I LOVE my life! :-)xx


No weigh in

Had a lovely w/e (last) just pottering & spending time with hubby eating & drinking!
We popped out on Sat arvo & got caught in a massive down our we were literally soaked to the skin! Was good fun though, cos just us, & we knew we were heading home to cosy dressing gowns, nommy cheat food we’d bought & nice bottle of red.

Had a shakey start with extra pulled pork and a couple of roasties with scramblers for breakii!
Abitov prep saw me feeling more positive. Headed to gym for legs and helping a GF with posing practice, both great sessions.
Back home, showered and had abitova low blood sugar moment, mark fed me some chkn+salad & as it was such a gorgeous evening, having been so dreary all w/e, we popped out for a little drive and a stop off at a loverly country pub. I could have had a soft drink, but I wanted a beer! But that was then the start of the slippery slope. Back home we shared beef Stroganoff for dinner, not very keto! Nor was the wine & cheese we then finished off from Sat pm’s cheat!

I thought I have got to recover from this/just let it go else I’ll do my head in.

And I did, Monday am back on it…
…Monday pm, off it!
Mark had a filling at the dentist and was feeling sorry for himself, he suggested Chinese would make him feel better! Well the seed was sown was it not! We chilled forabit and then my blood sugar dropped and I was all too easily led astray!

This whole situation would have just not occurred in prep.
Mark would’ve know better & I was waAay stronger!

I have now noticed that a big danger time for me is if I don’t go to gym of a pm. I then have too much time free at home, it messes meal times up & I run into blood sugar probs which impaired focus.
If I go to gym I have meal 4; post WO shake, as planned at 7pm. By the time I get home & shower it’s time for meal 5 and then it’s bedtime. Even if hungry/peckish at bedtime I can resist as I know I’ll get BAD indigestion eating soOo close to lying down.

So I’m going to go to gym every night.
Not for death by extreme cardio! But on non weights nights to do short 10min HIIT session on stairbiatch and some foam rollaring, which won’t hurt, well it will, like hell, but you know what I mean! I’ll do the short 10min HIIT session on stairbiatch on the weights night also (at endov session).

Beating myself up quite well today.
I just feel so *insert stern expletive* useless. Not in that I can’t do anything, I know I can, my body works fine I’m in perfect health! but I just don’t. I’m constantly sabotaging myself!
Why am I even bothering to write this blog, I’m *insert stern expletive* crap! Who finds this *insert stern expletive* motivating?! Not me!
I thought a while ago I would continue to post regardless to show real life struggles, in the hope it would be therapeutic for me and emphatically motivational to some, but I’m not sure this is helping anyone now, it’s just embarrassing!

I need a positive affirmation eh?
Thinking the above thoughts are not going to get me moving forward, forging a new more positive mind set eh?

Had a little epiphany!…My life is PERFECT (apart from my weight).
Now I know I knew this already but it really just hit home today.
I’ve chatted with a few people this week about how I’m feeling at mo & loadsov people were VERY emphatic, was nice.
One I spoke to mentioned what a struggle it was/is to meet a partner, can’t be bothered to date, just wants to skip to arvo movies and snuggles & the comfort of a relaxed strong relationship. The conversation really hit home with me, left me quite emotional. Mark & I are incredibly lucky to have each other; best friends, soul mates, lovers and all round amazing marriage!
We have each other.
We have our health.
We have a gorgeous home.
We have sufficient/surplus sustenance.
First world problems eh.
I thought I was grateful for my lot, well I really am, I know how fortunate we are, but I really should look after my fortunate position more and use my fortunate position to kick some weight loss ass and motivate some others in less fortunate positions eh?

Feeling soOo much better.
Have re-jigged dinners in meal plan.
I ALWAYS feel hard done to not cheating on a Fri pm. But I like cheating on a Sat pm!
So I have moved low carb wraps (lamb+chkn, nom!) to a Fri pm and ordered some Waldens dressing to go on them, will feel indulgent, but is totally on plan.
Sat pm is steak with cabbage mix, bacon bits and cream, which actually shouldn’t kick me out of keto, but extremely nommy! Or a cheat meal if we want, no doubt a nice glass of red will accompany whatever!
Sun pm will be stir fry, but a nice one from M&S, but more expensive but waAay more tasty than Tesco, nicely moving back to tighter keto for the week.

Had friends round for dinner; roasties, lamb, salad & a few glasses of red, with some salted caramels for dessert, nom!
VERY funny, guests didn’t care for salted caramels, never tried them before & they do have a very sweet tooth, was hilarious seeing the expressions on their faces!

Just taken delivery of months shopping, love putting it all away, feeling organised & positive for the month ahead.
Pottering kinda day, bitov prep and a leg WO at some point ahead of road trip to the Southern BNBF qualifier tom in Bognor Regis.

Any ideas/statements for formulation of my daily affirmations gratefully rec’d.
🙂 xx


2 thoughts on “I LOVE my life! :-)xx

  1. hi Hififi,
    I hope you don’t mind me saying you seem a bit all over the place at the moment with your diet and workouts? What is different this time around to the first time you got up on stage?
    Are you still hoping to compete this year?
    I would be interested to know which wraps you eat if they are low carb.

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