Week 3 – Phase 2


TinyBitGutted.com 😦 …no loss 😦
& with all WOs done & up 4 3 Ps thru night last night! 😉
Honestly felt like I’d lost another 3-4lb, I can see the diff, oh well it’ll show next week, I’m not stopping! I just wanted to feel like I’d really earnt/deserved cheat tonight….which was VERY nom! Had lots of cured Italian meats from M&S, baked Camembert & Soda bread washed down with a loverley red. Plan to cheat just once every 2 weeks, tho with another bank hol end of May &. w/e away n Turkey week after may aim not to cheat again till then.

NO AM walkies this week, decided to get my rest and concentrate on getting on my WOs in this week as per the programme. But I did also make sure that I did my mile walkies each lunchtime avec support socks! I think the combination really is helping shift the fluid in my legs. No, it’s not a sexy look, but if it works who gives a XXXX…not me!

Diet same-ish this week, tried steak 4 breakii, but thought I’d got a bargain & I hadn’t 😦 so ended up on mackerel & salmon alternate am’s wasn’t sure I should b having nuts with oily fish but James says yes. He’s pleased with feedback this week.
Was hoping to source great quality steak for diet/breakii, but finding it quite a bind/stressful/expensive, so plan to alternate lean steak mince & oily fish (with griddled courgette, I LOVE courgette!).

Things I’ve noticed this past 2 weeks:

1. My lower back & sciatic niggle/pain is massively reduced the day following a weights WO – noticed this week 1, not so much week 2?

2. The lymphedema/fluid retention in my legs is less after a weights WO but not so after walking. The muscle contraction are obviously key to clearing these blockages.

3. I obviously work well on fats vs carbs.
Haven’t had a complex carb all 2 weeks, and haven’t been hungry at ALL and feel great!
Sleep is massively improved with the intense WOs.

4. I haven’t had indigestion or reflux at all these past 2 weeks!*
This has massively helped sleep as it was very disturbed with acid reflux.
I think this is due in main to 2 things:
No soya milk – I had been going overboard.
No alcohol – I had been going overboard.
*Well, once on Thursday PM, the coleslaw, but I think it was actually the milky coffees that
set it off, but not bad, and 2 gaviscon tabs sorted it perfectly.


Frickin AWESOME session! 🙂
DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets (did 10reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 40kgx10reps, 50×10, 60×10, 60×10 – hands were slipping, used tissue on last set, much better, 70next time!
BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps x3sets – did away with extra weight as could feel form going, great glute squeeze just focused without weight

FlatDB ChestPress: 12kgx10reps x2sets, 14x2sets – do 14&16 next time
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx10reps x4sets – wow these burn the delts! Grow baby grow!

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x4sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 5kgx10reps, 10×10, 15×10 – these fry the tris! Love em!

Great WO!


Phew! Short, sharp n sweet:
HITT Sprints on stationary bike:
2min warm-up
45sec on 15 sec off x10sets – Mmm got this abit wrong, i worked harder than i needed to!
3mins cool down
Great session!


Great session!
FrontFootElevatedSplit Squat – MyFatAss: 4sets x 12reps
1 Arm DB Row – 12kgx 4sets x 12reps

Lying leg curl on bench with cable – 2.5kgx 10reps, 3.75×10, 5×10, 6.25×10
Inc DB ChestPress – 14kgx 4sets x 10reps
DuckLegPress (heels together) – 50kgx15reps, 100×15, 150×12, 180×10

ZottmanCurl – 6kgs x3sets x10reps
SkullKrushers – 6kgs x3sets x 10reps



Really quite pleased with myself.
Had the girls round for dinner and remained strong, didn’t have any bread, potatoes, alcohol or pudding!
I did ckn wrapped in bacon (one of the girls had provided the bacon) with baby new potatoes, then the girls each brought something; booze, pitta & dips, salads & puds; cheesecake & pavlova!
I had some dips to start just with salad leaves, was disappointed no veggie crudities to dip only carbs! I had coleslaw but resisted the potatoes, I had agreed to lift a couple of the girls home to help me stay dry, I was fine, and I don’t have a major sweet tooth, so I snuck a couple of milky soya coffees for dessert and was fine.
It was a late night and I was abit tired Fri am, but felt great for having stayed dry and to plan.


DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets (did 10reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 40kgx10reps, 50×10 x4sets – actually dropped weight frm last time to keep really strict form, felt good, great ROM
BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps x3sets – really squeezing abs n glutes

FlatDB ChestPress: 14kgx10reps x4sets – tough, really focused, pecs fried!
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx10reps x4sets – awesome burn on front delts, come on boulder shoulders!

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x4sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 10kgx10reps, 12.5×10, 15×10 – doubled starting weight!

Freakin awesome WO!

Off to see all the loverley ladeezee at BNBF club tom, was a successful action for weight loss staying connected in 2010 when I competed so plan to keep going, however embarrassing it is at this stage even tho I’m only an observer.

Have a great bank hol w/e


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Phase 2

  1. Hififi,
    I am so glad I found your blog, last year I came across the BNBF forum and started to read your posts on there, then I visited a show in the and decided if I could pluck up the courage I would like to lose 3 stone and enter a competition. I am now 11 weeks away from the big day and hope I can keep moving forward? Its fantastic to see your transformation its keeping me focused,Its so refreshing to read your down to earth posts and know like me your dealing with real life and trying to keep to a diet and workout plan. Keep up the great work.

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