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I LOVE stinky green veg!

Green Veg


















14th – 20th


Mark came home Thurs and fancied a curry, I needed no encouragement! This was accompanied with a couple of beers.

Friday was Valentines day, we just stayed in with the M&S deal. This was accompanied by a bottle of red, which needed breathing time, so we had a bottle of bubbly in the meantime =!

Saturday, can’t remember! But defo accompanied by more alcohol.

Sunday, roast dinner purchased from M&S. This was accompanied by a bottle of red

Mon-Tues, Mark away, diet RUBBISH. And dinner each evening accompanied by more alcohol.

Wed, works night out. Basically alcohol accompanied by a LOT more alcohol!

Thurs, can’t remember! But defo accompanied by more alcohol.


21st – 27th

Fri, dinner heading back on plan, last glass of Pinot finished from bottle.

Sat, no bottle of wine with dinner, but GnT in hot tub pre dinner. Lunch and other meals on plan. Good progress for us given w/e’s so far this year!

Sun, AWESOME Sunday lunch out at:

WoW! Of course we had pre-dinner GnTs and wine with our meal. Breakii and pm snack on plan.

Mon – Thurs, perfectly on plan, no gym, but no alcohol either!

Walked 2.5m to work each day, not back, and no gym, but did 2hours housework Mon pm and was very productive Tues+Wed pm./ Thurs pm walked back from slimming club.


So, whilst diet has not been 100% on plan MASSIVE improvements have been made and it showed = -3lb this week! YaY!

Whilst  compliance to the plan I set myself a few weeks ago has been soOo shocking bad, I decided to make the diet easy for myself, so I have been eating a LOT of microwave ready green veg packs:

These are soOo tasty! Because they’re soOo tasty I stick to my diet and I want to eat them. I have planned another week using these and will then assess how I feel. There’s no point in planning to cook from scratch, even if it is just rinsing veg in a colander and steaming in microwave. If I create any barrier for myself sticking to diet, I run the risk of derailing, so I’m happy to go with/allow the knobs of minted butter for now (tho I think the girls in the office will be happy to see it go! 😉 )

Also this week I’m going to aim to hit the gym at least once and walk back from work as well as to.

And for the coming week that’s it. Baby steps, keep it doable.

😀 xx




Musing for future plans…








So if I’ve found the correct area of site I’ve changed the title…again!

I DEFINATELY want to complete again in the future YaY!

I have a loOong way to go but I think I can see my way to contemplating competing again, maybe in 2015!


I was a top commenter on a fellow bloggers site:

Nicola makes her living as a professional writer and I very much enjoy joy her, and her dogs, posts.

She pondered whether I might complete again, so I thought I’d link back here.

I met her through body building.


Mark and I were privileged enough to be invited to a friends wedding on 2nd Jan.

I/we met the lovely lady in question through body building.

Another good friend (and her husband) who were there too, I/we also met through body building.


I have REALLY struggled to accept my weight gain/rebound since I completed.

When combined with significant life stresses in 2011, I started to slip into depression a little (again). The combination even kept me from the above mentioned ‘another good friend’s wedding. I simply could not face a social gathering.


Since I started back at slimming world last year my weight loss has been spectacularly slow!

BUT, my mind set and relationship with/attitude to food is soOo much improved it’s a revelation!

I think we can all agree that with Mark & I being soOo loved up at the moment  my diet is faAar from strict, as we sample the delights at the lovely restaurants we’re privileged enough to be able to dine in. But the revelation is that I’m not guilty enjoying the food, which makes for really special couple times with hubby.



I have met some AWESOME people through body building!

I have made some GREAT friendships through body building!

There’s not a day I don’t think about body building!

I learnt just how focussed I can be & how hard I can train through body building!

I have fallen from the body building path the past few years, but I have leant and grown from my experiences.

I’m in no hurry. I want to get a grip on maintaining a healthy weight before I prep for a competition again.

😀 xx















I have really struggled to find what my key motivator might be to get me back on, and stay on, track to lose weight this time.

I have a wardrobe full of dresses that I have collected for the past 3 years, I can’t resist a bargain and knowing I can be a size 12 I have been a crazed shopaholic. None of them cost more than £20, but I do have 70 of them, no, that’s not a typo… SEVENTY!!!

I have a bed full of shoes that I have collected for the past 3 years, (it’s a lifty up storage bed). None of them cost more than £10, but I do have 70 of them, no, that’s not a typo… SEVENTY!!!

But neither of the hordes seem to be motivation enough?

But I think I’ve found ‘IT’… my eternity ring!

I’ve always been under the impression that you get to receive your eternity ring either on the birth of your first child or your 10 year anniversary. Therefore being VERY happily childless I’d always looked forward to receiving mine on our 10 year anniversary.

Here’s the thing, I’m currently too overweight to be able to try rings on. My wedding & engagement rings are going no-where, no way I could get them off!

So THATs my motivation, if I want to enjoy the experience of shopping for and trying on rings I need to slim down…*rushes off to print pretty pictures for motivational wall*

😀 xx


So…I had/have a plan…

So…I had/have a plan…

The lady who trained me for my comp has started training with Joe Klemczewski aka thedietdoc:

So I thought if it’s good enough for her, that’s good enough for me!

The book is very readable, he has a nice relaxed style, not too technical.

In it he explains the DietDocs RX, which is a table giving protein, carb and fat gram parameters for male and female and height ranges.  I’m 5’2” and mine are: P = 70-90g  C = 90-120g  F = 25-30g

1st I worked out my current diet.. double recommended P+F and half recommended Carbs! And I thought I was doing well on the carb front!

So my new plan looks like this:





PreBreakii Banana




  Coffee – 200ml Soya




Breakii Egg Cups




  80ml EggWhites




  120g SweetPotato








  6 slices Ham




  50g 0%




Snack 50g 0%




  5g Pper












Lunch 90g Chkn












  10g Nuts




  FF Dressing




Snack 1/2 Pancake (25g)












Dinner 60g Chkn




















These are quite rough measurements/calculations, I’ll see how I go for a couple of weeks appetite and weight loss wise and assess whether/when I need to tighten things up.

The 200ml soya does 4 coffees throughout day, not one HUGE milky coffee!

The pancake is a protein pancake mix of which we have quite a surplus and so I wanted to try to work into diet.

😀 xx

Boring Jan Summary/Catch Up











1st – 9th

Just easing into the swing of things.

Got a lovely surprise bonus from work which I put towards a new bike!

OhMyLife! I don’t think I’m supposed to be cycling! The 1st bike didn’t seem right on the gear changes, so it was returned for ‘tweaking’. Even worse! So back it went for an exchange. No better! So back it went…for a refund! I’m now on hubbies, but it’s a Marin, lovely bike but a 17” frame and abit too big for me, but will do till we decide way forward.

 10th – 16th

The week started well after weigh in, as I’d taken an on plan pasta dish out of freezer ready to microwave as I know I’m quite hungry when I get in from slimming club.

Friday started to slip as hubby started adding things to dinner that weren’t unhealthy/bad fats but extra fats non-the-less that I wasn’t in control of

Saturday had gone well, very productive day and on plan until an unexpected dinner invitation from a neighbour, again food I was not in control of & I know I over ate/drank, but I did enjoy myself!

Sunday same as Sat started very productive but then lunch at Nando’s…I ate ALL the skin!

Monday Mark was off, working away for the week, I skived gym and binged on Domino’s behind closed doors each night!


I watched an awesome YouTube video of one of Chris Powell’s Extreme Weight Loss Transformations and she has really inspired me, it’s a great visual reminder just to stick to the plan/goals, she lost 200lb/14+Stone in 1YEAR!!! I’m only trying, no trying is a negative word it implies there’s the option to not do/fail, I’m only aiming to lose a 1/4 of that, come on Fiona get your shit together!

Wednesday I made it to gym and REALLY enjoyed it! And lovely to catch up with peeps too.

17th – 19th

Feeling soOo more focussed!

Hubby was home Thurs and we had the dinner I should’ve eaten thru the week!

Fri I stayed strong and declined hubby adding any extras to dinner.

Sat was an extremely productive day, getting some jobs around the house done. We shared a bottle of red at dinner but food was ‘free’ on my eating plan so all good here.

Sun had a nice lazy am catching up on Sherlock then we headed out for a drive and a late lunch. We ended up at a fabulous hotel but having not called ahead to check couldn’t dine as they were full booked. So we headed home to a familiar reliable haunt and had the most amazing dinner! We had 3 courses and a couple of units of alcohol each, maybe not as on plan as I could have been, but calorie wise across the day, we only had 2 meals, so I think I’ll be ok, and we had such a lovely time out together.

 20th – 23rd

Hubby’s away but I’m back on ‘it’ YaY!

Gym: Mon – Legs, Tues – Push & Wed – Pull

Stuck to diet too! Go me!

Thurs weigh in yielded a ridiculous -7lb! BUT, I did cheat the weigh in last week… I got drenched in torrential rain on my bike and weighed in with ALL my gear on! So 7lb included a LOT of water soaked clothing!

 24th -26th

Hubby was home Thurs. Fri took a half day with hubby and we headed out for dinner in the Oak room at: …Stunning! Speechless!

Sat was a bit of a mix of a day, some productivity in the am and then I had a massage in the arvo.

In the pm we had friends over for dinner which included wine but food was ‘free’ on my eating plan, I made a curry NOM!

Sun was a MASSIVELY productive day doing a session of batch cooking. We have guest staying this coming w/e so I wanted to prep some food ready for the week after. A nice lazy arvo/pm tho catching up on Startreck: …good romp and of course a fix of Benedict Cumberbatch!

27th – 30th

Hubby away but back on ‘it’ again YaY!

Gym: Mon – Legs, Tues – Push & Wed – Pull

Stuck to diet again too! Go me!

 31st – 6th

Diet dreadful but VERY enjoyable w/e with friends visiting.

After they arrived Fri PM we headed out for some dinner:  (SG1 fans will note the HUGE light fittings in reception look like transporter rings!)

Previous visits to Brooklands have shown the restaurant to cater to the corporate clientele that visit thru the week, and that the food didn’t really stand up on it’s own for folk visiting of a w/e. But the defo have a new chef, cos the food was the best we’ve had in the 5 years we’ve been going there, which is nice, cos it’s soOo convenient we want it to be good and to want to go there.

Saturday the sun peaked out for a little while so we headed out for a stroll to

Which then led to lunch across the road at: I was naughty and had both pizza and tiramisu! Dinner that evening was Chinese!

Sunday continued the slippery slope!…We headed over to Kent to pick up my ‘new’ (to me) bike purchased from Ebay, it’s the same as hubby’s, that I’ve been using for a couple of weeks, but a 15.5” frame rather than 17”. Whilst there we visited a local hostelry  for a tremendous roast dinner and a tasty pint of Black Sheep bitter HIGHLY recommend their hospitality.

Monday Mark was away for the week again, I skived gym and binged on Domino’s behind closed doors each night!…again! FFS!!!

But I have a plan and am VERY excited…

😀 xx