Week 4 – phase 2


+1lb 😦
I didn’t know what to expect with not sticking to plan, but not sure i was so bad to deserve a gain? Think,my body’s just confused & i need consistency, so no drastic plans/action, just gonna tighten back up & get back on plan, eyes back on the prize.

Mixed feelings this week…

Cheated Sat pm as planned, was VERY nom; cured Italian meats and baked Camembert with bread with a delicious red wine.
But then had an additional cheat on Monday pm; It was a bank holiday and we did lots of sorting & posting on Ebay. I hadn’t/didn’t prep my food for week and was feeling knackered and like we deserved another cheat. Mark was very good tho & went to M&S & got us a pork roasting joint & salad, so not too bad, but he was under instruction to get crisps & dips & he also got choccie pudding too! & yes, we were forced to open another bottle of red! However, quite chuffed to notice that I have lots my craving for dips & crisps, they’re just leaving me cold, and whilst I enjoyed the choccie pud, I’m not that fussed on desserts. Think mayb the sugar, both just too sweet, I’m happier having just a soya coffee. And even that I’m losing taste for with too much soya in, half what I had been liking, so there are changes/progress.

Didn’t make it to gym Monday, so planned just to shift the week along a day; gym Tues, Thurs & Sat for weights & Fri for a quick HITT session. With no loss last week planned to add extra HITT in on spare day, which this week was Wed.

I’m struggling with sticking to only 1 coffee and tea a day, I have cut down but I’m torn, I asked James’s advice for maximum effectiveness, yet I’m convinced an extra Tea & coffee a day won’t affect weight loss efforts! & they are black! Tho the extra thru day are giving me slight indigestion! Will I ever learn?! Tho seemed to be lessened with a weaker drink.
I’m struggling to not microwave foods. Again I have cut down & had asked James’s advice, but I HATE cold food, and so if I forget to take a meal outov fridge ahead of time will nuke it for 30sec to take chill off. Again, not convinced this will massively affect weight loss efforts.
Convinced that consistency and not sweating the small stuff will be what wins the day at that stage.
However, I did make sure that I did my mile walkies each lunchtime avec support socks!

Good cop half of brain is saying “You did well to not trash 4 days of diet and only 2 meals and that is big progress for you. Take that as progress/a pat on back. You also then managed to prep your food each morning getting back on plan instead of heading to Tesco for sandwiches as you would have previously done”.

Bad copy half of brain is saying ”You didn’t lose weight last week, now you’ve fucked up this week with extra cheat & missing WOs, do more cardio, MORE CARDIO! You’re 40 in October you’re running out of time, come on fat biatch!”.

I’m going to stay calm and listen to good cop, whilst taking on board that I may need to increase the cardio, gently. I have put bike in for MOT/Service so I can cycle to/from work, and plan to get am walkies going again in the not too distant future.
Altho, there was a post on FB re fasted AM cardio & it’s effectiveness, mmm, was going to post link but it’s just a FB status and not a link to an article. Overview was that fasted am cardio is effective at releasing fat into blood stream for fuel source but that this is only effective/utilized after 90mins! So you do your hours powerwalk and then the fats in bloodsteam just head back into fat cells when not utilised as a fuel source! But if I’m quite low carb, will I not use those fats in bloodstream as fuel thru am?
There’s also been quite abitov banter trashing low carb diets, I’m not counting my carbs as in an actual low carb diet which would include counting carbs frm veg, I’m just not eating complex carbs, which I think is the right thing to be doing. I’m conscious to eat plenty of veg to get some carbs/fuel.


Glad I went, nearly didn’t, bak wrecked – just ladeeze issues ;-P but very sore! – decided to pop a cple painkillers & suck it up!

FrontFootElevatedSplit Squat – MyFatAss: 4sets x 12reps
1 Arm DB Row – 12kgx 4sets x 12reps

Lying leg curl on bench with cable – 2.5kgx 12reps, 3.75×12, 5×12, 6.26×12
Inc DB ChestPress – 12kgx 4sets x 12reps
DuckLegPress (heels together) – 50kgx15reps, 100×15, 150×15

ZottmanCurl – 6kgs x3sets x10reps
SkullKrushers – 6kgs x3sets x 10reps



Extra HITT planned, but I got in from work & felt knackered, back sore too. So I lay on bed to have a surf on ipad for 30mins with a cuppa pre-WO & Mark woke me up 2hrs later! So I must’ve needed it.


Colluegue at work is moving in a month or so, single mum, no funds, and I felt she needed my support viewing a property more than I needed a WO.


DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets (did 12reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 40kgx10reps, 50×10 x4sets
BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps x3sets – really squeezing abs n glutes+hammies, OwWeEe!

FlatDB ChestPress: 14kgx12reps x4sets – tough, really focused, pecs fried!
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx12reps x4sets

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x3sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 10kgx12reps, 15×12, 17.5×12 – come on u fecking triceps GROW!

Great WO!

Meeting a girlfriend today at gym to help her with posing practice, will get an extra HITT in whilst there.

🙂 xx


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