The real week 1 – Phase 2!






















1st week has gone very well, and I am MORE than happy to report a loss of -4lb!!!

The picture is of the lane our office is down, have had some lovely lunchtime strolls this week, just to get away from desk (but also to get fluid moving from legs).

Diet This week
PreAM walk coffee – Mon & Wed
Breakii: 160g chicken+courgette+handful/8 nuts – will be read mead going 4ward, get paid Thurs, just using freezer supplies up, and mixed nuts at mo.
Meal 1: 160g tuna+green beans+TSp EVOO+Tsp Udos+Tsp Sesame Oil+balsamic+few olives in brine – this is a LOT of tune to eat, don’t mind it, helped with green beans, just a cheaper meal option.
Meal 2: 160g chicken with salad leaves+TSp EVOO+Tsp Udos+Tsp Sesame Oil+balsamic
Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs+TspEVOO+handful/8 nuts
Post WO shake: 40g protein+25gGlutamine+1gGlycine (Mon & Wed)
Dinner: 160g chicken+LOTS roasted broccoli with good spray of avocado oil – fricking LOVE roasted broccoli! Had Salmon one night and various veggies.
Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs+TspEVOO+handful/8 nuts

No carbs for 2 week boots camp, meal frequency reduced but 40g protein at each meal.

Haven’t been hungry at all, just psychologically missing carbs a little, but not a lot.

New gym routine was great! =
FrontFootElevatedSplit Squat – MyFatAss: 4sets x 12reps – balance is rubbish!
1 Arm DB Row – 12kgx 4sets x 10reps – OoFf, tough!

Lying leg curl on bench with cable – 2.5kgx 10reps, 3.75×10, 5×10, 6.26×10
Inc DB ChestPress – 12kgx 4sets x 10reps

DuckLegPress (heels together) – 50kgx10reps, 100×10, 150×10, 150×10 (should b 12-15reps – oops)
Should’ve been a triple sets with leg curl+chest press but just not gonna work in gym, certainly not on a Monday!
LOVED these though! Totally hit quad sweep and glute hammi tie in and calves, LOVE!

ZottmanCurl – 6kgs x4sets x10reps – like these
SkullKrushers – 6kgs x4sets x 10reps – ok

Supposed to do specific cadence of lifting lowering weight and rest times, but just wanted to get through it for the first time. Did a cadence of lift for one and lower for minimum 3, with a possible hold for one at top of lift if body allowed.
Took just as much rest as I needed without slacking too much, was sweating lots!
Felt a really positive exhausted & slept very well.


Did not walk this am, but I don’t have to, it’s for me at mo, not in programme, so if I miss, that’s fine, body needs rest.

Due to do cardio HITT type affair at gym tonight or Thurs, thinking Thurs as such a gorgeous day, get out for a stroll tonight…

… My stroll ended up being a walk half way home, abandoning car at local retail park on way as traffic was horrendous, and I thought I’m blowed if I’m gonna sit in traffic wasting fuel on such a gorgeous evening! Finished off by collecting car after a cuppa at home whilst traffic subsided. Then had a loverly soak in hot tub.


Phew! SweatyBetty! These Wos are kicking my butt! LOVE it!
DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets (did 10reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 30kgx10reps, 40×10, 40×10, 50×10

BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps, 2.5kgx10, 5×10, 10×10

FlatDB ChestPress: 12kgx10reps x4sets
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx10reps x4sets

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x4sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 5kgx10reps, 6.25×10, 7.5×10, 10×10

AWSOME session!
Due to do cardio HITT type affair tonight.

Cardio this am was walking to work (50mins) whilst hubby borrowed my car, can get a lift home though so I can head to gym for HITT on bike…

…Erm..skived HITT as another flipping gorgeous evening, but I had forgotten to take meat for dinner outov freezer, so hubby and I walked to Tesco (1hr round trip), great move…got 500g Venison reduced to £1.20! NOM!


Gym did not go according to plan as traffic was worse than Tues!

Abandoned car again and walked home; 30mins, so not no WO, just the not the weights WO planned.

However, all of this does not seem to have affected progress this week eh?!

I know a lot of it will be water, what with the pooling in my legs, but I want/need rid of it, certainly very motivating to stick to programme.

Great w/e, chillaxing and stuck to diet, no alcohol!

Utilised low carb noodles I had in cupboard so as not to feel hard done to with hubby having carbs at dinner, worked very well psychologically.

Bring on week 2!

🙂 xx


2 thoughts on “The real week 1 – Phase 2!

  1. Hi I have a protein powder question, which protein do you use currently? I am using icon’s grass fed protein but might give another brand a try.

    Great blog, hope your training is still going well. Kevin.

    • Hi!
      Gosh that stuff sounds AWESOME! 😀
      I use:
      Be sure to enter my referral code: FM201
      I think you get a free 250g but you may need to enter that at checkout.
      Ahh, thanks, not really updating much lately more on FB – you on there? ‘No-body plans to fail, they just fail to plan’
      Training abit hit/miss, but feeling quite motivated at mo.
      Thanks for reading, you may have just inspired me to get back on here too! 😀 xx

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