Phase 1 Analysis & Phase 2 Game Plan


EEeeKKkk! That’s the 1st phase over!
I’m pretty disappointed with myself, but I beat myself up really well most of the time, so I’m going to focus on/re-cap on the positives and the plan for phase 2.
I will NOT be posting pics or stats, as they are worse than at start! 😦
BUT, I have formulated a plan, and been through lots of thought processes this 12 weeks, and had I not been keeping this blog I might not have even got that/this far.

This 1st phase has very much been a discovery phase. I’ve looked into lots of different diet/exercise approaches in an effort to find something that I think I may be able to do for the rest of my life.
I know I can get slim, I’d just rather not do it on 1000 cals and 2 hours cardio a day again, as i did for comp prep in 2010, as I/no-one can’t/can maintain that!
There’s a lot of buzz that I’ve picked up on surrounding being healthy & eating LOTS of clean cals and doing VERY little cardio – and the cardio that is performed is most definitely HITT (HighIntensityIntervalTraining) and not hours of SS (SteadyState).

Having not accomplished what I had hoped in this 1st phase I feel that I now would benefit to work with a trainer.
I keep thinking I can do it myself, I do know all the information, but it hasn’t worked out.
So do I continue, persisting, wasting time, or do I enlist a kick up the arse!?…
I’m 40 in October and would be extremely disappointed to still be size 18/20 and 14St.

I’ve been very interested to explore Poliquin training and diet principles:
His blog articles are a hive of great info:
I was particularly interested in his body fat/hormonal analysis:
I found local practitioners; and met with James Smith for an assessment.
The nutrition foundations are not dis-similar to The Smarter Science of Slim, but a little more hard core including steak (&nuts) for breakfast!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’m only 27% body fat. Most of the inferior assessment methods I’ve tried previously/lately have had me closer to 40%, which I hadn’t thought unreasonable!
So I must have more muscle mass than I thought, YaY!
The hormonal analysis showed my main issue to be Environmental estrogens/poor detoxification. This is not just that I’m taking excess in but that my body, at the moment, has issues removing these excess hormones/toxins from my system.
The way to help it deal with this is to:
· Drink lots of water – 3-4L p/day, which I do, but I must start filtering it.
· Eat lots of veggies – which I do, but I must stop nuking them in the microwave!
I have a 2 week bootcamp to start my new regime, which is planned for the 29th after next pay day and bulk food purchasing.

I’ll remind you again of;
Make sure you listen to the podcasts!
Their new initiative is a not for profit educational promo, a fabulous video!
Their slogan is ‘Eat More, Exercise Less’. With the main take away points being that we should not be eating ANY refined carbohydrates or sugar, but eating LOTS of non-starchy veggies, protein and some fats. The hours of cardio we’ve been conned into performing is erroneous and the book details a 10minute weight training routine to help activate our metabolisms. DO buy the book, it’s well worth it.

🙂 xx

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