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Here we go again!


No weigh in
Decided not much point until I stick to the plan abit better, and that I should focus on that rather than scales.

Road trip to BNBF Southern Qualifier in Bognor Regis – It was VERY good.
Felt quite relaxed despite my size with a few people commenting that I looked like I’d changed shape, so the cycling is working.

Feeling inspired I set up a FB page!
So if you’re on FuzzBook check me out!

Cycle to+from work.
^^New weight lifting gloves ^^- are awesome! LOVE them!
Loads of energy left from the cheeky fat burners! GREAT session! Push:
DB Inc Press: 10kgsx15reps, 12×10, 14×5, 16×5, 16×5 – slowing cadence rather than weight increase, great/strong
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps, 12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 20×5 – weight increase & steady cadence, great/strong
CableX: 5kg(each stack) 5x15reps, 6.25×10, 7.5×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 7.5×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 7.5×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – great/strong
10mins Stairbitach

Cycle to+from work.
20mins Stairbiatch, just slow plodding but burnt more cals & tightened buns better than say on sofa eh!? Can’t believe I managed it actually! Really chuffed! Felt great reminded me if prep, feeling very focused/fired up!

Cycle to+from work.
DB SLDL: WarmUp = 12x15reps
14×10, 16×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 16×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 16×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – great squeeze worked hard
Rows: WarmUp = 15kgx15reps, 20x10reps, 25×10, 30×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 35×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 40×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – LOVE these! Strict form great!
Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15, 60×10, 55×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 55×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 55×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – AWESOME stretch/full ROM frickin LOVE these! BUT, new weights ‘gloves’ are rubbish for these, went old school with abitov tissue roll!
10mins Stairbiatch
GREAT session

Cycle to+from work.
20mins Stairbiatch – frickin tough, bak sore, sweated my body weight! LOVE it!
Stood chatting for ages, cooled down & lost impetus to do ab floor work & stretch.
In line with revised diet plans had low carb wraps for dinner:
VERY nommy!

Ok cheat meal, funny kinda day.

Jeeze was I tired!??!
Slept 10 hours and then dozed for another 2 whilst hubby cleaned car!
Felt soOo much better afterward tho.
Got prep done and then we popped out for a little drive again, but this time we just had sparkling water!

Weekends are still a problem for me.
I was supposed to be going for the cheat MEAL approach but that doesn’t seem to be happening/working.
So I’m heading back to Slimming World.
I need help to learn to balance and I’m not getting that on my own.
I’m happy with diet Mon-Fri just need help on learning to manage on a weekend, relaxing but eating more in line with diet.
The idea of counting my Syns as a way to help regulate the w/e appeals at mo, it’s more relaxed than I am at mo, but has boundaries too.
It’s a girl I know from the gym running the clubs now and I like her, so… We’ll see, been here before eh!?

😀 xx