Weeks 10+11+12

I’m back! Have had some fun and have been a little bit poorly…

















Some awesome Country Music stars came to visit here in the UK at the Coutry-2-Country music festival at the O2 Arena on 16th + 17th March.

We went on the Sunday, 17th, and saw Darius Rucker, Leanne Rimes and Carrie Underwood!

Darius was AWESOME! Really like him 🙂

I had worried about Leanne, saw her on American Idol not so long ago and the 16 yr old girl on stage with her just about out sang her, but didn’t have the maturity in her voice that Leanne has.

But, she was AWESOME! Finished with an unaccompanied rendition of Amazing Grace, it was emotional! 🙂

Carrie was dreadful, we left after a couple of songs. TBF it wasn’t her that was dreadful is was the sound set up, they cranked up the volume but the levels were all wrong, we were abit tired at that point & it just hurt our ears, not pleasant to listen to 😦














Easter I had a horrible head cold.

I went to see new trainer on Good Friday lunchtime and by that afternoon I was feeling pretty rotten 😦

We were due to visit my parents in Manchester, which we did but our departure time on Sat was delayed as I was exhausted.

I kindly shared my germs with the family, returned home Sunday night, and spent all day Monday in bed sleeping.

Back at work Tues, I should have been in bed, but as I work in a finance office and end of tax year was that week…

I got slowly better each day, although of course hubby was getting slowly worse each day!


New plan with trainer are for another post, already drafted so will get it up soon 🙂

Had an awesome 1st week of 2nd stage/12 weeks, again another post after weight tom am 🙂




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