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I have really struggled to find what my key motivator might be to get me back on, and stay on, track to lose weight this time.

I have a wardrobe full of dresses that I have collected for the past 3 years, I can’t resist a bargain and knowing I can be a size 12 I have been a crazed shopaholic. None of them cost more than £20, but I do have 70 of them, no, that’s not a typo… SEVENTY!!!

I have a bed full of shoes that I have collected for the past 3 years, (it’s a lifty up storage bed). None of them cost more than £10, but I do have 70 of them, no, that’s not a typo… SEVENTY!!!

But neither of the hordes seem to be motivation enough?

But I think I’ve found ‘IT’… my eternity ring!


I’ve always been under the impression that you get to receive your eternity ring either on the birth of your first child or your 10 year anniversary. Therefore being VERY happily childless I’d always looked forward to receiving mine on our 10 year anniversary.

Here’s the thing, I’m currently too overweight to be able to try rings on. My wedding & engagement rings are going no-where, no way I could get them off!

So THATs my motivation, if I want to enjoy the experience of shopping for and trying on rings I need to slim down…*rushes off to print pretty pictures for motivational wall*

😀 xx



WootWoot! Got my 1st award!

Half Stone






The boring bit…

Friday 4th  

Powerwalk to/frm work

Saturday 5th  


DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5)- felt great/strong

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish)

10mins stairbiatch


Great session

Sunday 6th


Pull-Ups: 70kgs x15reps (1/3), 60×10 (1/3), 50×5 (1/5) x3sets – still feeling strong and managing to keep abs tight throughout, with some concentration!
CablePullyRows: 15kgx15reps (1/1), 20×10 (1/2), 25×5 (1/5), 30×5 (1/5), 35×5 (1/5)

SLDL: 12kgx15reps, 14×10, 16×5 x3 (all 1/1) – great mind muscle connection great squeeze
10mins stairbiatch
GREAT session

Monday 7th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Tuesday 8th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Wednesday 9th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Thursday 10th 

OMG!!!! I lost 3.5lb!!! and got my ½ stone (7lb) award!


Celebrated with some butter on my baked potato at dinner and a little on my blueberry protein pancake for pud!

Friday 11th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Sat 12th


DB Inc Press: 10kgx15reps (1/1), 12×10 (1/1) 14×5 (1/5), 16×5 (1/5), 18×5 (1/5, 20×5 (1/5- WoopWoop PB!!!

CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps (1/1), 6.25×10(1/1), 7.5×5 (5/5) x3sets

MilitaryPress: 10kgsx15reps (1/1), 12.5×10 (1/1), 15×5(1/5), 17.5×5(1/5), 20×5(1/5-ish)

10mins stairbiatch


Great session

Enjoyed some Sushi for lunch, NOM!

Awesome cheat meal for dinner; steak & chips from our beloved M&S and a delish bottle of red from Aldi!

Sun 13th

Played at domestic goddess; Poached chicken breasts for week in slow cooker as usual and then made spicy parsnip soup with stock, NOM!

Mon 14th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Tues 15th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Wed 16th

Powerwalk to/frm work

Played at domestic goddess again! Roast chicken dinner with SW friendly roasties, NOM!

Thurs 17th

Cycle to/frm work

– 1/2lb – that’s fine….


Bit more interesting ponderings bit…

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed with just 1/2lb loss, I know it’s a loss & not a gain, but…

I’m starting to get anxious about/focused on the scales and weigh in, don’t like feeling like that, I haven’t for this past 12 weeks. Just focussed on the programme and being as compliant as I feel able.

So I’m going back to ‘that’, ditching the scales, metaphorically speaking, I’ll still weigh in each week, but I am only going to think about sticking to the plan. The scales will say what they will say, so long as when I stand on them each week I can feel confident in my compliance to the programme and that the weight loss will come if I just remain compliant, a la: https://hififi.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/what-a-difference-a-day-makes/


Plenty of women have lost and are maintaining amazing weight losses faAar in excess of what I hope to achieve, so there is no reason why it won’t happen for me. I’ve only been on the ExtraEasy plan for 2 weeks, I need to focus on that and it does still take abitov concentration/planning for me.

Another awesome quote from those straight talking folk at Lean Bodies Consulting:

Fat Loss “Winning Formulas”

You can’t really say a protocol or diet/training strategy worked or was ‘successful’ or you found a winning formula or that you got great results from it – ie. tons of cardio, low cals, low carbs – just because you got in shape and looked good on your chosen day.

Were you able to maintain and sustain it? Close to it? What happened after the fact?

Something that WORKS doesn’t just work in the short term, it just works period. An approach that is successful certainly doesn’t come with consequences that make it harder to achieve next time.

A ‘winning’ strategy provides results that are maintainable with a plan that is sustainable. If you flat out CAN’T maintain it and the methodology is not sustainable, it’s not a winning strategy. In fact, I’d call it a losing strategy, regardless of the short-term outcome because it winds up making things worse, even under the guise of apparent short-term success.

 Think bigger picture.

 – Erik’

Boy do I know this 1st hand.

I got in the bestest shape of my life when I completed in 2010 but it was a tough ask. I didn’t learn healthy eating habits, I learnt extreme eating habits.

I don’t regret what I did, faAar from it.

The brief I gave my trainer was clear and in the time we had she worked frickin miracles!

Had it not been for that experience I might never have stepped in stage this lifetime (being unsure whether it is in my future again or not).

Had it not been for that experience I would not know what I could be. I hope to attain a similar condition again, but this time at a MUCH slower pace, no deadline pressures and with LOTS of fun thrown in!

To that end I’ve altered/will be altering the title/description of this blog.

I most definitely will NOT be stepping on stage next year.

I need time to reach and maintain a healthy weight/balance, then and only then will I contemplate competing again.


Have a great week everyone

😀 xx





Oh FFS!?!


4days excess = +4lb bloating & water retention

4days bak on track = -4lb bloating & water retention

Meh, well at least I’ve maintained?!

Mon 20th – Wed 22nd: Made it to gym and stuck to diet.

Thurs 23rd: MAJOR wobble; hormones, both emotionally and giving me horrible back ache, and *insert own expletive* rubbish weather! Just couldn’t be arsed for the little results I’m getting, so we had pizza & a bottle of wine! Was very beige and very nom!

Friday 24th: Sandwich binge! After work we got train up to Newcastle for a little anniversary trip away.
2 hours delay meant we didn’t get to hotel until midnight, but at least with a 2hr delay we can claim a full (return journey) refund! And at least we had a 1st class comfy seat with plenty tea!
The main event of the trip was hubby, via Barclays Premier Acc, got to have a kick around on the pitch at St James’s! It was an opportunity not to be missed. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, but literally could not move on Mon LoL. I got to be a WAG for the arvo chatting in the directors box!


Bit disillusioned with current diet/training/trainer 😦
A good friend commented that she thought my cals looked high, I have no idea what they are/were, I just go by food weights and adjust, but it got me thinking..
…Update email exchange to James was then abitova cheeky test & I didn’t really get the response(s) I wanted 😦
There must be something wrong if the brief is not being fulfilled and I’m not sticking to plan/wanting to stick to plan; The brief was WEIGHT loss for 40th.
I haven’t stuck to plan 100%, why?

I don’t think James has helped/questioned/motivated me enough.
I wasn’t sure what our relationship would be, but it’s not materialising into what I want/need.
Thinking back to comp prep it was really strict from where I was at.
I’m not sure current programme is/was strict enuf for me to stick to, too much room to cheat?
James might’ve ‘got’ me more being F-2-F but he’s an hour away so that’s not gonna happen often enough.

I’ve discovered the Dave Palumbo diet (DP).
It’s along the same lines as Smarter Science of Slim; no complex carbs, but a step further being keto; officially low carb, forcing body to hit fat stores for fuel.
These 1st 2 clips explain it really well I think:


And he seems like a really sweet knowledgable bloke 🙂
So new plan is pretty hard core, but no room for ‘tweaking’ AND a weekly cheat is authorised/recommended, I need that for Mark to not worry/get pissed off and it helps me focus on the week knowing that I can have ‘it’ if I want ‘it’ just on my cheat meal.

Meal 1 – Breakii (8am): 5 whole eggs + 4 egg whites
Meal 2 – Lunch (12pm): 220g Chkn + 200g green beans + TblSp EVOO
Meal 3 (4pm): 50g Shake (isolate Meal 4 – PostWO (7pm): See meal 2
Meal 5 – Dinner (9pm): 200g red meat + Salad leaves + 100g broccoli + TblSp EVOO

Tried it couple of days this week (bar dinner) & seems fine, I was abit hungry, but people say the 1st 4 days are the worst as body adjusts energy systems; fat vs carbs, & I was prob aggravating hunger with still having the carbs at dinner LoL!
It does seem like a LOT of food/protein/cals but that’s what been recommended for my weight, so thats the starting point (to adjust from if necessary). A LOT of people hav tried & tested it over the years so who am to argue/tweak!?
It is sub 10g carbs p/day! Some people can get away with 40g, some even more, but I’ll go with the recommended super strict as I’m on a deadline eh!?

Feeling confident that a stricter approach will work better & I get my beloved eggs back for breakii YaY! Thought even I might struggle with that amount, but totally not LoL!

The deadline is 5 months away = 20 weeks
With 60+lbs to lose that’s 3lb p/wk loss!!??!!
Week in, week out, for 5 months!!??!!
Not gonna happen eh?!
BUT, I’m gonna hav a damn good try!

Got my bike fixed this week and did a couple of commutes.
LOTS of Steady State CV (SSCV – as opposed to HIIT; High Intensity Interval Training) is recommended for DP keto.
Even did my am walkies before cycling!
But each session should be at least 30min, which am walkies is, could be more; 40mins but that’s easily extended.
Commute is only 20min, so need to extend that abit…double!?!
Seems like a lot of cardio b4 work! But if I can…& it’s not intense cardio…& I’m on a deadline!

Training wise going back to 3 day split, with increase in cardio thinking legs Sunday after Saturday rest/off, then cardio Mon/Wed/Fri & other 2 weights sessions Tues/Thurs. Legs will VERY much need the rest Sat!

For help/accountability I’ve enlisted the assistance of the loverley Alex at David Lloyd.
He’s very young, very cute…but more importantly very knowledgeable & VERY enthusiastic.
He’s agreed to give me 10mins of his time each week for weigh in & a chat. We’ve also hooked up on FB so he can keep an eye on me & I see him in the gym most evenings to say ‘hi’.
We have similar views on diet & training, but the agreement is our relationship is more discussion than prescriptive, I know my shit, I just need help to get my act together & have somebody impartial tell me each week “it’s ok, keep calm, just KEEP GOING!”

I also feel boosted by friends this week, thank you, was just what I needed…
A very good friend chased my missing blog last week – a well needed friendly nudge, ‘hi flick’ *waves* 🙂
A couple more people subscribed to my blog, ‘hi folks’ *waves* 🙂
A contact at one of the co.s I deal with at work mentioned that he regularly reads blog, I am his inspiration! How loverley! ‘Hi Rob!’ *waves* 🙂
An ‘old’ forum friend found me & left THE most loverley comment on week 6’s blog, was really touched, ‘hi Donna’ *waves* 🙂

So with deadline now looming ever closer lets do this!
Have an awesome week all

Ps. Think I discovered that formatting issues are regards PC vs iPad etc.
I’m on iPad now, & looks great, but sure formatting will be out if viewed on PC!? Bit rubbish, but there you go!

Week 6 – Phase One (weeks have got abit muddled?!)













Was really quite pissed off yesterday am at weigh in…-1/2lb 😦
But I was 1000% compliant this week, really felt like I’d dropped a LOAD of weight and felt like I deserved to see another 4lb loss on the scale 😦
But then I went for my walk and listened to another SmarterScienceOfSlim podcast and calmed down. That’s the 1st fully compliant week I’ve done and I had a BIG cheat last w/e, so in perspective if it’s ½ of pure fat, then…I should be happy.
Bad cop is again saying “do something drastic, 6lbs in 6wks at the weight you are is rubbish, you should easily be dropping 2lb a week”.
Good cop is saying “You’ve got 5 months until your target date, if you are as compliant as you were this week for the next 5 months, you will see massive changes, both on the scale and in the mirror”.
A massive improvement this week is the loss of my back/hip/sciatic pain! I feel soOo much better out walking and I should be really happy about that. I am, but…

We’re away for a visit to Newcastle next w/e. Getting the train Fri pm and back Sun PM.
I have planned/thought about food & exercise.
I initially panicked, and thought fuck it I’ll just take usual meals with me, call ahead for hotel to empty mini bar, but Mark hates that (me taking diet meals with me) & the day doesn’t necessarily run to the above timetable.
Breakfasts I don’t foresee as a prob as a carb free full English is ok on diet, I’ll have poached eggs so there’s less oil/fat as there’ll be a sausage.
I have just prepped bolognaise batch for breakiis ( see below). As I don’t need 2 next w/e, I’ll take one with to have as dinner Fri pm on train, the other will be ready for Mon’s breakii after we’re back late Sun.
We’ll have dinner out on Sat and lunch on Sunday, I have been very careful not to cheat this w/e so I can enjoy those meals.
Lunch on Sat prob won’t happen, we have an appointment at 1pm and as we’ll have had a big breakii, & will be having a big dinner, we shouldn’t need to have a big affair. I have ordered some Quest bars so I can snack on a couple of those thru day, Mark can grab a sandwich if he needs something.
Lunch on Sun prob late after another big breakii but will tide us over journey home, again I’ll have Quest bars as needed on train. I have prepped a couple of meals – in addition to breakii – ready for the Mon in case we have a lazy start, I could also have one of those when we get in late on Sun pm if needed.
As we’re on train & have to get across London on tube also, we need to travel light, so I’m not going to exercise. I have worked thru this w/e in order to get all WOs in to justify 2(1/2) days off next w/e. I’ll get walk in Fri am+lunch (but then would/will miss Fri PMs gym session).

Despite weight loss frustrations this week, I am feeling really quite pleased with myself for calmly planning to stay on programme and treat self next w/e.

Diet this week – Bit more detail for you to give you an idea of how I prep for a day, where fluid intake is etc:
6.45am – Wake: 1/2L Water
7am – PreCardio: small weak coffee – only 1.5m gentle walk at mo.
7.45am – PostCardio: 1/2L Water with ½ TblSp each of; Psyllium Husk, Udos Greens & CalMag – Yes, it’s pretty yuk! 😉
Pop chkn breasts in oven for next 2 meals & pop upstairs to clean teeth & get dressed – have ditched shower as I’m not so sweaty & plan to cycle to work in the not too distant future and there’s not a shower at work so I thought why am I bothering! It just keep my body temp high & increases sweating whilst eating breakii!
Back downstairs pop kettle on for eggs and get eggs on go, whilst they’re boiling weigh out bolognaise portion and get chkn out of oven and weigh potions into already prepped Tupperware portions of veg for meals 2+3.
8.30am – Breakki: Bolgnaise mix to give 35g-ish protein (150g-ish weight meat) + 2 soft boiled eggs with tea & nuts – I have a 6min commute at mo, need to be getting up earlier to cycle in! The bolognaise mix has evolved from time constraints, taste, ease of cooking and cost. The weeks meals can be batch prepared ahead of time with food prep at w/e, steak mince costs less than steak, the mixture is extremely flavoursome and yet still within plan. I will post recipe next week as this blog is quite long already! Actually thinking of doing some you tube posts of my prep/WOs/general thoughts for newbies really as it seems old hat to us BBers but when you start out it takes a LOT of organaistaion and seeing how someone has evoled theirs might help?
Arrive at work and have herbal Tea – Roobios
Whilst 2nd mug of herbal tea cools, normally something minty now, I’m ready for 1/2L Water.
11.30am – Meal 2: 160g chkn with green beans + tsp Udos + tsp balsamic
1/2L Water before lunch time walk – I get thirsty whilst out if not, just 1m at mo, just to get away from desk.
1/2L Water on return from lunch time walk –thirsty again by the time I get back.
3pm – Meal 3: 160g chkn with brocolli + tsp Udos + tsp balsamic – REALLY struggling with this meal, just not hungry and chewing the chkn is tedious! Gonna swap to Salmon as that’s less chewing, might be easier & will give variation of fats in diet.
1/2L Water
5.15pm – Snack: 2 soft boiled eggs + decaf EarlGrey + nuts – not necessarily hungry for this, but blood sugar plummets if I miss it! Had a nasty hangry episode in supermarket this w/e, I was like a 2yr old with Mark, not pleasant! 😦
6pm – GYM (1L Water)
Immediate Post WO: 40g ProteinShake + 25g Glutamine + Glycine – have been building up from 1g to 5g, now on 5g.
8.30pm – Meal 4: 150g chkn/Salmon/Mackerel + Salad/Veg + 2 soft boiled eggs with afters of decaf coffe with a dash of soya – it really is a dash now, used to be half a mug!

Shattered.com :-)xx
DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets – increased box height by 2″ to 18″ (did 10reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 40kgx10reps, x2sets 50×10 x2sets
BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps x3sets – really squeezing abs n glutes+hammies, OwWeEe!

FlatDB ChestPress: 12kgsx15reps x2sets (14s in use) 14kgx12reps x2sets (16s in use!)
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx10reps, 7.5×10, 10×10, 12.5×10 -!!!???!!! Massooive increase!?!

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x3sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 10kgx12reps, 15×12, 17.5×12 – come on u fecking triceps GROW!

Great WO!

Short n sweet & sweaty HITT tonight on stationary bike:
5mins warm-up L5/80rpm
10 intervals of 30sec L10/100+rpm and 30sec L8/80+rpm
5mins cool down 1minute at each level descending 8-5/80+rpm

Phew! That was tough! :-)xx
FrontFootElevatedSplit Squat – MyFatAss: 4sets x 12reps
1 Arm DB Row – 12kgx 4sets x 12reps – still tough with slow reps & full ROM

Lying leg curl on bench with cable – 2.5kgx 12reps, 3.75×12, 5×12, 6.26×12 – still very tough
Inc DB ChestPress – 12kgx 4sets x 12reps – cud’ve done 14s if they were free
DuckLegPress (heels together) – 50kgx15reps, 100×12, 150×10, 190×8 – EeOoWwEe!!

ZottmanCurl – 6kgs x3sets x10reps – still tough
SkullKrushers – 6kgs x3sets x 10reps – move to 8s nxt time


Short n sweet & sweaty HITT tonight on stationary bike:
5mins warm-up L5/80rpm
10 intervals of 30sec L10/100+rpm and 30sec L8/80+rpm
5mins cool down 1minute at each level descending 8-5/80+rpm

Last chance WO! 😉
DB StepUp: MyFatAssx10reps x4sets – 18″ (did 10reps each leg – leading)
Underhand/Supinated LatPulldown: 40kgx12reps, x4sets – still so tough! Really hard on forearms
BackExt: MyFatAssx10reps x3sets – really squeezing abs n glutes+hammies, OwWeEe!

FlatDB ChestPress: 14kgsx15reps x2sets, 16kgx12reps x2sets – OoWwEe!!
SeatedRopeRow2Neck: 5kgx12reps, 7.5×12, 10×12, 12.5×10 – OoWwEe!!

EZ BarMidReverseCurl(overhand): small bar(?)x10reps x2sets
Kneeling OH RopeExt: 10kgx12reps, 15×12 – missed last set increase on chest press had me fried!

Awesome WO!


Have a great week
Love Fi
🙂 xx

Week 1 – Phase2


VERY pleased as that’s after a cheat last night!
Didn’t go mad tho & felt quite dehydrated this am after wine, so hoped that would offset few chips I had! 😉 but am going to move weigh ins to Fri as we do like to relax Fri after weeks works. Whereas w/e’s I’m happy to have steak n salad – hopefully the warmer weather is coming soon & we can get BBQing.

Diet this week:
Wake: 1/2L Water
PreAM Cardio coffee with soya milk
Breakki: GreenShake = ‘some’ coconut+soya milk+0%greek yog+mixed berries+1/2TblSpUdosGreens+1ScoopVanillaPPer+2Handfulls of raw spinach – all blended together, actually very NOM!
1/2L Water
Meal 2: 100g 0% Greek yogurt+1ScoopAppleCinamonPPer+1ChoppedApple
1/2L Water
Lunch: Mon-Fri; 160gChkn+1TblSpEVOO+Balsamic+Spinach+Broccoli + coffee with soya milk
1/2L Water
Meal 4: See meal 2
Mon+Wed – Immediate Post WO: 40g-ish ReoveryProteinShake (avecGlucose)
Meal 6: ?not weighed?g LeanMince/Chkn/Salmon+GreenVeg+butter + coffee with soya milk
Meal 7: Cple of nights had some 0%Yogurt+Cocoa+Xylitol+FlakedAlmonds

My new diet regime initially doesn’t allow dairy so I’m eating all of that up,ahead of 29th planned start date (after pay day & monthly food shop) & continuing to enjoy my milky coffees while I still can.
The Green shakes are getting a lot of nutrients in, which will help with detoxification, which my system has issues with – more in 1st qtr update to come.
Nor does new regime require the glucose recovery shake so using that up.
The Xylitol mentioned above is a natural sweetener like Stevia, it comes in granular form & is from a tree bark of some sort, it gives sweetness without affecting insulin/blood sugar, I like it.

WOs this week:

Did 30mins cardio, just gentle walking each am at 7am (missed Tues)

Monday PM – Push
MilitaryPress: 10kgsx5reps, 12.5×5, 15×5, 17.5×5, 17.5×5
CableX: 5kg(each stack) x15reps, 6.25×5, 7.5×5, 7.5×5, 6.25×15
PressUps: (on kness) x10reps, x5, x5, x5, x10
Pathetic! But jiggered!

Tues PM – 50min walk

Wed PM – Pull
DB SLDL: WarmUp = 8x15reps, 10x5reps, x3sets, 6×15
Rows: WarmUp = 15kgx15reps, 20x5reps, 25×5, 30×5, 20×15
Pull-Ups: WarmUp: 70kgs x15, 60×5, 55×5, 50×5, 60×15
Good session

Thurs PM – 50min walk

Fri – Oops! Skived legs! Will do Sun
Hamstrings were still very sore from Wed – they didn’t seem to hurt so much after some red wine! 😉 – & it had been a good week, I wanted to relax with hubby.

Plan this week is more of the same to concrete the new habits.
There’s abit more preparation required in organising filtered water to drink at work and ‘things’ which has gone well, but I don’t want to get cocky & then have a relapse.

Have an awesome week everyone!

Week 9

















WootWoot! I lost 1.5lb!

REALLY pleased!
I stuck to usual diet thru day at work Mon-Fri and dinners were healthy proteins with veggies, 2 meals, Tues+Wed were carb free, but no regulation of protein or fat amounts, Thurs+Fri included fairly large baked potatoes with copious amounts of butter!
But I walked 2.5-ish miles each pm, not particularly fast, listening to TheSmarterScience of Slim podcasts, they are AWESOME!
It was nice and bright and motivating each evening, nice.

This w/e was fun, we went to the O2 arena Sun for the Country2Country concert with Leanne Rimes, Darius Rucker & Carrie Underwood! Was awesome! We went for an amazing steak meal beforehand at Gaucho, freakin delicious!
Inside the arena, we then weren’t hungry but it was tempting to want to eat for the sake of eating at the event. But I honestly was repulsed at the thought of the deep fried shite on offer! YaY me! 🙂
So we didn’t have anything, left early as Carrie’s sound set up was terrible, and we were tired, and got healthy M&S meals at the station! Go us!
Oh we did have an ice cream each, and wine with dinner and shared pudding! BUT, small steps/successes eh.
Ooo let’s end on a real positive note, I set my alarm 5mins early each am, and I got up! Not walking yet, just pottering with a cuppa, but soOo chuffed I’ve managed to start at last, 6.40am by Fri!
Over slept this am, but back to start at 6.40am tom, only need to get to 6.30 really, so looking good.
Very wet walk this pm, back to gym tom! EEeeKKkk!

Have an awesome week y’all!
🙂 xx

Its only feckin Tuesday!?!


I sooOoo wanted pizza tonight! 😦
I didn’t plan to, I took a couple of portions of spag bol mix outov the freezer this am, planned to have with my low carb noodles and cheese.
I planned not to regulate the mince portion and cheese in exchange for not having pizza.
But on my walk tonight, I convinced myself into having and talked myself outov having pizza, I lost count of how many times!?
…I mayaswell cos there’s only 3 weeks of this 1st segment left and I’ve wasted 8weeks, so what’s another 3?!
…But WTF, get your arse in gear and finish strong, do something special in these last 3 weeks!
It’s only Tues FFS!
Then back home I thought about my last post, about Heather, and whether having pizza would make me proud…course it wouldn’t!
And I really enjoyed my low carb noodle spag bol!
And cos I’m not sickly stuffed or got indigestion, I can do the chores I planned also!
🙂 xx