Who is Fifi

Fiona Mackenzie or Fi.

A sexy fiery VERY happily married blond with OCD, LOL!

I am one of the extremely lucky people on this planet to have found their soul mate (again!). Mark & I have THE most amazing partnership & neither of us feels complete without the other. Words cannot describe how much I love him, my best friend & lover.

I lost 3.5St in 7 months to compete in my first (& only) body building competition in 2010; BNBF Centrals in St Albans in the Physique catagory.

A house extension/renovation from Sept 2010 to April 2011, a broken big toe in May 2011 and a potential Australian move in Nov 2011 saw me gain back the 3.5St and some!

So now life and the house are back to normal and I can think about embarking on the removal of 5St of blubber with some positivity and enthusiasm.





3 thoughts on “Who is Fifi

  1. I love how mushy you still are about Mark ;D reminds me of all those years ago when you were waiting for the BIG question hehe.

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