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I LOVE stinky green veg!

Green Veg


















14th – 20th


Mark came home Thurs and fancied a curry, I needed no encouragement! This was accompanied with a couple of beers.

Friday was Valentines day, we just stayed in with the M&S deal. This was accompanied by a bottle of red, which needed breathing time, so we had a bottle of bubbly in the meantime = Wankered.com!

Saturday, can’t remember! But defo accompanied by more alcohol.

Sunday, roast dinner purchased from M&S. This was accompanied by a bottle of red

Mon-Tues, Mark away, diet RUBBISH. And dinner each evening accompanied by more alcohol.

Wed, works night out. Basically alcohol accompanied by a LOT more alcohol!

Thurs, can’t remember! But defo accompanied by more alcohol.


21st – 27th

Fri, dinner heading back on plan, last glass of Pinot finished from bottle.

Sat, no bottle of wine with dinner, but GnT in hot tub pre dinner. Lunch and other meals on plan. Good progress for us given w/e’s so far this year!

Sun, AWESOME Sunday lunch out at: http://www.dorchestercollection.com/en/ascot/coworth-park?gclid=CL3qp5L57rwCFeXKtAodREIAZA

WoW! Of course we had pre-dinner GnTs and wine with our meal. Breakii and pm snack on plan.

Mon – Thurs, perfectly on plan, no gym, but no alcohol either!

Walked 2.5m to work each day, not back, and no gym, but did 2hours housework Mon pm and was very productive Tues+Wed pm./ Thurs pm walked back from slimming club.


So, whilst diet has not been 100% on plan MASSIVE improvements have been made and it showed = -3lb this week! YaY!

Whilst  compliance to the plan I set myself a few weeks ago has been soOo shocking bad, I decided to make the diet easy for myself, so I have been eating a LOT of microwave ready green veg packs: http://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Minted-Green-Vegetables-Waitrose/65159011?from=search&tags&param=green+veg&parentContainer=SEARCHgreen+veg_SHELFVIEW

These are soOo tasty! Because they’re soOo tasty I stick to my diet and I want to eat them. I have planned another week using these and will then assess how I feel. There’s no point in planning to cook from scratch, even if it is just rinsing veg in a colander and steaming in microwave. If I create any barrier for myself sticking to diet, I run the risk of derailing, so I’m happy to go with/allow the knobs of minted butter for now (tho I think the girls in the office will be happy to see it go! 😉 )

Also this week I’m going to aim to hit the gym at least once and walk back from work as well as to.

And for the coming week that’s it. Baby steps, keep it doable.

😀 xx




I swear you could’ve seen my halo from the frickin space station!

BLOGPicFriday 29th

Ooops! I put +2.5lb on!

But I have been off plan for a whole week, so may not too bad actually!

But that means I’m now 5lb away from my Stone (14lb).

Saturday 30th

YaY! 100% on plan!

Short 30min walk this arvo

Nommy dinner 100% on plan

We had a LOT of roasties, but there is broccoli too…& for the 1st Sat in a LONG time we were dry!

Sunday 1st

YaY! 100% on plan!

Nommy devilled eggs on horse back style breakii type thing with BernardMatthews turkey ham – see pic. I dry fry the ham to crisp it up abit and the dip is as below – see Tues.

Sweaty PT session at gym

Homemade tom+basil soup with chkn for lunch

Amazing Aldi 99p risotto with sea bass for dinner, one of THE best risottos I’ve EVA had & diet friendly!

Monday 2nd

YaY! 100% on plan!

Walked to work & back: 1hr 20min total

Nommy dinner from freezer supplies of tomatoii chkn with aubergine & baked potato & cheesey onion kale, NOM!

Tuesday 3rd

YaY! 100% on plan!

Walked to/frm work = 1hr 20mins total

My curry for T.

Totally addicted to my new fav snack – baked egg & ham pot thingies:

I use Waitrose frozen spinach as they’re nice little discs that are soOo easy to mix into the egg (once defrosted! Rmbr to take em out night b4!)

I don’t season the egg mixture as all my black pepper seems to end up in one portion! So I season the tops before baking (20-30mins in hot oven).

I do mine each am whilst I fanny in kitchen getting breakii & lunch ready.

Line each hollow of a muffin tin/silicon with a BernardMatthews turkey ham slice – after greasing with some coconut oil.

Pour in Spinach/egg mixture and cook in a HOT oven for 20mins-ish.

The dip I have with them is 0% Greek Yog. I make a 500g pot at a time!..Cos I LOVE this dip!

Into the 500g post I pop; 2TbSp mayo (yep full fat!), 2 TbSp Frenchs Mustard & a good dash of mild curry powder, nom! (SW note: I don’t syn the mayo as the pot will do a couple of weeks and anyways you can syn whatever recipe you fancy, just telling you what I do! And whats a ‘portion’?!)

I’m not weighing/measuring it, I have as much or as little as I want/need to smother each loverly eggy pot! LOVE em/it!

Wednesday 4th

YaY! 100% on plan!

Cycled to/frm work = 40mins total

AWESOME PT session (1hr) = shattered.com!

Dinner from freezer stores again, a pasta dish to which we just added cooked mince, nice n quick n easy after PT session.

Bring on toms weigh in, I absolutely could not have done more/better this week!

Thursday 5th

YaY! 100% on plan!*

Cycled to/frm work (and abi extra to SW) = 60mins total

Gutted.com…-1lb 😦

I know a loss is a loss, but I REALLY have been 100% this week and after being so bad previous week had hoped some extra water loss would boost a MUCH higher weight loss this week, hey ho.

*Was 100% until we went to a lovely champagne and canapé evening at the garage/show room Mark gets his car serviced at. It was SUCH great fun! I got really giggly drunk and relaxed nicely after being so disappointed when I got in from slimming club. As we hadn’t officially had dinner we went to M&S on way home at 9.30pm and got more canapé style nibbles and opened a bottle of wine! 🙂

Unsurprisingly I have been a little jaded at work today! 😉


WootWoot! Got my 1st award!

Half Stone






The boring bit…

Friday 4th  

Powerwalk to/frm work

Saturday 5th  


DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5)- felt great/strong

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish)

10mins stairbiatch


Great session

Sunday 6th


Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/5) x3sets – still feeling strong and managing to keep abs tight throughout, with some concentration!
CablePullyRows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5)

SLDL: 12kgx15reps, 14×10, 16×5 x3 (all 1/1) – great mind muscle connection great squeeze
10mins stairbiatch
GREAT session

Monday 7th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Tuesday 8th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Wednesday 9th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Thursday 10th 

OMG!!!! I lost 3.5lb!!! and got my ½ stone (7lb) award!


Celebrated with some butter on my baked potato at dinner and a little on my blueberry protein pancake for pud!

Friday 11th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Sat 12th


DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5, 20×5 (1/5- WoopWoop PB!!!

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish)

10mins stairbiatch


Great session

Enjoyed some Sushi for lunch, NOM!

Awesome cheat meal for dinner; steak & chips from our beloved M&S and a delish bottle of red from Aldi!

Sun 13th

Played at domestic goddess; Poached chicken breasts for week in slow cooker as usual and then made spicy parsnip soup with stock, NOM!

Mon 14th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Tues 15th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Wed 16th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Played at domestic goddess again! Roast chicken dinner with SW friendly roasties, NOM!

Thurs 17th

Cycle to/frm work

– 1/2lb – that’s fine….


Bit more interesting ponderings bit…

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed with just 1/2lb loss, I know it’s a loss & not a gain, but…

I’m starting to get anxious about/focused on the scales and weigh in, don’t like feeling like that, I haven’t for this past 12 weeks. Just focussed on the programme and being as compliant as I feel able.

So I’m going back to ‘that’, ditching the scales, metaphorically speaking, I’ll still weigh in each week, but I am only going to think about sticking to the plan. The scales will say what they will say, so long as when I stand on them each week I can feel confident in my compliance to the programme and that the weight loss will come if I just remain compliant, a la: https://hififi.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/what-a-difference-a-day-makes/


Plenty of women have lost and are maintaining amazing weight losses faAar in excess of what I hope to achieve, so there is no reason why it won’t happen for me. I’ve only been on the ExtraEasy plan for 2 weeks, I need to focus on that and it does still take abitov concentration/planning for me.

Another awesome quote from those straight talking folk at Lean Bodies Consulting:

Fat Loss “Winning Formulas”

You can’t really say a protocol or diet/training strategy worked or was ‘successful’ or you found a winning formula or that you got great results from it – ie. tons of cardio, low cals, low carbs – just because you got in shape and looked good on your chosen day.

Were you able to maintain and sustain it? Close to it? What happened after the fact?

Something that WORKS doesn’t just work in the short term, it just works period. An approach that is successful certainly doesn’t come with consequences that make it harder to achieve next time.

A ‘winning’ strategy provides results that are maintainable with a plan that is sustainable. If you flat out CAN’T maintain it and the methodology is not sustainable, it’s not a winning strategy. In fact, I’d call it a losing strategy, regardless of the short-term outcome because it winds up making things worse, even under the guise of apparent short-term success.

 Think bigger picture.

 – Erik’

Boy do I know this 1st hand.

I got in the bestest shape of my life when I completed in 2010 but it was a tough ask. I didn’t learn healthy eating habits, I learnt extreme eating habits.

I don’t regret what I did, faAar from it.

The brief I gave my trainer was clear and in the time we had she worked frickin miracles!

Had it not been for that experience I might never have stepped in stage this lifetime (being unsure whether it is in my future again or not).

Had it not been for that experience I would not know what I could be. I hope to attain a similar condition again, but this time at a MUCH slower pace, no deadline pressures and with LOTS of fun thrown in!

To that end I’ve altered/will be altering the title/description of this blog.

I most definitely will NOT be stepping on stage next year.

I need time to reach and maintain a healthy weight/balance, then and only then will I contemplate competing again.


Have a great week everyone

😀 xx






Do vs say




















The boring bit…

Friday 20th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Saturday 21st


DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5)- felt great/strong

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets – Mmm, back up from 2 wks ago? Seems I’m stronger warmed up doin press 1st? Felt I cud almost have gone to 10 on last, but knew wundt be full ROM so stuck with 7.5 and REALLY sloOowed down

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish) – Felt great/strong

10mins stairbiatch – frickin LOVE it!


Great session

Sunday 22nd


Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/5) x3sets – Massive increase/decrease from last session! Tho noticed abs not as tight throughout CablePullyRows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5) – LOVE these! Strict form, great! SLDL: 12kgx15reps, 14×10, 16×5 x3 (all 1/1) – great mind muscle connection great squeeze 10mins stairbiatch Stretching GREAT session

Monday 23rd

Powerwalk to/frm work

Tuesday 24th

5miles cycled & legs: LegPress: 50kgx15reps x5sets (all 1/1) SumoSuat: 20kgx15reps x5sets (all 1/1) Lunges: TRX – my fat x 10reps each leg x5sets – VERY sweaty! Gonna stick with this forabit, can feel I’m letting abs go need to focus on keeping them tight throughout. Stretching Sweating LOTS & LOTS! – GREAT session!

Wednesday 25th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Thursday 26th

Hubbies Bday!

We started off ok, going for a brisk 2mile walk before our brunch of salmon & eggs.

W had a fun evening just the pair of us, but over did it on the wine…

Friday 27th

…and ended up in the gym around 9am…for a full cooked breakii! (off work).

It hit the spot and we were almost human, but we did not perform a lot of any activity!

Sat 28th

Still not a lot of activity occurring!

Sun 29th

Played at domestic goddess again!

Poached chkn beasts for week in slow cooker with fresh rosemary & thyme & stock, when chkn was done/removed them and added lentils, onion & mixed beans to stock to make a hearty broth, whilst that was bubbling away, also made tomato & basil & pea & mint soups! NOM!

Mon 30th

Still not a lot of activity occurring!

Off work, never good when I’m off.

1st – 3rd

Powerwalking to/from work resumed but diet still leaves a LOT to be desired.

The result of ‘not a lot of activity occurring’ and ‘diet leaving a LOT to be desired’ = 2.5lb gain!

But I’m ok!…read on…


Bit more interesting ponderings bit…

I’m never great with diet/exercise with time off. I like a routine and don’t do well when the parameters are removed.

So it was abitova weird week when I had a rather MASSIVE breakthrough mentally last Thursday/Friday (25th/26th) but then lost the plot and kinda celebrated my breakthough all week! LoL!

I was flicking through my SW book, thinking about my strategy for next 12weeks and contemplating trying their new(er) ExtraEasy plan.The  ExtraEasy plan allows protein, carbs and veggies to be eaten at same meal, basically 1/3 of each, whereas the old school red/green days were more like food combining, restricting one or another food group.

I was telling hubby, whilst out for our stroll, and it suddenly occurred to me that using red/green days is very much me still wanting to control my eating and be able to exclude food groups.

Up till this point I haven’t felt ready or able to think about the ExtraEasy plan, but I think I am now. ExtraEasy would force me to eat protein/carbs/veggies at each meal, and not exclude/monitor/control a food group, kinda like *EeeeKkkk* normal people do!

ExtraEasy would also make it easier for me NOT to do all my manic prep each Sun.

Whilst preparation is everything!  It’s a big part of me controlling my food and would be good for me to let go (at least for a while).

I still feel pretty awesome about this breakthrough!


Have a great week everyone

😀 xx

Still not the most riviting writing eva!


The boring bit:

9th – 22nd


No gym, wine most nights, plenty sugary treats = -1.5lb!

I’ll take it but will also not rely on my method(s)!

23rd – 29th

– 0.5lb, very happy with that!


1st night back in gym for a month & I choose Legs!

LegPress: 50kgx15reps x5sets

Lunges: TRX has disappeared in refit!  just my fat as 10reps each leg, than something twinged!  SumoSuat: 22kgx10reps x5sets – really strict form, concentrating on keeping abs tight whole time, twinge doesn’t seem to b serious

5mins starbiatch


Sweating LOTS & LOTS! – GREAT session!

30th – 5th

Meh, -0.5lb



Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps, 65×10, 60×5 (1/5), 55×5 (1/5), 50×5 (1/5) – AWESOME stretch/full ROM frickin LOVE these!

Rows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/1), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5) – LOVE these! Strict form great!

SLDL: 10kgx15reps, 12×12, 14×10, 16×8, 18×6 – WoopWoop! Hammies felt strong, but grip gave out  must get some straps

6mins stairbiatch


GREAT session



DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5)- felt great/strong

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets – Great! strong

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish) – OweeEee! great/strong

6mins stairbiatch


Great session

Last blog I was going to post about the 5:2 diet.

My mum+sis have had great success with it and I thought It could help boost my efforts. But I tried a couple of low carb days as a tester and it did not go well! (hence the pic for the post)

I still think it could be a great solution for many though:



The other thing I’d like to share is a group on FB – Lean Body Consulting:


These guys talk a LOT of sense including:

A lot of people get tied to the idea of losing “X number of pounds per week” when, in reality, we don’t really have any influence over how much weight our body decides to lose at all.


The only thing we do have influence over is the BEHAVIORS responsible for bringing about those outcomes.


So there are really three lessons here…


1)      While it will never seem fast enough, if you’re making any progress (regardless of how small it is)

it is still good progress.


2)      Focus on the things you can control (behaviours) and stop fixating on the things you can’t (outcomes).

      Do those things (the things you can control – behaviours) with

      relentless consistency.


3)      Be patient.

       If you’re doing what you need to do, and the results are

       coming slowly, you will eventually reach your goal.

       But it is going to take time.

       Accept this’

Have a great week y’all!

😀 xx

BlaBla..Still abit boOoring..But I did go on my jollies!

    2nd – 8th

Had planned to be ultra good and weigh in in Cheshire on the 1st whilst visiting my M&D, BUT, I’d forgotten it was their anniversary…on the 1st! 43years! They are soOo gorgeous, still fancy each other, fabulous!
So I treated them to dinner out instead, it was fricking Dlicious! If you’re in the area check out Ciao’s http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g528793-d1316275-r72277740-Ciao_Restaurant-Stockport_Greater_Manchester_England.html
Had a loverley break with the family including a day at the Zoo, great fun, HIGHLY recommended! http://www.chesterzoo.org/?gclid=CKXk3aWr_7gCFcTItAod6nsAqg
I made some healthier choices but was quite relaxed too, post holiday weigh in = +1.5lb = VERY pleased with that actually! Could easily b water retention with not drinking much water combined with nomming LOTS of carbs! Not worried at all.

    8th – 15th August

Mmm, not really feeling like getting back into the swing of things particularly quickly. Didn’t stay to SW meeting tonight as picking Mark up from station as he’s been up to Newcastle to see his M&D, bitova cop out really, I knew I’d’ve gained and didn’t want to stay, he cud’ve easily got a taxi, but I did want to see him and enjoy a nice meal with him…CURRY!

Forgot to take meat outov freezer for dinner so had to swing by M&S on way home. I was hungry, NOT good, lots of nommy food jumped into my basket as I was wandering round!

Loverley nommy Full English breakii. M&S provided dinner too, slightly healthier pasta with some token salad and erm…garlic bread!

Erm..some crumpets may have jumped into our basket whilst shopping for dinner last night!

    12th – 14th

Walked to work Mon/Tues/Wed to get back into swing of things. Diet back on track tho did have a large glass of wine with dinner each evening.
Feeling loooads slimmer this week, but then realised it’s not cos I’ve lost a ton of weight off of my tummy, my boobs are bigger! Must be hormonal, certainly felt it last night!
Was good and did 30mins of foam rollaring on legs each night, Ouchy! But has helped/is helping, will definitely incorporate this into weekly training regime.

Cycled to work, knee seemed ok, but just ok, I can feel a LOT more foam rollaring is required. Think I’ll be happier walking to work rather than cycling most days.
And historically it was walking that got me my weight loss success, so…
Weigh-in = -0.5lb!!!
Totally doesn’t feel deserved after the way Mark & I led each other astray on diets at w/e but I’ll take it! 😉

Right I’m off to formulate a more inspiring blog update for you!
Have an awesome week everyone!
🙂 xx

BlaBlaBla..Long, boOoring update..

More a diary record for myself than anything. Honestly can’t remember what I did this last month, thank goodness for FB!
Don’t forget to check out and like my page if you haven’t already: https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-body-plans-to-fail-they-just-fail-to-plan/312636932204330

    1st July – 4th July

Apparently bit hit n miss on bike and gym.
1st weigh in at SW I do remember though. Will be attending on a Thursday PM so should tie in nicely for Friday/weekend blog updates.

    4th July – 11th July

1st week went VERY well with a loss of 3lb!
Got back into the swing of the diet quite well though did go over my ‘syns’ quite a bit.
Didn’t realise for those not initiated into the ways of SW that I hadn’t explained ‘Syns’, apologies.
They are naughty food points that you count. They are called ‘Syns’ rather than Sins as they are not to be thought of as bad, rather that they SYNergistically complete your diet so that you’ll stay on track and not lose the plot big time…like what I had been doing.
This 1st w/e I didn’t plan my Syns but I did count them. I just ate what I wanted but kept a record.
Ideally you’re supposed to spread them out having between 5-15 a day, though my brain does not forget that a bottle of plonk is 27 Syns!
The 3lb loss was achieved with 128 Syns, so 58 over the recommended 70 for the week!

Even made the gym a few times too!

Fri 5th
DB SLDL: 12x15reps (cadence up 1, down 1), 12×10 (up 1, down 3), 12×5 (up 1, down 5), 14×5 (up 1, down 5), 16×5 (up 1, down 5) – great squeeze worked hard despite not getting DBs I wanted at times I wanted
Rows: 15kgx15reps (up 1, down 1), 20×10 (up 1, down 5), 25×5 (up 1, down 5), 30×5 (up 1, down 5), 35×5 (up 1, down 5) – LOVE these! Strict form great!
Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (up 1, down 3), 60×10 (up 1, down 3), 50×5 (up 1, down 5), 50×5 (up 1, down 5), 50×5 (up 1, down 5) – AWESOME stretch/full ROM frickin LOVE these! + decrease of 5kg assist on last 3 sets! Fly Fifi fly!

Tuesday 9th
CableX: 5kg(each stack) 5x15reps (up 1, down 1), 6.25×10(up 1, down 3), 7.5×10 (up 1, down 4), 10×5 (up 1, down 5), 5×15 (up 1, down 1) – OweeEee! great/strong
DB Inc Press: 12kgsx15reps (up 1, down 1), 12×10 (up 1, down 3) 12×10 (up 1, down 4), 14×5 (up 1, down 5) 16×5 (up 1, down 5) – great/strong
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (up 1, down 1), 12.5×10 (up 1, down 3), 15×5 (up 1, down 4), 17.5×5 (up 1, down 5), 5×15 (up 1, down 1) – OweeEee! great/strong
Great session

Oh and got told off for ‘inappropriate’ gear changing on my bike! I was changing up/down the gears too quick at the top/bottom of inclines and jumping the chain off, having done it 2/3 times, I’ve learnt my lesson and now give my knacker bike time to catch up.

    11th July – 18th July

My body was NOT quite so forgiving this week!
141.5 Syns = double recommendation and I gained 1.5lb!
TBH I don’t think that was justified given last weeks stats, but I didn’t follow the plan as I should have so…
BUT I didn’t cave and cheat last night though, as much as I wanted to hide under the duvet drowning my wallows in gin!
I have set about planning a better strategy for the week ahead, so I know the Syn situation better ahead of time.
Also going to pop into the gym on a Fri am to weigh on the body composition scales then when I have blips like this it might help me mentally if the muscle/hydration levels are up and the fat’s down, despite it not showing as scale weight.
No socialising to derail me this w/e either as it’s qualifier time for a couple of girlfriends. So lots of Tupperware at the ready, for a change, will see minimum Syns consumed this w/e.

Did have a great boost/compliment this week too; A friends of a friend asked if I’d give some friendly advice on her diet/exercise as she has aspirations to step on stage in the not too distant future. She bigged my up quite nicely raving about my blog and FB page, made me feel good, thank you huni

Mon 15th
1st leg session in quite some time!
I had been avoiding to give legs chance to acclimatise to all the cycling and still not sure it’s neeed at this stage. But thinking that the leg weights might actually help the cycling too?
LegPress: 50kgx15reps, 100kgx10, 150×5(3down/1up), 150×5(4down/1up), 150×5(5down/1up) – YaY!
SumoSuat: 22kgx15reps(1down/1up), 22×10 (3down/1up), 22×5(5down/1up), 24×5(5down/1up), 26×5(5down/1up), – OwWweEe!
Lunges: TRX+MyFatAss x10reps(each leg)x5sets – Noticeably stronger frm cycling YaY!
Sweating LOTS & LOTS! – GREAT session!

The following couple days cycling wasn’t as ouchy as expected, tho did re-introduce a decent 25g dose of glutamine post WO to help with recovery.
Have noticed too this week how cycling on different surfaces affects/uses different muscles; on tarmac my glutes seem to ache more doing the laps of the park whereas on gravel in the middle of my journey to work this tension is relieved.
May have mentioned re sprints in park on bike at one point? HaHaHaHa! NO! doing the 10km each am on its own at whatever pace is enough, sprints may come in time, but will be some time off I reckon.
I’ve also started adding electrolytes to my water: http://eletewater.co.uk/ I wasn’t sure of any difference for quite a few days, but all of a sudden I really don’t feel as thirsty. I really do feel/look better hydrated & skin looks great! Certainly noticeable that in the office, despite being the heaviest/fattest I seem to be coping the best with the heat! So along with the Glutamine after WOs that may hav helped muscles fill out giving abitov a skewed weigh in result?

Tues 16th
CableX: 5kg(each stack) 5x15reps (up 1, down 1), 6.25×10(up 1, down 1), 7.5×5 (up 1, down 3), 10×5 (up 1, down 4), 7.5×5 (up 1, down 5) – Great! strong
DB Inc Press: 12kgsx15reps (up 1, down 1), 12×10 (up 1, down 2) 12×10 (up 1, down 3), 12×7 (up 1, down 4) 12×5 (up 1, down 5) – Ooo, down on last wk!? heat? felt great/strong tho
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (up 1, down 1), 12.5×10 (up 1, down 1), 12.5×10 (up 1, down 3), 12.5×10 (up 1, down 4), 12,5×10 (up 1, down 5) – OweeEee! great/strong
Great session

Wed 17th
Pull – ended up just a cple of back exercises as didn’t feel like doin SLDL – saving legs for cycling, but better 10 quick sets than nothing! & I needed a good stretch too:
Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (up 1, down 3), 60×10 (up 1, down 3), 50×5 (up 1, down 3), 50×5 (up 1, down 4), 50×5 (up 1, down 5) – AWESOME stretch/full ROM frickin LOVE these!
Rows: 15kgx15reps (up 1, down 1), 20×10 (up 1, down 2), 25×5 (up 1, down 3), 30×5 (up 1, down 4), 35×5 (up 1, down 5) – LOVE these! Strict form great!
GREAT session

Oh and I had my 1st cycling related injury! I got stung my left eyebrow, collided with something at speed! 1st time I’ve been properly stung! I didn’t like it! But luckily had a full pack of antihistamine with me.

    19th – 25th July

Weigh In = -2lb! YaY

Fri 19th
Hard to motivate self this am, but 10.5km completed.
Scorchy 10.5km home.

Sat 20th
Chief tanner duties today. A girlfriend is competing in her very first competition in the figure category. It’s hard work tanning peeps!
Reward/cheat meal; Potato Rosti & Cheesy stuffed mushrooms with rib eye and a stunning bottle of red, NOM!

Show Time!
I was designated driver for competitor (Dania) and the Assistant tanner (Kelly), Kelly lives closer and was able and willing to do Dania’s final coat on Sun am.
Dania had also had the hairdresser in and a make up artist that am and she looked stunning! – not that she doesn’t everyday!
The hours drive to St Albans went without any hitches thank goodness and we arrived at venue in plenty of time to relax, bar stage nerves.
The day went very well. Dania did herself proud, posing was great and she looked confident and relaxed doing her T-Walk. Kelly and I rushed back stage after Danias class came off stage for both Pre-Judge and the evening routine show, desperate to get photos of Dania in her bikini(s) to document her day well for her. There may have been some tears! Dania’s relief at having accomplished her momentous achievement very clear, it was lovely, so glad and proud myself to have been able to assist and pay forward all the help I received when I completed.

14.5km cycled & Legs tonight:
LegPress: 50kgx15reps, 100kgx10, 150×5(3down/1up), 150×5(4down/1up), 150×5(5down/1up) – took all 5 sets to get in the mood, was feeling tired from heat when I arrived
SumoSuat: 22kgx15reps(1down/1up), 22×10 (2down/1up), 22×5(3down/1up), 22×5(4down/1up), 22×5(5down/1up) – in the groove now, really strict form, concentrating on keeping abs tight whole time, noticed I let them go at bottom of rep!
Lunges: TRX+MyFatAss x10reps(each leg)x5sets – Fuck these were tough tonight! Getting really low with leg really extended behind on drop tho & again concentrating on abs, they’re not as tight as I’d like all thru movement(s)
Sweating LOTS & LOTS! – GREAT session!

14.5km cycled, avoiding all storms/showers & Push at gym tonight, totally not feeling it when I arrived bit meh with heat, but had a great session in the end.
DB Inc Press: 1 of the 12kgDBs had gone AWOL! 10kgx15reps (up 1, down 1), 14×10 (up 1, down 2) 14×10 (up 1, down 3), 14×10 (up 1, down 4) 14×8 (up 1, down 5) – felt great/strong
PecDec: gym being refitted so no CableX at mo – 15kgx15reps (up 1, down 1), 20×10(up 1, down 1), 20×5 (up 1, down 3), 20×5 (up 1, down 4), 20×5 (up 1, down 5) – Enjoyed this forachange
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (up 1, down 1), 15×10 (up 1, down 1), 15×5(up 1, down 3), 15×10 (up 1, down 4), 17.5×5 (up 1, down 5) – OweeEee! great/strong
Great session

Meh got a dodgy left knee, 14.5km done Pull/Back tonight at gym:
Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/3), 50×5 (1/4), 50×5 (1/5) – AWESOME stretch/full ROM frickin LOVE these!
Rows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/3), 30×5 (1/4), 35×5 (1/5) – LOVE these! Strict form great!
GREAT session

    26th July – 1st August

No weigh in

10.5km x2 (to/frm work). Quite enjoyed this am, but HATED this pm quite saddle sore?! And just not enjoyable but done! I want a curry & a cuddle! …but was good and had tuna burgers & salad.

Great meal out with fabulous company celebrating a girlfriends amazing achievement competing on her 1st (but hopefully not last!) BBing comp.

A ‘little’ hung over!
So when Mark suggested a roast lunch out I took no persuading!
Frickin Dlicious! http://www.greatfosters.co.uk/

Off to see Physio for a check up on knee(s) tom, given the relatively small amount of cycling I’m doin it’s not right I’m getting probs.
Power walking the 9km round trip to/frm walk this week, feels GREAT actually!
So mayb good that injury has forced variety.

30thPhysio appointment went VERY well. As suspected the main issue is tight TB bands and so the main part of my prescribed rehab is LOTS of foam rollaring, OWwEe!!
It’s this tightness that is pulling on my knee cap/tendons and in turn putting pressure on/nipping the fat pads in the knee.