To blog or not to blog









I was thinking of ditching the blogging completely! 😦

  1. I’m rubbish! – I really am no writer, I bore myself FFS! 😦
  2. I REALLY don’t get on with the formatting on here! It’s just awful! 😦

I can just about manage on the PC, but then that’s at work, and in my lunchtine I’m actually hungry!

And on the iPad it’s waAay worse! 😦


I have checked my FB page and I’m not set up to have documents saved on my page.

So the blog stays for random updates and thoughts I feel like sharing, but otherwise no!

FB is just soOo user friendly from all mobile/apple devices and I am quite a FB addict so updating regularly there is no chore, it feels easy/comfortable, WP does not! 😦

Please do come follow me for all my boring and some not so boring posts on FB, my page is: No-body plan to fail, they just fail to plan.


😀 xx



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