I swear you could’ve seen my halo from the frickin space station!

BLOGPicFriday 29th

Ooops! I put +2.5lb on!

But I have been off plan for a whole week, so may not too bad actually!

But that means I’m now 5lb away from my Stone (14lb).

Saturday 30th

YaY! 100% on plan!

Short 30min walk this arvo

Nommy dinner 100% on plan

We had a LOT of roasties, but there is broccoli too…& for the 1st Sat in a LONG time we were dry!

Sunday 1st

YaY! 100% on plan!

Nommy devilled eggs on horse back style breakii type thing with BernardMatthews turkey ham – see pic. I dry fry the ham to crisp it up abit and the dip is as below – see Tues.

Sweaty PT session at gym

Homemade tom+basil soup with chkn for lunch

Amazing Aldi 99p risotto with sea bass for dinner, one of THE best risottos I’ve EVA had & diet friendly!

Monday 2nd

YaY! 100% on plan!

Walked to work & back: 1hr 20min total

Nommy dinner from freezer supplies of tomatoii chkn with aubergine & baked potato & cheesey onion kale, NOM!

Tuesday 3rd

YaY! 100% on plan!

Walked to/frm work = 1hr 20mins total

My curry for T.

Totally addicted to my new fav snack – baked egg & ham pot thingies:

I use Waitrose frozen spinach as they’re nice little discs that are soOo easy to mix into the egg (once defrosted! Rmbr to take em out night b4!)

I don’t season the egg mixture as all my black pepper seems to end up in one portion! So I season the tops before baking (20-30mins in hot oven).

I do mine each am whilst I fanny in kitchen getting breakii & lunch ready.

Line each hollow of a muffin tin/silicon with a BernardMatthews turkey ham slice – after greasing with some coconut oil.

Pour in Spinach/egg mixture and cook in a HOT oven for 20mins-ish.

The dip I have with them is 0% Greek Yog. I make a 500g pot at a time!..Cos I LOVE this dip!

Into the 500g post I pop; 2TbSp mayo (yep full fat!), 2 TbSp Frenchs Mustard & a good dash of mild curry powder, nom! (SW note: I don’t syn the mayo as the pot will do a couple of weeks and anyways you can syn whatever recipe you fancy, just telling you what I do! And whats a ‘portion’?!)

I’m not weighing/measuring it, I have as much or as little as I want/need to smother each loverly eggy pot! LOVE em/it!

Wednesday 4th

YaY! 100% on plan!

Cycled to/frm work = 40mins total

AWESOME PT session (1hr) = shattered.com!

Dinner from freezer stores again, a pasta dish to which we just added cooked mince, nice n quick n easy after PT session.

Bring on toms weigh in, I absolutely could not have done more/better this week!

Thursday 5th

YaY! 100% on plan!*

Cycled to/frm work (and abi extra to SW) = 60mins total

Gutted.com…-1lb 😦

I know a loss is a loss, but I REALLY have been 100% this week and after being so bad previous week had hoped some extra water loss would boost a MUCH higher weight loss this week, hey ho.

*Was 100% until we went to a lovely champagne and canapé evening at the garage/show room Mark gets his car serviced at. It was SUCH great fun! I got really giggly drunk and relaxed nicely after being so disappointed when I got in from slimming club. As we hadn’t officially had dinner we went to M&S on way home at 9.30pm and got more canapé style nibbles and opened a bottle of wine! 🙂

Unsurprisingly I have been a little jaded at work today! 😉



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