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The boring bit…

Sat 2nd + Sunday 3rd

Sure I made gym but no record(s)

Monday 4th – Friday 8th

NOT a good week.

Hubby away and I hadn’t planned and lacked motivation somewhat, don’t know why but there was lots of dominoes.

Sat 9th + Sunday 10th

I know I made gym but no record(s)

Monday 11th

Back on track, Mark home.

Thursday 14th – Monday 18th

Weighed in (in Manchester) = I lost -4lb!!!

No idea where that came from but I’ll take it!

Tho I had quite bad fluid retention in calves ankles and that has cleared, so…

Road trip to Manchester to see the stage production of Wicked with my mum+sis, AWESOME!

Had a gorgeous meal out before the show too.

I was soOo good this w/e; chose flat coffees instead of mochas at services, had bananas with me & avoided sandwiches, on both legs of the journey(+home).

Went out for an hours walk with my dad & he dog 2 days.

Took own made curry to have whilst everyone else had take out!

My reward…

Thursday 21st


Fri 22nd – to date

Had an AWESOME girls w/e on a hen do in London. We went to a burlesque club, the acts were phenomenal, and the host/compare equally so. Most of the group were on a tight budget so we stayed in a hostel! A 1st for me. I was VERY dubious, and happily VERY surprised! It was great! VERY clean and for £40 a night!

BUT, I was NOT good this w/e, have drunk faAar too much and eaten faAar too much, but Mark & I have had fun, and you’re supposed to enjoy the journey eh?!

So we won’t hold our breath for a loss this week!


Bit more interesting ponderings bit…

I have relaxed, as I said I would, and metaphorically speaking ditched the scales.

My little devil has been whispering to me re more cardio but I have restrained it to increased stairamastery at mo; 20mins on each w/e session, but I know I should be trying to get away with as little cardio as poss this far out so I still have that bullet in my arsenal. And extra cardio before getting diet more compliant is THE wrong way to do things. So I must just continue to concentrate on diet compliance. I’m made massouive leaps forward this year in the variation of foods I now have in my diet, and I know I can lose and still have a couple of glasses of wine each week.

I am noticing just how lactose intolerant I am. I can have max 1-2 milky soya coffees a day 100mls each and 1 yogurt, but they cannot be at same sitting, there must be a couple hours gap, else I get reflux.  Similarly I’ve noticed again how ANY chocolate gives me reflux! But not cheese! Phew!

To aid in my compliance/motivation across the week I got hubby to purchase some more PT sessions. I’ve got one a week until x-mas. This also is to give me ideas and help me move away from the body building type routines I’m doing which psychologically more than anything I need to break away from at mo (like diet).


Another awesome quote from those straight talking folk at Lean Bodies Consulting:

‘Am I The Only One Who Struggles?

Every so often I’ll get a client who asks me “Do you have any other clients who have such a hard time staying on plan? Am I the only one who struggles?”

So let me share this with you…EVERYONE STRUGGLES.

I have worked with lean people, obese people, rich people, and poor people and I can say without a doubt that, at some point, everyone has a tough time making it work.

The difference between those who eventually succeed and those who don’t is that they don’t give up in the face of their struggles. Instead, they decide to fight relentlessly through those struggles whether it takes a week, a month, or a year.

They fail and they start again. They fail and they start again. They fail…and eventually…they get it right.

So if you’re struggling, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. But also note of the path of those who have succeeded.

Never give up’.

– Coach Mark

😀 xx


Boring Update…October

Boring Update…October

Saturday 19th    

AWESOME session; Pull/Back. Just felt like body was working better, managed to keep abs tight on all reps/exercises & got some fantastic deep stretches too

Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/5) – YaY! Abs nice n tight & great stretch & squeeze

CablePullyRows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5), 40×10 (not full ROM just pulsing to finish) – YaY! Abs nice n tight & great stretch & squeeze

SLDL: 12kgx15reps, 14×10, 16×5 x3 (all 1/1) – YaY! Abs nice n tight & great stretch & squeeze

10mins stairbiatch


GREAT session

Sunday 20th 

Good session; Push

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5), 10×5 x2sets (1/3+1/5) – Feeling strong on these today doin em 1st as DBs all busy, PB on 10s WoopWoop!

DB Inc Press: 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/3), 16×5 (1/5) x3sets – NOT feeling great/strong on these today, tired after push on CableX, tho did increase weights on sets warming up with 12s rather than 10s so that’s ok.

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish) – Felt great/strong

10mins stairbiatch – frickin LOVE it!


Monday 21st

Hubby away all week so I made a BIG batch of pasta to satisfy comfort eating cravings but within plan. Was frickin AWESOME!

He’s taken my car so I’ll be cycling/walking to/frm work all week.

Wednesday 23rd   

Bleurgh!  I don’t feel tip top. But whilst I over ate on a late night movie snack of low fat supa noodles & quorn it was free, on SW plan & most importantly not dominoes! & that is THE only goal this week! Previously when marks been away I’ve lost the plot BIG style, so just to stick to on plan foods even if there’s a little too much of it will be massouive progress for me!

Thursday 24th  

OhMyGosh! I lost -1.5lb!!! SoOo chuffed! I really wasn’t sure what result wud b from eating pasta every night!

Friday 25th

Day off so took advantage of a quiet week day gym; Pull/Back:

Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/5), 45×5 (1/5), 40×5 (1/5) – OMG! PB!!! YaY! Abs nice n tight & great stretch & squeeze

CablePullyRows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5) – Abs nice n tight & great stretch & squeeze

SLDL: 12kgx15reps, 14×10, 16×5 x5, 18×5 x2sets (all 1/1) – YaY! Abs nice n tight & great stretch & squeeze

10mins stairbiatch


GREAT session

Sat 26th & Sun 27th  

Push on Sun – as Fri don’t recall a bad session but don’t have particulars, lets face it it’d look pretty much like last push session!

Tues 29th  

Bleughh! 40th bday today!

Had a loverley lunch up town with hubby at:

Thurs 31st  

AWOL from SW weigh in feeling a little ropey