating at the event. But I honestly was repulsed at the thought of the deep fried shite on offer! YaY me! šŸ™‚
So we didn’t have anything, left early as Carrie’s sound set up was terrible, and we were tired, and got healthy M&S meals at the station! Go us!
Oh we did have an ice cream each, and wine with dinner and shared pudding! BUT, small steps/successes eh.
Ooo let’s end on a real positive note, I set my alarm 5mins early each am, and I got up! Not walking yet, just pottering with a cuppa, but soOo chuffed I’ve managed to start at last, 6.40am by Fri!
Over slept this am, but back to start at 6.40am tom, only need to get to 6.30 really, so looking good.
Very wet walk this pm, back to gym tom! EEeeKKkk!

Have an awesome week y’all!
šŸ™‚ xx


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