I LOVE stinky green veg!

Green Veg


















14th – 20th


Mark came home Thurs and fancied a curry, I needed no encouragement! This was accompanied with a couple of beers.

Friday was Valentines day, we just stayed in with the M&S deal. This was accompanied by a bottle of red, which needed breathing time, so we had a bottle of bubbly in the meantime = Wankered.com!

Saturday, can’t remember! But defo accompanied by more alcohol.

Sunday, roast dinner purchased from M&S. This was accompanied by a bottle of red

Mon-Tues, Mark away, diet RUBBISH. And dinner each evening accompanied by more alcohol.

Wed, works night out. Basically alcohol accompanied by a LOT more alcohol!

Thurs, can’t remember! But defo accompanied by more alcohol.


21st – 27th

Fri, dinner heading back on plan, last glass of Pinot finished from bottle.

Sat, no bottle of wine with dinner, but GnT in hot tub pre dinner. Lunch and other meals on plan. Good progress for us given w/e’s so far this year!

Sun, AWESOME Sunday lunch out at: http://www.dorchestercollection.com/en/ascot/coworth-park?gclid=CL3qp5L57rwCFeXKtAodREIAZA

WoW! Of course we had pre-dinner GnTs and wine with our meal. Breakii and pm snack on plan.

Mon – Thurs, perfectly on plan, no gym, but no alcohol either!

Walked 2.5m to work each day, not back, and no gym, but did 2hours housework Mon pm and was very productive Tues+Wed pm./ Thurs pm walked back from slimming club.


So, whilst diet has not been 100% on plan MASSIVE improvements have been made and it showed = -3lb this week! YaY!

Whilst  compliance to the plan I set myself a few weeks ago has been soOo shocking bad, I decided to make the diet easy for myself, so I have been eating a LOT of microwave ready green veg packs: http://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Minted-Green-Vegetables-Waitrose/65159011?from=search&tags&param=green+veg&parentContainer=SEARCHgreen+veg_SHELFVIEW

These are soOo tasty! Because they’re soOo tasty I stick to my diet and I want to eat them. I have planned another week using these and will then assess how I feel. There’s no point in planning to cook from scratch, even if it is just rinsing veg in a colander and steaming in microwave. If I create any barrier for myself sticking to diet, I run the risk of derailing, so I’m happy to go with/allow the knobs of minted butter for now (tho I think the girls in the office will be happy to see it go! 😉 )

Also this week I’m going to aim to hit the gym at least once and walk back from work as well as to.

And for the coming week that’s it. Baby steps, keep it doable.

😀 xx




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