Competing History (2010)

Casual Front Comparison

Relaxed Front Comparison

Front Posed

Side Posed

Back Posed

The before pics are Jan 2010 and the afters are July 2010.

I competed in the Physique catagory with the BNBF at the Central qualifier in St Albans.

I came 4th outov 5, so at least I wasn’t last! But didn’t qualify for finals which I really wanted to do.

I was helped in my prep by a Pro who took pity on my struggles seeing parralels with her own experiences.

I lost 3.5St in the 7months, UK size16 to 10.

I was so depleted from eatin near zero carbs in the run up to comp I put on 1Stone in the week post comp!!!???!!!

A lot of that would’ve been water replenished in the muscles with the increased carb/glycogen stores, I was still size 10 (having been 16).

Everyone‘ said have a project to do after comp to replace all the hours of training and give another focus, so not being a couple to do things by halves, we decided to build an extension and completely renovate the house!

Minus a kitchen for best part of a year, myself with a history of eating disorders, and with all the stress we were under, we needed no encouragement to comfort eat our way through the VERY stressful works, hence the 5St gain in 18months!!!

I calm myself and satisfy my OCD by pottering & tidying, but I had NO house to do that in, my new kitchen was in boxes in the L/rm for 6months, the restov the house was in our master+3rd box room and we were living in the guest/2nd bedroom. Every night there was some decision or problem to be sorted.

It got very stressful.

I dropped training not cos I didn’t want to/couldn’t go but stoopidly because I had no house to organise gym gear/washing/drying in!!??!!

It got VERY stressful.

I have blood sugar management ‘issues’ and I need to eat every 2-4 hours, which a BBing lifestyle suits very well…But NOT 2 beef+stilton sarnies from Tesco!!??!!

It got VERY stressful!

The works were 99% complete July last year. Then I broke my toe 😦 perfect exscuse to continue the hideous eating & drinking habits. Then Mark had the potential to work in Oz!… perfect exscuse to continue the hideous eating & drinking habits! We went on a 3 week ‘holiday’ in Nov 2011 to check out the opportunity, ultimately deciding it was not for us.

You can’t start a new prog before x-mas… but quite why it took untill August 2012, a whole 2 years after competing, to get my/our act(s)together I’m not quite sure!?!


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