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The boring bit…

Friday 20th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Saturday 21st


DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5)- felt great/strong

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets – Mmm, back up from 2 wks ago? Seems I’m stronger warmed up doin press 1st? Felt I cud almost have gone to 10 on last, but knew wundt be full ROM so stuck with 7.5 and REALLY sloOowed down

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish) – Felt great/strong

10mins stairbiatch – frickin LOVE it!


Great session

Sunday 22nd


Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/5) x3sets – Massive increase/decrease from last session! Tho noticed abs not as tight throughout CablePullyRows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5) – LOVE these! Strict form, great! SLDL: 12kgx15reps, 14×10, 16×5 x3 (all 1/1) – great mind muscle connection great squeeze 10mins stairbiatch Stretching GREAT session

Monday 23rd

Powerwalk to/frm work

Tuesday 24th

5miles cycled & legs: LegPress: 50kgx15reps x5sets (all 1/1) SumoSuat: 20kgx15reps x5sets (all 1/1) Lunges: TRX – my fat x 10reps each leg x5sets – VERY sweaty! Gonna stick with this forabit, can feel I’m letting abs go need to focus on keeping them tight throughout. Stretching Sweating LOTS & LOTS! – GREAT session!

Wednesday 25th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Thursday 26th

Hubbies Bday!

We started off ok, going for a brisk 2mile walk before our brunch of salmon & eggs.

W had a fun evening just the pair of us, but over did it on the wine…

Friday 27th

…and ended up in the gym around 9am…for a full cooked breakii! (off work).

It hit the spot and we were almost human, but we did not perform a lot of any activity!

Sat 28th

Still not a lot of activity occurring!

Sun 29th

Played at domestic goddess again!

Poached chkn beasts for week in slow cooker with fresh rosemary & thyme & stock, when chkn was done/removed them and added lentils, onion & mixed beans to stock to make a hearty broth, whilst that was bubbling away, also made tomato & basil & pea & mint soups! NOM!

Mon 30th

Still not a lot of activity occurring!

Off work, never good when I’m off.

1st – 3rd

Powerwalking to/from work resumed but diet still leaves a LOT to be desired.

The result of ‘not a lot of activity occurring’ and ‘diet leaving a LOT to be desired’ = 2.5lb gain!

But I’m ok!…read on…


Bit more interesting ponderings bit…

I’m never great with diet/exercise with time off. I like a routine and don’t do well when the parameters are removed.

So it was abitova weird week when I had a rather MASSIVE breakthrough mentally last Thursday/Friday (25th/26th) but then lost the plot and kinda celebrated my breakthough all week! LoL!

I was flicking through my SW book, thinking about my strategy for next 12weeks and contemplating trying their new(er) ExtraEasy plan.The  ExtraEasy plan allows protein, carbs and veggies to be eaten at same meal, basically 1/3 of each, whereas the old school red/green days were more like food combining, restricting one or another food group.

I was telling hubby, whilst out for our stroll, and it suddenly occurred to me that using red/green days is very much me still wanting to control my eating and be able to exclude food groups.

Up till this point I haven’t felt ready or able to think about the ExtraEasy plan, but I think I am now. ExtraEasy would force me to eat protein/carbs/veggies at each meal, and not exclude/monitor/control a food group, kinda like *EeeeKkkk* normal people do!

ExtraEasy would also make it easier for me NOT to do all my manic prep each Sun.

Whilst preparation is everything!  It’s a big part of me controlling my food and would be good for me to let go (at least for a while).

I still feel pretty awesome about this breakthrough!


Have a great week everyone

😀 xx


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