Here we go again!


No weigh in
Decided not much point until I stick to the plan abit better, and that I should focus on that rather than scales.

Road trip to BNBF Southern Qualifier in Bognor Regis – It was VERY good.
Felt quite relaxed despite my size with a few people commenting that I looked like I’d changed shape, so the cycling is working.

Feeling inspired I set up a FB page!
So if you’re on FuzzBook check me out!

Cycle to+from work.
^^New weight lifting gloves ^^- are awesome! LOVE them!
Loads of energy left from the cheeky fat burners! GREAT session! Push:
DB Inc Press: 10kgsx15reps, 12×10, 14×5, 16×5, 16×5 – slowing cadence rather than weight increase, great/strong
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps, 12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 20×5 – weight increase & steady cadence, great/strong
CableX: 5kg(each stack) 5x15reps, 6.25×10, 7.5×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 7.5×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 7.5×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – great/strong
10mins Stairbitach

Cycle to+from work.
20mins Stairbiatch, just slow plodding but burnt more cals & tightened buns better than say on sofa eh!? Can’t believe I managed it actually! Really chuffed! Felt great reminded me if prep, feeling very focused/fired up!

Cycle to+from work.
DB SLDL: WarmUp = 12x15reps
14×10, 16×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 16×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 16×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – great squeeze worked hard
Rows: WarmUp = 15kgx15reps, 20x10reps, 25×10, 30×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 35×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 40×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – LOVE these! Strict form great!
Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15, 60×10, 55×5 (cadence up 1, down 3), 55×5 (cadence up 1, down 4), 55×5 (cadence up 1, down 5) – AWESOME stretch/full ROM frickin LOVE these! BUT, new weights ‘gloves’ are rubbish for these, went old school with abitov tissue roll!
10mins Stairbiatch
GREAT session

Cycle to+from work.
20mins Stairbiatch – frickin tough, bak sore, sweated my body weight! LOVE it!
Stood chatting for ages, cooled down & lost impetus to do ab floor work & stretch.
In line with revised diet plans had low carb wraps for dinner:
VERY nommy!

Ok cheat meal, funny kinda day.

Jeeze was I tired!??!
Slept 10 hours and then dozed for another 2 whilst hubby cleaned car!
Felt soOo much better afterward tho.
Got prep done and then we popped out for a little drive again, but this time we just had sparkling water!

Weekends are still a problem for me.
I was supposed to be going for the cheat MEAL approach but that doesn’t seem to be happening/working.
So I’m heading back to Slimming World.
I need help to learn to balance and I’m not getting that on my own.
I’m happy with diet Mon-Fri just need help on learning to manage on a weekend, relaxing but eating more in line with diet.
The idea of counting my Syns as a way to help regulate the w/e appeals at mo, it’s more relaxed than I am at mo, but has boundaries too.
It’s a girl I know from the gym running the clubs now and I like her, so… We’ll see, been here before eh!?

😀 xx


2 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. hi there Hififi

    Great to see you on a positive streak, love those weight lifting pads, have you joined SW yet? if you have how is it going? cant believe I only have 21 days to go until I get on the stage for the first time. hope I don’t bottle it Donna

    • Hi!
      How did you get on?
      Which comp did you do?
      Did you mention me to flick? She said one of the ladeezee mentioned my blog!
      Are you on FB?
      Liked my page?
      Please post a pic on the wall!
      😀 xx

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