Oh FFS!?!


4days excess = +4lb bloating & water retention

4days bak on track = -4lb bloating & water retention

Meh, well at least I’ve maintained?!

Mon 20th – Wed 22nd: Made it to gym and stuck to diet.

Thurs 23rd: MAJOR wobble; hormones, both emotionally and giving me horrible back ache, and *insert own expletive* rubbish weather! Just couldn’t be arsed for the little results I’m getting, so we had pizza & a bottle of wine! Was very beige and very nom!

Friday 24th: Sandwich binge! After work we got train up to Newcastle for a little anniversary trip away.
2 hours delay meant we didn’t get to hotel until midnight, but at least with a 2hr delay we can claim a full (return journey) refund! And at least we had a 1st class comfy seat with plenty tea!
The main event of the trip was hubby, via Barclays Premier Acc, got to have a kick around on the pitch at St James’s! It was an opportunity not to be missed. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, but literally could not move on Mon LoL. I got to be a WAG for the arvo chatting in the directors box!


Bit disillusioned with current diet/training/trainer 😦
A good friend commented that she thought my cals looked high, I have no idea what they are/were, I just go by food weights and adjust, but it got me thinking..
…Update email exchange to James was then abitova cheeky test & I didn’t really get the response(s) I wanted 😦
There must be something wrong if the brief is not being fulfilled and I’m not sticking to plan/wanting to stick to plan; The brief was WEIGHT loss for 40th.
I haven’t stuck to plan 100%, why?

I don’t think James has helped/questioned/motivated me enough.
I wasn’t sure what our relationship would be, but it’s not materialising into what I want/need.
Thinking back to comp prep it was really strict from where I was at.
I’m not sure current programme is/was strict enuf for me to stick to, too much room to cheat?
James might’ve ‘got’ me more being F-2-F but he’s an hour away so that’s not gonna happen often enough.

I’ve discovered the Dave Palumbo diet (DP).
It’s along the same lines as Smarter Science of Slim; no complex carbs, but a step further being keto; officially low carb, forcing body to hit fat stores for fuel.
These 1st 2 clips explain it really well I think:


And he seems like a really sweet knowledgable bloke 🙂
So new plan is pretty hard core, but no room for ‘tweaking’ AND a weekly cheat is authorised/recommended, I need that for Mark to not worry/get pissed off and it helps me focus on the week knowing that I can have ‘it’ if I want ‘it’ just on my cheat meal.

Meal 1 – Breakii (8am): 5 whole eggs + 4 egg whites
Meal 2 – Lunch (12pm): 220g Chkn + 200g green beans + TblSp EVOO
Meal 3 (4pm): 50g Shake (isolate Meal 4 – PostWO (7pm): See meal 2
Meal 5 – Dinner (9pm): 200g red meat + Salad leaves + 100g broccoli + TblSp EVOO

Tried it couple of days this week (bar dinner) & seems fine, I was abit hungry, but people say the 1st 4 days are the worst as body adjusts energy systems; fat vs carbs, & I was prob aggravating hunger with still having the carbs at dinner LoL!
It does seem like a LOT of food/protein/cals but that’s what been recommended for my weight, so thats the starting point (to adjust from if necessary). A LOT of people hav tried & tested it over the years so who am to argue/tweak!?
It is sub 10g carbs p/day! Some people can get away with 40g, some even more, but I’ll go with the recommended super strict as I’m on a deadline eh!?

Feeling confident that a stricter approach will work better & I get my beloved eggs back for breakii YaY! Thought even I might struggle with that amount, but totally not LoL!

The deadline is 5 months away = 20 weeks
With 60+lbs to lose that’s 3lb p/wk loss!!??!!
Week in, week out, for 5 months!!??!!
Not gonna happen eh?!
BUT, I’m gonna hav a damn good try!

Got my bike fixed this week and did a couple of commutes.
LOTS of Steady State CV (SSCV – as opposed to HIIT; High Intensity Interval Training) is recommended for DP keto.
Even did my am walkies before cycling!
But each session should be at least 30min, which am walkies is, could be more; 40mins but that’s easily extended.
Commute is only 20min, so need to extend that abit…double!?!
Seems like a lot of cardio b4 work! But if I can…& it’s not intense cardio…& I’m on a deadline!

Training wise going back to 3 day split, with increase in cardio thinking legs Sunday after Saturday rest/off, then cardio Mon/Wed/Fri & other 2 weights sessions Tues/Thurs. Legs will VERY much need the rest Sat!

For help/accountability I’ve enlisted the assistance of the loverley Alex at David Lloyd.
He’s very young, very cute…but more importantly very knowledgeable & VERY enthusiastic.
He’s agreed to give me 10mins of his time each week for weigh in & a chat. We’ve also hooked up on FB so he can keep an eye on me & I see him in the gym most evenings to say ‘hi’.
We have similar views on diet & training, but the agreement is our relationship is more discussion than prescriptive, I know my shit, I just need help to get my act together & have somebody impartial tell me each week “it’s ok, keep calm, just KEEP GOING!”

I also feel boosted by friends this week, thank you, was just what I needed…
A very good friend chased my missing blog last week – a well needed friendly nudge, ‘hi flick’ *waves* 🙂
A couple more people subscribed to my blog, ‘hi folks’ *waves* 🙂
A contact at one of the co.s I deal with at work mentioned that he regularly reads blog, I am his inspiration! How loverley! ‘Hi Rob!’ *waves* 🙂
An ‘old’ forum friend found me & left THE most loverley comment on week 6’s blog, was really touched, ‘hi Donna’ *waves* 🙂

So with deadline now looming ever closer lets do this!
Have an awesome week all

Ps. Think I discovered that formatting issues are regards PC vs iPad etc.
I’m on iPad now, & looks great, but sure formatting will be out if viewed on PC!? Bit rubbish, but there you go!


2 thoughts on “Oh FFS!?!

  1. Hi, How I love Sundays, did quads today followed by a weeks worth of food prep, kitchen smells very strongly of sprouts and green beans now .. lovely. Great to see your managing to bike to work I know what it feels like to have to fit cardio in before work.
    Hope the new eating plan is suiting you better. Having Alex as a sounding board sounds like a good idea too. I think you are going to more successful this week, take it one meal/workout at a time.
    Have a good week Donna

  2. Thanks huni.
    Bit spoilt that I live so close to work, decided soOo much cardio was not necessary, and abit more rest more worthwhile, so have extended bike commute and ditched walk.
    Yes I love Sunday prep, soOo therapeutic eh.
    🙂 xx

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