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The real week 1 – Phase 2!






















1st week has gone very well, and I am MORE than happy to report a loss of -4lb!!!

The picture is of the lane our office is down, have had some lovely lunchtime strolls this week, just to get away from desk (but also to get fluid moving from legs).

Diet This week
PreAM walk coffee – Mon & Wed
Breakii: 160g chicken+courgette+handful/8 nuts – will be read mead going 4ward, get paid Thurs, just using freezer supplies up, and mixed nuts at mo.
Meal 1: 160g tuna+green beans+TSp EVOO+Tsp Udos+Tsp Sesame Oil+balsamic+few olives in brine – this is a LOT of tune to eat, don’t mind it, helped with green beans, just a cheaper meal option.
Meal 2: 160g chicken with salad leaves+TSp EVOO+Tsp Udos+Tsp Sesame Oil+balsamic
Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs+TspEVOO+handful/8 nuts
Post WO shake: 40g protein+25gGlutamine+1gGlycine (Mon & Wed)
Dinner: 160g chicken+LOTS roasted broccoli with good spray of avocado oil – fricking LOVE roasted broccoli! Had Salmon one night and various veggies.
Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs+TspEVOO+handful/8 nuts

No carbs for 2 week boots camp, meal frequency reduced but 40g protein at each meal.

Haven’t been hungry at all, just psychologically missing carbs a little, but not a lot.

New gym routine was great! =
FrontFootElevatedSplit Squat – MyFatAss: 4sets x 12reps – balance is rubbish!
1 Arm DB Row – 12kgx 4sets x 10reps – OoFf, tough!

Lying leg curl on bench with cable – 2.5kgx 10reps, 3.75×10, 5×10, 6.26×10
Inc DB ChestPress – 12kgx 4sets x 10reps

DuckLegPress (heels together) – 50kgx10reps, 100×10, 150×10, 150×10 (should b 12-15reps – oops)
Should’ve been a triple sets with leg curl+chest press but just not gonna work in gym, certainly not on a Monday!
LOVED these though! Totally hit quad sweep and glute hammi tie in and calves, LOVE!

ZottmanCurl – 6kgs x4sets x10reps – like these
SkullKrushers – 6kgs x4sets x 10reps – ok

Supposed to do specific cadence of lifting lowering weight and rest times, but just wanted to get through it for the first time. Did a cadence of lift for one and lower for minimum 3, with a possible hold for one at top of lift if body allowed.
Took just as much rest as I needed without slacking too much, was sweating lots!
Felt a really positive exhausted & slept very well.


Did not walk this am, but I don’t have to, it’s for me at mo, not in programme, so if I miss, that’s fine, body needs rest.

Due to do cardio HITT type affair at gym tonight or Thurs, thinking Thurs as such a gorgeous day, get out for a stroll tonight…

… My stroll ended up being a walk half way home, abandoning car at local retail park on way as traffic was horrendous, and I thought I’m blowed if I’m gonna sit in traffic wasting fuel on such a gorgeous evening! Finished off by collecting car after a cuppa at home whilst traffic subsided. Then had a loverly soak in hot tub.


Phew! SweatyBetty! These Wos are kicking my butt! LOVE it!
DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets (did 10reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 30kgx10reps, 40×10, 40×10, 50×10

BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps, 2.5kgx10, 5×10, 10×10

FlatDB ChestPress: 12kgx10reps x4sets
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx10reps x4sets

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x4sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 5kgx10reps, 6.25×10, 7.5×10, 10×10

AWSOME session!
Due to do cardio HITT type affair tonight.

Cardio this am was walking to work (50mins) whilst hubby borrowed my car, can get a lift home though so I can head to gym for HITT on bike…

…Erm..skived HITT as another flipping gorgeous evening, but I had forgotten to take meat for dinner outov freezer, so hubby and I walked to Tesco (1hr round trip), great move…got 500g Venison reduced to £1.20! NOM!


Gym did not go according to plan as traffic was worse than Tues!

Abandoned car again and walked home; 30mins, so not no WO, just the not the weights WO planned.

However, all of this does not seem to have affected progress this week eh?!

I know a lot of it will be water, what with the pooling in my legs, but I want/need rid of it, certainly very motivating to stick to programme.

Great w/e, chillaxing and stuck to diet, no alcohol!

Utilised low carb noodles I had in cupboard so as not to feel hard done to with hubby having carbs at dinner, worked very well psychologically.

Bring on week 2!

🙂 xx


Hi, My name’s Fiona and I am a supplement addict!

Supplements I have previously taken and have now ditched:

ALCAR – Fat Metabolizer

I really like ALCAR. It’s taste is horrendously bitter, so I always mixed with a strong dash of no added sugar cordial. But I honestly felt like it worked.

Quote: “Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) is an amino acid which the body uses to convert fat into energy production. AlCAR is a natural super antioxidant, and can help to facilitate fat metabolism.

Helps improve energy production
Can help aid weight loss
Helps to increase metabolism
Helps to improve mental performance”.

Yohimbine – Stimulant/Fat Burner

When I was on ultra low cals and hours of cardio, this definitely gave me a boost for morning cardio.

Quote: “Yohimbe supports/allows more blood and oxygen to pass through all the tissues/muscle. This oxygen flow can be good for exercise endurance.

Yohimbe is also a great supplement to take if you’re on a fat loss plan, because it supports your body’s metabolism and fights the storage of unwanted fat. Yohimbe may also play a supporting role in fighting free radicalswith other anti-oxidants”.

I previously used, on recommendation; Yohimbe HCl by PrimaForce, but a visit to just informed that this product is discontinued!

CNP ProLean – Stimulant/Fat Burner

Mmm, not sure whether this one did anything or not. More psychological that I was doing everything I poss could at that point to help.

Quote: “Pro Lean is a thermogenic fat burner that can assist in the quest for a leaner appearance. It contains a powerful blend of active natural ingredients that may support the optimal metabolic rate and energy levels necessary to achieve this goal. It may also control cravings and encourage a regular eating pattern”.

ProRecover – Post WO Protein Shake

Post WO on the new programme I have whey protein and Glycine – see below.

But the glucose in this formula is a no-no.

However, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s soOo malty chocolately, delicious!

Quote: “CNP Pro Recover is an advanced recovery formula containing a blend of fast acting carbohydrates and proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins which all work in synergy to provide the complete post-workout solution.

The fast acting carbohydrates come in the form of glucose. This increases blood sugar levels very quickly and causes the pancreas to release the hormone insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugar levels and will aid absorption of the protein from into the muscles where required.

The proteins included in Pro Recover are Hydrolysed Whey and Whey Isolate, both of these are fast releasing proteins which means they are quickly absorbed and therefore perfect for a post workout supplement.

Anti oxidants have all be added to help reduce the amount of damage that is caused to the muscle tissue after taking part in intense activity. These are in the form of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol)”.


Supplements still in the programme:

Vitamin C–immune-support-plus.htm

Multi Vitamin

Mutivitamin (tablet)


Morning health tonic of; Tsp Green Powder, Tsp Psyllium Husk, 60ml Aloe.

Evening health tonic of; Tsp CalMag


Udos – BeyondGreens (multi vitamin)

Quote: “Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens brings together the finest green foods, essential fatty acids, fibre, whole food concentrates, phytonutrients and digestive enzymes in one formula. Beyond Greens can help support healthy balance; aiding digestion and elimination, as well as the immune system”.

Pukka – Clean Greens

Quote: “Clean Greens contains; chlorophyll, vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes, all of which can help our bodys cope with our polluted environment and diet. It contains 12 chlorophyll-rich green foods inculding organic spirulina, chlorella, kale sprouts, wheat grass juice, nettles and arctic fresh seaweed. 100% organic and ethically sourced, suitable for vegetarians and vegans”.

Udos Oil

I use a Tsp of this with each meal at moment.

Quote: “Udo spent considerable time creating Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, tweaking the ingredients to give the right profile. In every drop of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend you will find; Flax seed oil*, sunflower seed oil*, sesame seed oil*, coconut oil*, evening primrose oil* (13 mg gla/15 ml), soy lecithin, rice bran and rice germ oils, oat bran and oat germ* oils, mixed tocopherols: the oils in this blend supply a range of fatty acids including 2:1:1 ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9. (* certified organic).
Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend contains no animal derived products, is certified Vegan and Vegetarian and Udo’s Choice capsules do contain animal gelatine”.

Psyllium Husk – Fibre Supplement (powder),psyllium-husk-powder-900g_10.htm

“Great source of natural dietary fibre
Benefits the heart & digestive health
May be beneficial in lowering cholesterol”

Aloe Vera Juice (multi vitamin +)

I drink a health tonic dose of Alow Vera Juice daily. As like anything, not all Brands (of Aloe Vera Juice) are of the same quality, and in Aloe’s case the purer the leaves, the better the results.I get mine from friends back up in the North East of England who run a health supplement store with Aloe based beauty products and treatments also. They produce their own Aloe which:

Has a short shelf life – this is good! Some Aloe’s have shelf lives of well over 4yrs! It’s bound to take more than a few added preservative to get that long!?
Has no bitter taste – A substance called Aloin sits between the Aloe gel fillet and the skin of the plant. It is quite bitter to taste and has quite a powerful laxative effect! Not something you want in your Aloe Vera juice.
This juice is manufactured by two of the world leading specialists in Aloe Vera, Dr Bill Cotes and in association with Dr Ivan Danhof. It is a high grade organic natural safe vegetable drink, its active vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, natural anti-inflammatory, and anti-histamine properties, make this an excellent daily tonic.

L-Glutamine – Recovery

There is to-be-fair a lot of mixed views surrounding Glutamine’s effectiveness. Some don’t rate it, some, like myself swear by it. Personally I think it absolutely helps me recover from training better/quicker. I will be mixing this in post WO shake.

Quote: “Glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid found in the muscles of the body. It is key in promoting muscle growth and improving post-workout recovery. It is also important in ensuring the immune system runs effectively and helps regulate blood sugar levels for optimal performance.

Promotes muscle tissue growth
Helps restore glycogen levels
Aids faster post-workout recovery”.

Calcium-Magnesium – Recovery

VERY funky taste, but I honestly think it helps recovery.

Quote: “Cal-M is a powder that provides traces of potassium, phosphorous, zinc and iron.

The Cider Vinegar is there to give the correct alkalinity.

Some alternative practitioners recommend using apple cider vinegar to restore alkaline acid balance. The theory being that our blood is slightly alkaline (with a normal pH level of between 7.35 and 7.45) and that our diet should reflect this pH level. Proponents of the alkaline-acid theory believe that a diet high in acid-producing foods leads to lack of energy, excessive mucous production, infections, anxiety, irritability, headache, sore throat, nasal and sinus congestion, allergic reactions, and increased risk of conditions such as arthritis and gout.

Despite being an acidic solution, alternative practitioners believe it has an alkalinizing effect on the body. Although a popular remedy, its effectiveness hasn’t been researched”.

Isolate Whey Protein

I use Isolate as concentrate gives me VERY bad gas!

Glycine – Recovery

I think Glycine is supposed to help encourage the protein absorption/synthesis without spiking blood sugar/insulin.,glycine_89.htm

Quote: “Boosts creatine levels and maintains healthy body systems.

Boosts creatine levels and absorption rates

Maintains healthy central nervous and digestive systems

Prevents muscle breakdown

Glycine is one of the non-essential amino acids which is found in protein rich food like meat, fish and dairy. It is used to help build muscle tissue and convert glucose into energy. It is also essential to maintaining healthy central nervous and digestive systems.
Glycine helps prevent the breakdown of muscle by boosting the body’s levels of creatine, a compound that helps build muscle mass. High concentrations of glycine are found not only in the muscles, but in the skin and other connective tissues as well. Almost a third of collagen, which keeps the skin and connective tissue firm and flexible, is made up of glycine”.

Coffee – Stimulant

I LOVE coffee! On new programme I’m allowed one of each a day before 2pm, black. Just trying to cut down on the stimulants

A few of my favourites:

A Hardcore treat:

Fantastic value for money:

Best tasting instant I’ve found:

Spoiling ourselves:


🙂 xx

On Your Marks…

I’m starting a week early… this Monday; 22nd.

I was due to start the week of the 29th; it’s b/hol and I was looking at a couple of possible cheats in addition!
So I started to think about deferring starting a week or so…
This past week Marks been taking annual leave and I hadn’t got the heart to rain on his parade trying to be strict with food, when we’ve been off plan for so long. I know we lead each other astray so that was another reason for needing to draw a line, and sooner rather than any later!
And then I thought Fiona! WTF??!!?? Do you want to be slim in 6 months or not?!!?
There’s always going to be challenges eh, and that’s why I’ve hooked up with a trainer to get through these and learn new habits, so I just need to take the bull by the horns eh.
So, I decided the best thing to do was stop dicking about and just get on with it!
With my ‘easing into it slowly’ approach I’m falling off the wagon too easily and justifying it, which is fine if I’m happy with my current stats/situation, but I’m not!

James has again confirmed that am cardio should NOT be performed.
It is an additional stress on the body and initially we’re trying minimise potential stress/cortisol and see how body /fat loss responds.
There needs to be something in the arsenal to add in later on eh.
Although the walking is soOo slow and more therapeutic than power so I think I’ll keep that in, just not worry about keeping up with clubland or extending the distance/time.
I honestly have felt my mood soOo much better with getting up and at ’em and getting some sunlight/air.

🙂 xx

Week 1 – Phase2


VERY pleased as that’s after a cheat last night!
Didn’t go mad tho & felt quite dehydrated this am after wine, so hoped that would offset few chips I had! 😉 but am going to move weigh ins to Fri as we do like to relax Fri after weeks works. Whereas w/e’s I’m happy to have steak n salad – hopefully the warmer weather is coming soon & we can get BBQing.

Diet this week:
Wake: 1/2L Water
PreAM Cardio coffee with soya milk
Breakki: GreenShake = ‘some’ coconut+soya milk+0%greek yog+mixed berries+1/2TblSpUdosGreens+1ScoopVanillaPPer+2Handfulls of raw spinach – all blended together, actually very NOM!
1/2L Water
Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1ScoopAppleCinamonPPer+1ChoppedApple
1/2L Water
Lunch: Mon-Fri; 160gChkn+1TblSpEVOO+Balsamic+Spinach+Broccoli + coffee with soya milk
1/2L Water
Meal 4: See meal 2
Mon+Wed – Immediate Post WO: 40g-ish ReoveryProteinShake (avecGlucose)
Meal 6: ?not weighed?g LeanMince/Chkn/Salmon+GreenVeg+butter + coffee with soya milk
Meal 7: Cple of nights had some 0%Yogurt+Cocoa+Xylitol+FlakedAlmonds

My new diet regime initially doesn’t allow dairy so I’m eating all of that up,ahead of 29th planned start date (after pay day & monthly food shop) & continuing to enjoy my milky coffees while I still can.
The Green shakes are getting a lot of nutrients in, which will help with detoxification, which my system has issues with – more in 1st qtr update to come.
Nor does new regime require the glucose recovery shake so using that up.
The Xylitol mentioned above is a natural sweetener like Stevia, it comes in granular form & is from a tree bark of some sort, it gives sweetness without affecting insulin/blood sugar, I like it.

WOs this week:

Did 30mins cardio, just gentle walking each am at 7am (missed Tues)

Monday PM – Push
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx5reps, 12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 17.5×5
CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps, 6.25×5, 7.5×5, 7.5×5, 6.25×15
PressUps: (on kness) x10reps, x5, x5, x5, x10
Pathetic! But jiggered!

Tues PM – 50min walk

Wed PM – Pull
DB SLDL: WarmUp = 8x15reps, 10x5reps, x3sets, 6×15
Rows: WarmUp = 15kgx15reps, 20x5reps, 25×5, 30×5, 20×15
Pull-Ups: WarmUp: 70kgs x15, 60×5, 55×5, 50×5, 60×15
Good session

Thurs PM – 50min walk

Fri – Oops! Skived legs! Will do Sun
Hamstrings were still very sore from Wed – they didn’t seem to hurt so much after some red wine! 😉 – & it had been a good week, I wanted to relax with hubby.

Plan this week is more of the same to concrete the new habits.
There’s abit more preparation required in organising filtered water to drink at work and ‘things’ which has gone well, but I don’t want to get cocky & then have a relapse.

Have an awesome week everyone!

Weeks 10+11+12

I’m back! Have had some fun and have been a little bit poorly…

















Some awesome Country Music stars came to visit here in the UK at the Coutry-2-Country music festival at the O2 Arena on 16th + 17th March.

We went on the Sunday, 17th, and saw Darius Rucker, Leanne Rimes and Carrie Underwood!

Darius was AWESOME! Really like him 🙂

I had worried about Leanne, saw her on American Idol not so long ago and the 16 yr old girl on stage with her just about out sang her, but didn’t have the maturity in her voice that Leanne has.

But, she was AWESOME! Finished with an unaccompanied rendition of Amazing Grace, it was emotional! 🙂

Carrie was dreadful, we left after a couple of songs. TBF it wasn’t her that was dreadful is was the sound set up, they cranked up the volume but the levels were all wrong, we were abit tired at that point & it just hurt our ears, not pleasant to listen to 😦














Easter I had a horrible head cold.

I went to see new trainer on Good Friday lunchtime and by that afternoon I was feeling pretty rotten 😦

We were due to visit my parents in Manchester, which we did but our departure time on Sat was delayed as I was exhausted.

I kindly shared my germs with the family, returned home Sunday night, and spent all day Monday in bed sleeping.

Back at work Tues, I should have been in bed, but as I work in a finance office and end of tax year was that week…

I got slowly better each day, although of course hubby was getting slowly worse each day!


New plan with trainer are for another post, already drafted so will get it up soon 🙂

Had an awesome 1st week of 2nd stage/12 weeks, again another post after weight tom am 🙂