BlaBla..Still abit boOoring..But I did go on my jollies!

    2nd – 8th

Had planned to be ultra good and weigh in in Cheshire on the 1st whilst visiting my M&D, BUT, I’d forgotten it was their anniversary…on the 1st! 43years! They are soOo gorgeous, still fancy each other, fabulous!
So I treated them to dinner out instead, it was fricking Dlicious! If you’re in the area check out Ciao’s
Had a loverley break with the family including a day at the Zoo, great fun, HIGHLY recommended!
I made some healthier choices but was quite relaxed too, post holiday weigh in = +1.5lb = VERY pleased with that actually! Could easily b water retention with not drinking much water combined with nomming LOTS of carbs! Not worried at all.

    8th – 15th August

Mmm, not really feeling like getting back into the swing of things particularly quickly. Didn’t stay to SW meeting tonight as picking Mark up from station as he’s been up to Newcastle to see his M&D, bitova cop out really, I knew I’d’ve gained and didn’t want to stay, he cud’ve easily got a taxi, but I did want to see him and enjoy a nice meal with him…CURRY!

Forgot to take meat outov freezer for dinner so had to swing by M&S on way home. I was hungry, NOT good, lots of nommy food jumped into my basket as I was wandering round!

Loverley nommy Full English breakii. M&S provided dinner too, slightly healthier pasta with some token salad and erm…garlic bread!

Erm..some crumpets may have jumped into our basket whilst shopping for dinner last night!

    12th – 14th

Walked to work Mon/Tues/Wed to get back into swing of things. Diet back on track tho did have a large glass of wine with dinner each evening.
Feeling loooads slimmer this week, but then realised it’s not cos I’ve lost a ton of weight off of my tummy, my boobs are bigger! Must be hormonal, certainly felt it last night!
Was good and did 30mins of foam rollaring on legs each night, Ouchy! But has helped/is helping, will definitely incorporate this into weekly training regime.

Cycled to work, knee seemed ok, but just ok, I can feel a LOT more foam rollaring is required. Think I’ll be happier walking to work rather than cycling most days.
And historically it was walking that got me my weight loss success, so…
Weigh-in = -0.5lb!!!
Totally doesn’t feel deserved after the way Mark & I led each other astray on diets at w/e but I’ll take it! 😉

Right I’m off to formulate a more inspiring blog update for you!
Have an awesome week everyone!
🙂 xx


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