On Your Marks…

I’m starting a week early… this Monday; 22nd.

I was due to start the week of the 29th; it’s b/hol and I was looking at a couple of possible cheats in addition!
So I started to think about deferring starting a week or so…
This past week Marks been taking annual leave and I hadn’t got the heart to rain on his parade trying to be strict with food, when we’ve been off plan for so long. I know we lead each other astray so that was another reason for needing to draw a line, and sooner rather than any later!
And then I thought Fiona! WTF??!!?? Do you want to be slim in 6 months or not?!!?
There’s always going to be challenges eh, and that’s why I’ve hooked up with a trainer to get through these and learn new habits, so I just need to take the bull by the horns eh.
So, I decided the best thing to do was stop dicking about and just get on with it!
With my ‘easing into it slowly’ approach I’m falling off the wagon too easily and justifying it, which is fine if I’m happy with my current stats/situation, but I’m not!

James has again confirmed that am cardio should NOT be performed.
It is an additional stress on the body and initially we’re trying minimise potential stress/cortisol and see how body /fat loss responds.
There needs to be something in the arsenal to add in later on eh.
Although the walking is soOo slow and more therapeutic than power so I think I’ll keep that in, just not worry about keeping up with clubland or extending the distance/time.
I honestly have felt my mood soOo much better with getting up and at ’em and getting some sunlight/air.

🙂 xx


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